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For the love of texture, color and warmth

Cardinals, sparrows, chickadees and warblers: watercolor paintings

Lots of art has been created, and everybody who likes decorating, getting great deals and collecting art should be heading straight to the Fall Art Festival at Camp Samac, Oshawa since it is still on tomorrow and after tomorrow: Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th.
About 70 artists are participating this year, and the selection is just breathtaking. Does it make sense to buy a print when it is possible to obtain an original piece of art at a very reasonable and attractive price? Probably not because prices at this show are more than affordable.
Floral acrylic paintings with rich texture
For the above mentioned reasons: texture, color and warmth, I have created some floral and tree paintings using a technique which allows to obtain rich texture, and these acrylic artworks look 3-dimensional, to some point even on photos.

Warm fall colors: acrylic paintings for sale
Most of my paintings always come in sets of 2, 3 and 4, and that way they are perfect for decoration purposes. Colors are kept warm, cozy and gentle in order to make somebody’s neutral walls less boring.

Acrylic floral paintings: texture and color

Cardinals, sparrows, chickadees and warblers: watercolor paintings

Bird paintings also can be obtained in sets or as a single painting. I have varnished all watercolors and attached them onto art boards or stretched over canvases, which means they don’t need to be covered with glass and can be safely displayed with or without an additional frame. All materials are of archival quality, and neither watercolor paper, nor colors will be damaged over time.

Watercolor paintings of birds

Blue bird watercolor paintings: common chaffinch in watercolor

Cardinal painting, sparrow painting, warbler painting

This Fall Art Festival is worth checking out even if you don’t intend to buy anything, it’s a pleasure for your eyes and delight for your soul.

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  1. I am in agreement with you. I would rather purchase affordable original work than a print anyday. Love the texture, above, that I see in the flowers.

    October 13, 2013
    • Thanks Leslie! I hope more people will realize the difference between print which is still just a reproduction of the real painting and go for original art. I sort of experimented with these, and I liked myself how they came out, however, photos cannot capture all of texture.

      October 14, 2013
  2. Remarkable. Sure wish I had your magic touch.

    October 27, 2013
    • Thanks, I appreciate your comment. I’d say half of the magic is in the viewer’s eyes. The rest comes from the one who created it. I wish I had more time and opportunity to do what I love doing.

      October 27, 2013
      • Modest. =) I share your rueful longing for more time. Thank you for the warm support. I would love to talk more as we continue to create.


        October 27, 2013
      • Well, there are lots of people who overrate their achievements or efforts. I suppose, we have to share and give what we have been given. That’s why I probably like teaching, even though, that leaves less time for my own stuff. Diana, I had a look at your interviews, they were excellent. I’d love to continue this conversation. It’s 1 am here, time to rest. Good luck and talk to you some other day! Inese

        October 27, 2013

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