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Painting fall birches in acrylic: lots of impact

Fall birches collage: acrylic painting project

The Wednesday group successfully finished the autumn birch project, 8 students started doing it, and 6 were able to attend the last class. Most paintings are almost done, some details can be added after a while when everything has settled.

Adult acrylic painting class for beginners

Successfully wrapping up the project

Fall birches: acrylic painting class for adults

Birch painting: acrylic for adults

Acrylic painting beginners class for adults

This group traditionally is the most stable: 3 students keep painting since the last year. We had a good addition this season when some new committed students joined us. Even though most people can paint and learn how to do it, it still takes some work and some effort, and time is required, as well. The working atmosphere in this group is so nice that it’s lots of fun, too. I have to agree that working with this group cheers me up and always puts in a good mood. It’s amazing what great results achieved even those attendants who were doing their first painting ever.

Fall birches: acrylic painting

Acrylic painting: fall birches by adult beginners class

The biggest troubles are still associated with keeping darks where they need to be and adding lights and highlights where these have to be. Some layering does not disturb, and we are sometimes going from dark to light, from light to dark and back to light again. The brush would sometimes stubbornly pick up too much paint or we wouldn’t clean it out when switching to other shades. This is something which only takes more practising. When I compare the results after a while, I can see how fast we are moving forward.

Adult acrylic painting class Wednesday night group

Besides, birches is such a tree which can be painted in a million different ways, and it will look great whatever way we are doing it. We enjoyed this project a lot, and we are about to do another type of scenery next time. We will try more drawing based approach and move upwards , downwards and outwards of each painted object as we go. This should be interesting, as well, and we will probably gain more control over our darks and lights since it is easier to maintain shapes and do layering with this technique.

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  1. lovely birches paintings… I agree with you birches can be painted in so many different styles and will look great in the end. thank you for sharing your classes’ artwork

    November 11, 2013
    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! I am posting these pictures because people usually want to see what and how we are doing. Most of these paintings are done by people who have never painted before, for some of them that was the absolutely first painting. I think, these results are great even though not all paintings got finished during the class time. Classes take place once a week. We usually bring them so far that everybody can add some final touches later if they would like to do so.

      November 11, 2013

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