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Evolution of the blue cup, Part 2 Drawing and painting steps

Blue cup and carrots: watercolor still life

I actually love drawing more than painting. During classes, I am usually giving quick demonstrations on what is the best way to draw some shape or object, what helplines to use, where to place something and why to do so. Students who have just started out need a lot of explanations why and what should be done in a drawing or painting. That includes explanations about different types of pencils, brushes, paints and paper.

I did not plan these drawings and paintings, but added to them some item whichever I needed to demonstrate at that moment. We don’t use masking fluid because the class is too short. We are using just paper, brush, paint and plenty of water; in fact, we are learning how important water and paper towel is in achieving the desired effect. Every step needs to be repeated for many times until its purpose is clear.

Drawing the blue cup and carrots

Adding watercolor to drawing

Adding background to simple watercolor still life

I drew the cup first so that students would know where to start. I added some carrots later since we needed to see how to apply watercolor on them.

I drew the pot at first and added some items as we needed to apply some watercolor paint. My painting style could be actually described as drawing with the brush.

Watercolor painting of carrots and cup

Still life demo watercolor vegetables

Adding background to watercolor still life

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and any drawing does not take me much time and I don’t usually have to look at paper all the time. I’d rather try to look at the object while I am drawing. Since the light is changing, I have to work fast and mark the darkest values right away. I sometimes simply remember them and recall the scene later. Our goal was not to achieve very close likeness or very realistic appearance. We tried to focus mostly on the basic drawing.

Good tools are very helpful, however one should not put off artistic activities just because materials are not perfect. We can always get everything as we go.

I’m sometimes receiving messages like this one:

“I really wanted to learn drawing and painting all my life long, but something always came first: family, kids, work, tiredness, illness, lack of energy and later doubts whether I was able to even start it that late in my life. That never happened, I never found time for painting, and that hurts me because that was one of my dreams which could have been fulfilled so easily just having a bit more persistence.”

I’d say: do not let that happen.

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  1. Good important lesson learnt about painting in life and thanks for the nice painting process too. Never say tomorrow!

    November 12, 2013
    • Thanks Doron! Yes, exactly, jump right in and everything will be fine. I have also noticed that some artists and students do a lot of preparation work and keep putting off painting endlessly. I think the key is just paint not expecting every single piece to be the best painting on the planet! Good luck with your art projects, you are doing really great!

      November 12, 2013
      • Thank you very much, just paint all the time it is amazing how better you get… and you constantly learn. You doing super work with your student well done.

        November 12, 2013
      • I’m trying to. Your nice comments are much appreciated. I know how much encouragement for many people means. I just had teens class, and they have progressed incredibly! I told them, soon I won’t have what to teach you!

        November 13, 2013
      • Ha ha ha, not surprise those kids are quick now a day and very good. But remember Inese nothing going to replace the experience you gained over so many years, so I reckon you will always have something to teach them.

        November 13, 2013
      • True, there’s always something more than meets the eye. I’m glad most people understand that learning is an ongoing process, it’s not like one hour thing. However, some don’t. I have had students who got disappointed if they didn’t start to paint like some Rembrandt within the first class. Funny or what?

        November 13, 2013
      • Not surprise at all now a day I think some youngsters have extra pressure and very high expectation from home and friends. No doubt it is very good however sometime it put their potential development in a risk instead of building and giving them some encouragement which could be serious risk. It can also put them off and destroyed their confidence. I am sure they have to learn that Rome was not built over night and hopefully with time some youngsters will develope and suprise many with their capabilities. I often watch your work with them when you put it on and I have no doubt that you build them great as the paintings are superb. Good luck.

        November 14, 2013
      • Thanks Doron! Well, we are building confidence even in those students who didn’t have it before. However, those who haven’t set themselves for perfection and are more relaxed usually are getting better results. I know a lot of experienced artists who do not start working on painting with the idea that this going to be the best painting on the globe. Relaxed state of mind is very important, that sort of makes hand muscles not that tight and every brush stroke or pencil line becomes more impressive, it has more artistic flexibility to it. That way teens are better off because they are not afraid to make mistakes. Adults are more scared and they also expect more from the first painting. We’ve got to clean off our mind. That’s it. I’m preparing the adult class right now, let’s see how it goes.

        November 14, 2013
      • Inese great interesting point have a good session.

        November 14, 2013
      • Thanks, it was good. We are still brushing too much and not allowing water and paint to do some stuff on their own.

        November 14, 2013
      • Pleasure here you are the authority and I can also learn. Have a good weekend.

        November 16, 2013
      • Thanks Doron, I appreciate this, however, I don’t think anybody should assume him/herself any authority until the time proves otherwise. We can obviously try to do our best and see what happens. Something good usually happens, like I have started licensing my art. New stuff for me, and it’s great somebody else likes what I’m creating.

        November 16, 2013
      • Not surprise you have great touch and super art. Nice talking to you and no doubt with your experience you can make some serious comments beside you teach many how too. You would not do that if you were not good. I have confidence in your knowledge and ability. I am sure time will tell but not all great artist get discovered nor become masters. We all learn all the time and get better but some are few steps ahead of the rest.. I enjoy watching the work you do and also your student. unfortunately you are too far from me. We always have to remain positive and open minded as there is plenty more to learn and never think we made it… Have a good weekend.

        November 16, 2013
      • You are so kind! So nice to exchange some thoughts with you! I like that you are instantly getting better and better with your ideas and paintings, and you are working a lot! It’s really great, I have huge respect for anybody who’s doing arts and especially for those who are doing arts genuinely and from the bottom of their heart, just like you Doron. I wish you to create many more fantastic paintings!

        November 18, 2013
      • Inese apology for late reply, I am busy with my club axhibition being the club chairman I feel responsibility it should be perfect for everybody. The quality of art work displayed is just amazing and I have great teachers in my club I learn from. Thank you for your comment which I appreciate very much. To be honest I found painting as my story tell out of health problem which is on going. I feel very privilege and to be honest it saved my life. Often when I am in pains it take me to another place for couple of hours and although I can’t get rid of the pains the painting push it to the back of my mind. I participate in an hospital pain management course and told my story and offer to many to take the brush and start it will lead them somewhere new and sometime will take them away from their pains. I had few people who took it and they love it. Paintings gave me great pleasure and thanks to it I found great friends like yourself, it prooved that even from bad something good can come out. Thank you for your reply and I always look forward to see your work and learn something. So maybe I am not physically in your class but I am still learning from your work. Keep it going as it enrich the soul of many who watch you. Thank you.

        November 23, 2013
      • Thanks Doron! This is the best comment I’ve ever received, I’d say.
        I had the idea of people doing arts in order to get some break from their health conditions (since after a terrible accident and lots of surgeries I barely have any single day without any pain myself), however, the local response was not that great, so I’m just promoting simply art.
        I hope more people will read how much you are encouraging other people with problems to do something which makes their lives a little better and a bit more tolerable. I have bad days myself, and these small obligations like art submission deadlines or classes don’t allow me to become overwhelmed with pain and self-pity. So much agree with your comment and so much appreciate it!
        I was thinking just last night that this blog and blogging had brought me together (even though not in person which doesn’t really matter) with many outstanding and fantastic people like you Doron. Once again thanks a lot for taking your time, and please keep enjoying the creative journey in arts!

        November 23, 2013
      • Inese I am sad to read that you also take part in my world. I run a friendly group of chronic pains suferrer here and recently I put few words on it in a new blog I also try to avoid talking about my problems here as I want to encorouge people here to celbrate painting. I often don’t talk about it not even in my everyday life as I also don’t believe in self pitty as everybody around us have problems and I always think that I am still OK as I can talk about it. I am so happy meeting people like you as example that can show that life goes on and we should be proud of who we are. It goes without say that I am here for you my dear friend if ever needed. I wish you better health and happy paintings. I am proud to see you standing against what goes inside you daily which I am very familiar with, so keep strong dear Inese as you are not alone but you are bravely dealing with it x

        November 23, 2013
      • Thanks Doron! You’re right, there are so many people with different health problems out there. No, we cannot allow pain and other issues to run our life. Talking about all this doesn’t really help much, that’s why I avoid it, too. It could be a lot worse, I know that, as well. Painting and drawing is a fantastic thing, always uplifting, cheering up and takes the mind off the stuff which we don’t want to talk about.
        I wish you everything the best with your show and your club! That’s the right way to be.

        November 23, 2013
      • Thank you very much xxx

        November 23, 2013
      • You are very welcome.

        November 23, 2013
  2. Very good post about drawing and painting. My first love is drawing, also. But I don’t divide them too much anymore. Every guideline used for drawing is also used for painting. I think of drawing as the step in art like the child pulling themself up and standing on his feet for the first time. It gives us terminology, develops our eye and helps us to take those first precious baby steps into line, value, perspective, depth, texture. I consider that painting is drawing only I am using a different medium. Nice examples, above! I really like the cup with the three carrots!

    December 2, 2013
    • Thanks Leslie! I assume painting as drawing with the brush, as well. I love art which is based on drawing, simply that’s how my mind works. Even though, the cup with carrots was a quick demo, I like it myself, too. Thanks so much for your kind words.

      December 2, 2013

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