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Our Annual Holiday Sale: Gift Certificates for Art Classes, Art and Crafts

Christmas decorations DIY

Our Annual Holiday Sale continues until December 18.

Gift certificates for teen and adult art classes were really loved every previous year. Some people who received classes as a gift kept attending them and created fantastic art works on their own.

Our small groups are very friendly, and the creative atmosphere is just fantastic during these classes. I was sorting out the images which we had used during previous classes, and I was surprised myself how many there were. So many classes have taken place in this gallery, unbelievable! Well, there are at least 5 classes every week for the most part of the year. It is amazing how each image allows to recall the group and particular students who were creating their art based on that image.

Adult art classes winter 2013

Please let me know if you’d like to get a gift certificate for art classes. You can pick it up at the studio-gallery, or you can pay by e-mail transfer and get it sent to your inbox. Please don’t forget to specify for which class the certificate would be: e. g., Thursday 7-8.30 pm acrylic; Tuesday teen watercolor, etc. and also the number of classes: 3, 4, 5, etc.

All classes will resume in the second week of January.

Just like every year, I have created nice DIY decorations. I used lots of pine and spruce cones this year, I hope they will be liked.

Christmas decorations DIY

Christmas creations DIY

There’s always new art, cards and 3-dimensional artworks for sale. Art is a long-lasting gift and will remind the person who received it even after many years.

Christmas decorations DIY

Christmas decorations DIY

DIY pine cone and spruce cone Christmas wreath:

DIY Holiday decorations

Start with preparing cones, painted apples and berries, flowers, ribbons and artificial fir-tree twigs.

DIY Christmas wreath

It took me one day to paint all the stuff I needed (some cones and Styrofoam balls) with red crafters acrylic paint. I also added some glitter on some pine cones. Everything was dry on the next day. I started with a round cardboard base which I wrapped up with a green (that was what I had) tissue paper. I attached all ribbons, twigs and other decorative elements using a fairly thin wire at first and glued all cones using the hot glue gun afterwards. If you have decided to use pine, fir and spruce cones, try to place them so that their height is not the same in all spots.

Poinsettia paintings for Christmas

Gallery is ready for visitors: the entrance hall

Art gallery: the entrance hall

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  1. Congratulations, inese !Your works are marvellous and very agreable to see. Definetely, you are a great artist and deserve to be more known. Now, you make emerge artistic sense in people and gather them aroumd painting. You found the way to settle peace in the world. You are a master, too, not because you have many painting pupils, ybut because you form painting masters ! Thank you so much, Inese !

    December 7, 2013
    • Thanks Philippe! I do believe that contributing to genuinely positive creativity makes this world a better place and develops in people great and valuable feelings. I do believe that everybody deserves to experience the fantastic fulfillment when we have accomplished something which does not necessarily bring in big money, but gives much more: the sense of true happiness and balance in our lives. Art is a good opposite to my medical stuff, it takes me away from all stresses associated with medical writing and translations. Your comment is much appreciated!

      December 7, 2013
  2. Molly Nantais #

    Hi Inese, It’s Nancy from your Thursday afternoon class. Caroline and I will be back in January for watercolour classes. Have a great holiday and we’ll see you soon, Nancy Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 20:22:02 +0000 To:

    December 12, 2013
    • Thanks Nancy! Good to know and great you took time to let me know since this definitely makes the scheduling easier. Have a great holidays, too! Happy New Year!

      December 12, 2013

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