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It matters: enhance your personal space with positive energy

Acrylic painting classes for adults

The birth of a miracle may be not always easy, but there is undeniably some magic in it.

How can doing art as a hobby make one’s life better, more balanced, more enhanced and richer?

Along with time-well spent and new skills, there is one more advantage which is rarely mentioned. Any artwork created during classes can become a beautiful decorative element: it could be just the missing final touch for the room, it could be the accent piece; or it could be the part tying the entire space together and making it complete. This artwork radiates clean, uplifting and positive energy in the living space or workspace, because we created it with love and devotion.

The story is actually about the energy: energetic interaction, consumption and release of energy, good, bad and neutral energy. Since energy is present anywhere and in anything, and not even the simplest thought could be made without consuming some of it; the question is: do we pay enough attention to our nearest surroundings, our closest environment and the dominating energetic features within that space? We really don’t, and we are most often between two ditches: following punctually every newest design trend, or completely disregarding any design, hygiene rules and common sense.

There are lots of reviews about impact of color, lots of advice how to create a cozy, welcoming space, but what matters at the end is: energy in that space. I do believe we’ve seen this all: museum-like houses or sterile living rooms, living rooms which are collections of one’s past, and top-modern minimalistic spaces.

In my opinion, the best and the fastest way to update and adjust a space to our needs is using color, art, textiles and plants. Furniture becomes secondary, and all these previously mentioned things also take care about a great energetic flow and preserve the positive energy. Provided, they have such. It matters what hangs on your walls, it really matters hugely, and I’m not talking about the purely esthetic aspects. Wallmart print will have at the best some neutral energy of printer, cheap canvas and paint. Inherited art or an antique item may have both: very positive and extremely negative energy. So can an original painting. Painting during its creation process absorbs our thoughts, emotional vibrations, delight and thoughtfulness, or hate, misery and anger; anything. That way, the energy of a painting is equal to the energy artist puts in this creation. Most people naturally give their art the best part of themselves by visualizing all these places they are re-creating on canvas: light, wind, flowers and leaves, waves, streams and the atmospheric vibrations in the air.

One thing I can say for sure: the atmosphere during our painting sessions is extremely positive. It’s such a pleasure to grab the shiny paint and just put it on canvas. The classroom itself contains plenty of art in all completion stages: just started, half-done and finished. This contributes to the relaxing state we most often find ourselves in. I mean, it’s very unlikely, these beautiful works could have some bad energy since we genuinely try, we challenge ourselves, and the results are more than satisfying, especially taking into account, no professional artists have done these paintings.

There simply is not any better way to give your space a facelift than surrounding yourself by your own original art and creations. It is not that we are always aware: whatever we paint, we are painting ourselves. This is very noticeable in portrait artists’ works and in those who mostly paint figurative works: these painted or drawn people are a reflection of the artist. That would be another story, but even when painting trees, scenery, street scenes, anything in fact, we ARE ALWAYS painting ourselves. This is how the painted energy starts a life on its own. No doubt, it should be very compatible with its creator.

One more amazing thing is: the monetary value actually does not affect the true energy which some item possesses. That means we should stick to things which make us feel good, not only to those ones which cost a lot and are supposed to be “value”. The monetary value only shows one’s financial power while the energetic value has something much more important and substantial: it possesses the ability to ensure the well-being of our soul.


Nine paintings were started, brought to finish, or almost finished

Acrylic painting classes for adults

Colors are great, however, they looked more balanced in reality.

Art classes for adults: acrylic painting of fall scene

The goal of our last project was implementation of diagonal lines in the composition. While we care how the finished (or almost finished) project work comes out and how it looks, we are paying the most attention to mastering different techniques and approaches. We all know that diagonal lines contribute to depth and perceptional ease of an artwork; however, we tend to forget about such feature. This was an art exercise to practice exactly such type of composition. Did we achieve our goal? You be the judge!

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  1. Beautiful artwork. I love your students’ paintings.

    One thing to add though, paintings are wonderful gifts too! :)

    I also love that you paint nature. But I guess I might be a bit bias considering I take pictures of nature. Your paintings are as amazing as a photograph and draws out the beauty of what the eyes see, and your students are getting there too!

    As always, it is a pleasure seeing and reading your posts.

    March 26, 2014
    • Thanks Eli!
      Yes, they can always serve as gifts, too.
      I believe nature has it all! Whatever way we make the beauty more approachable and somebody’s life a bit better is a plus! I am spending a lot of time popularizing such activities like drawing, painting, sketching, etc because I love making people happier and it’s great to help them add some extra touch to their daily routine. Some students told, the art class was the best time in the entire week which is fantastic!

      March 26, 2014
  2. Love the artwork…

    March 26, 2014
    • Thanks! These students are really committed, some of them had only desire to make some art and no skills or experience at all. Their progress is really fast, and these paintings prove there is no ceiling to the self-improvement.

      March 26, 2014
  3. Inese sorry I miss your great work due to my health but you can be assured I will always come back to enjoy your teaching skills and your students work. Their work always make me smile and teaching me one or few new thing about painting which I love. It is great pleasure to see how greatly your students developed. Hope you are well and keep the good work I am sure others also enjoy it too.

    March 29, 2014
    • Thanks Doron! Your comments are always cheering me up so much, and I really appreciate them. I am sorry to hear your health has been not that good, and I genuinely hope you feel better soon! Well, I’d say winter is always tough at least for my health, maybe for yours, too. Students love these classes, and many return, and many sign up, that’s something worthwhile to do because the pleasure is mutual. Well, I hope, we’ll see you here and there with good news about your health!

      March 29, 2014
      • Inese thank you very much as I said you never show any health issues in your paintings and who does.. it is a world of pleasure which you pass to many more, great x

        March 29, 2014
      • Exactly, it is a world of pleasure; pleasure to enjoy, pleasure to share. It’s great something like that exists.

        March 29, 2014
      • How true thanks :-)

        March 30, 2014
  4. Your art work is beautiful.

    March 31, 2014

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