Watercolor mania? Yes, incurable

Watercolor, watercolor and ink, as well as pastels are my favorite mediums to use because I am very good at drawing, I would say I was born being able to draw.  It isn’t so that I am completely obsessed with painting, but I have given thousands of workshops and classes just within the last 4 years. There were moments when I had 5 or 4 painting workshops and classes every week. Every class or workshop required some reference painting, plus, I certainly wanted to paint something on my own, as well. My problem is that preparation for any class and workshop and my own paintings always take so much time that I never really get to selling anything seriously. I would put on the “Open” sign, and that is pretty much it. I am realizing now that I have so many paintings which would easily fill up the largest gallery.

Watercolors up to 11 x 14 in (28 x 36 cm)

Some are framed, some matted 

Most of them make great greeting cards, as well, and look fantastic in white or light grey frames

Most of these paintings are in piles and wrapped up because classes involve a lot of splashing, so nobody actually gets to see them. That includes me, as well, because I rarely have time to sort things out. These are just some of small size (7 x 10 and up to 11 x 14) and medium size (12 x 16 to 22 x 18) watercolors.

Flower power

I did not even realize that, but the number of paintings has reached sort of tipping point. I would need at least 3-4 times larger space to either hang it all or display in any other way. It is time to reconsider everything and become more serious about doing something with all this art which, quite honestly, has taken numerous hours of drawing and painting. I always enjoyed that, but I am short for storage and space. What good do these paintings if nobody ever can see them? Therefore, I would be very happy some of them found new walls and homes.

Anyway, most likely I will have to repeat this before Christmas and holidays, but still, I believe, these are very attractive paintings which would look great in any place, especially in a proper frame.

All details and separate images are on  Fine Art America.

You can view all images and then let me know if you would like to see if original is still available. Shipping will be extra.

Everything $100 to $350. Shipping extra. Thanks if you decided to check out my paintings and possibly get some art product, print or original painting.

If you ever doubted whether to start drawing and painting, just go for it. Being addicted to painting is not the worst that can happen. It is an entirely distinctive new world which never stops surprising.

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    1. Thanks Sue! I tried to sell something recently online through this blog, I mean, I hoped to get things moving, but nothing really happened. I paid even for a silly Facebook ad, didn’t work, too. So, I’m a bit lost. I was sitting and trying to figure out what else I can do, and nothing comes to my mind. I have to fly to see my mom in 2 days and, oh my, I am still short of everything. I will be going to pharmacy after 11, I’m scared because the cost might be way higher than I can handle, hopefully it’s not exceeding $400. I need $400 every 2 weeks. Any walk to pharmacy is a trouble and leaves me in a bad mood for a while. It is scary. Lots of things to pack, the wound hasn’t closed completely, therefore additional supplies are needed, one dressing is like $20, that’s for 1 day. I’m on the strong meds still for a month. While it is better to some extent, I can see that I have lost a lot of energy. It’s not what it used to be.
      Thanks for asking! I appreciate you stopped by. I just have to figure out something before I go to the airport. Don’t have insurance yet. So many things running through my mind, no clear direction on how to handle all of this. Well, we all do eventually, it’s just troublesome. I wish I had started some sales way ago, so I wouldn’t have a few of problems which I do right now.
      When I am back, I will continue only on large watercolors as I used to do. I was spending way too much time focusing only on classes, I have now about 600 paintings and I certainly need to make some free space to start fresh. So, yes, I need to be much more focused, and hopefully, health stops bothering me once I am done with medications.

      1. Oh Inese, sending you some energy via thought waves, I so hope you get to sell some of your amazing paintings and sort out all you need to for your journey… And I can not believe your wound is still not healed.. Sending LOVE your way and healing vibes xx.. Sue xxx

        1. Thanks Sue! Well, it was a huge one, so technically, it is still doing fine, I counted on half a year, it might be a little less because that’s what it took initially after the accident, but that time the open area was much smaller. I am a bit calmer now, still dealing with lists and needs and numbers.

        2. They are stressful, and especially when I need so many medical things on board. I am always nervous and scared to some extent until I get through security, sometimes requirements are strange, and it’s also that not everybody speaks an understandable English. Well, I can use German and Russian if I will see problems. I don’t think they speak any Latvian.

        3. Thanks!Everything was quite smooth, I wish I knew the Warsaw airport and their policies better. Still have to fly back through there, but I was told here the security checks are very strict everywhere in Europe at the moment. I can understand that, but the thing I cannot get is why to try treating everybody as some potential offender. It was worst because there were more transfer flights at that moment, so entering the European Union area was a total mess. After the nine hour flight and huge lineup at passport control, there was a fairly slow security check, it’ s needless to say, I was dehydrated, feeling extremely hungry and exhausted. That didn’t feel good and I was so happy marching through Riga airport and seeing my daughter waiting for me. That’s when the nice part started!

        4. Good to know all went well Inese, now relax and enjoy your daughter and forget about the return journey until the day. And keep thinking ‘smooth’ and it will be my friend.. LOVE to you and take care. xxx

        5. Thanks Sue! I am at my mom’s place at the moment, and it is really chilly here. I don’t think I have prepared too well, most likely, I will need to get some more warm clothes. It was very hot in Ontario, so it was sort of difficult to dress for plus/minus one degree weather with the outside temperature above twenty degrees. Clothes are very fashionable here anyway, hopefully daughter can help with that.

        6. I wish it were possible to say the same about here. Very strong winds with chilling gusts, lots of clouds and scattered showers. Well, it’s inside sitting and snoozing weather which I pretty much am doing, I haven’t gotten to anything else yet. I hope I will catch the last nice fall days upon my return home.

        1. It’s extremely time consuming, and most often: for nothing. I’m also not always feeling that well, so this happens just here and there. I’m surprised myself how I sometimes have energy to do advertising. Art is so devalued because anything is supposed to be art, and well, I’m not trying to please the market, too. It’s clear that being against the trends means asking for trouble.

  1. You have such beautiful artwork. Is there ever a community fair or market where you could display and sell your paintings? I’m sure that you’ve explored every option… but if people could see your gallery of art, they most certainly would buy them. Diane

    1. I know. It’s difficult to get people in here. We lease this place, and it does not have a very appealing look from the outside, it’s on the corner lot, and the new road sign doesn’t allow to park straight there. I do not see many people walking, too. There’s only farmer’s market, it’s open air, so that is a problem. There is a framing place which puts art on display, too. I haven’t seen much movement there either. They also have extremely low prices and take 30%. I hope to move to a better place in the future because this Whitby area isn’t good. There are pubs all around and they cause trouble, trash on the lawn, that kind of thing. I was talking to a dining place, sort of upscale, I didn’t have a chance to get in touch lately. Well, I simply have to work on display and also using more online sites. Hopefully, my tiredness stops.

        1. Realistically, that’s the main reason I’m not doing that well. How much are you going to get done when all you do is sleep and feel exhausted? It’s been a very long time, too, about 3 years all together. I’m finally waking up and starting to realize that not that many people know I exist. Hopefully, I can correct that. I’m worried about my mom now, there’s always something.

        2. Thanks Diane! I just changed the dressing, well, it’s still somewhat open, but definitely getting better. I am getting completely nervous not to forget something. It’s a very long flight, I switch planes in Warsaw this time, Finnair didn’t have 1 stop tickets.

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