How does it feel to become a rose?

Rose is a wonderful subject for an acrylic painting. Especially, pink rose.

I always prefer and I always advice others to use real objects, real scenes and live models for their paintings. It’s not only because camera does not see things as a human eye does, but also because of immediate presence.

When somebody aims only for technically great achievements in arts, they certainly stick with photos because we quite cannot distinguish between tiny details when looking at something with just our eyes. I’m not painting or drawing anything I cannot see or which is too small to see. I prefer to go bolder and not to use any magnifying glass.

It can be tough with flowers time to time, especially in winter, and they generally do not last as long as painting takes from start to finish. Anyway, whenever possible using real things has its advantages. They also cause feelings, admiration, attraction or vice versa. This is also something we are trying to implement in our paintings. Technical ability is great, but technically perfect and emotionally cold art isn’t speaking to me. I’m not saying that I always keep working until I have achieved absolutely everything. There is something great about unfinished paintings, too. For instance, a chance to add imaginative characteristics or continue with one’s thoughts. When painting is small, 16 x 20 inches (40.5 cm x 51 cm) inches or so, it doesn’t feel right to spend a year painting it. I sometimes return to a painting after 2-3 years.

Therefore, it feels great becoming a rose. As we paint any petal, we build it and grow it to our liking. Although, it’s just a rose, it has it all: some hidden attraction, some mystery and some color combinations that do not always find reflection in a photo of the painting, but they do become visible when looking at the artwork in person.

Wild roses acrylic painting, 20 x 24 inches,

There are lots and lots of objects which can be painted not even leaving our room. People sometimes say: I don’t want to paint still life, it’s boring. That’s totally wrong. That is the best exercise in painting there can be found. People who can paint or draw can paint anything and draw anything from apple to face. Still life is the shortest way to explore values, edges, color transitions and the ways we can create them. It’s the best tool to learn underpainting, sketching and blocking in the main shapes. It’s also the easiest way to learn about lines and their relationships, as well as all kinds of shadows. Therefore, we should never underestimate still life as subject, genre or way of expression.

rose painting
pink rose acrylic painting

Pink rose acrylic painting for sale, 20 x 16 in

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18 Replies to “How does it feel to become a rose?”

    1. Thanks! All posts have some tip and some recommendation because I’ve got a chance to see what causes the biggest problems when students start painting or do some particular task. With 2-3 classes every week and workshops at least twice a month, it becomes very visible what and why potential artists struggle with.

    1. Thanks! Nothing else teaches understanding of painting better than still life. It is a compact form of any other subject. It includes everything: values, shadows, shapes, edges, lines, contrast, even perspective, obviously it makes one strong in composition.

        1. I’m saying that because I know how many people believe still life is somewhat boring and not that great subject. It probably takes some time to understand how this works, but our brain and eyes learn step-wise and this learning happens when we can distinct between shapes, values, edges and their relationships without attaching this understanding to the object directly. It is amazing to observe how it takes a lot of time for beginners in drawing to notice the shape and not to draw some general average object of that type which we know from our experience and visual associations. Once we learn that, we are able to draw or paint anything: face, scene, interior, street scene, figure, animal, anything really.

        2. That is fantastic! You are in such a climate that live flowers are always around, aren’t they? I use for setting up a still life something man made, e. g., cups, bottles, vases, jars, bowls, etc.; something alive like flowers and something which is not man made, but can become the focal point such as fruits and vegetables. Leaves always help to finish up composition because we can place them in strategically important places. Good luck!

        3. Thank you again for your advice. Now all I’ve got to do is allocate an hour or so to it to get going. But first I must find all my art paraphernalia stuck somewhere in the storeroom.

        4. You are very welcome.
          Having a special place where to draw, sketch or paint definitely helps. Also having all supplies is helpful. My place is only art supplies an paintings everywhere, I have no storage here, so it is very important to be very organized. I find that organizing work area is advantageous, too.
          Timing is everything with water-media. That’s the reason I cannot pick up phone always and do not answer phone calls while painting.
          Stopping to get something forgotten is disturbing, too, therefore we should have around things like pencils, pencil sharpener, transfer paper, soft kneaded eraser, paper towels, water, a few brushes, palette or testing paper for color testing and paints.

        5. I don’t have a special place where to draw and paint, which means I’ll have to get organised even more. Thanks again for the tutorial, Inese. Much appreciated.

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