Stick to your plan and pay attention to reference

Lesson 3 Whatever we are doing, we need some kind of a draft in our head or some plan which […]

Painting with sponge in acrylic

Paint application with sponge has definitely huge potential in acrylic painting. It adds some sort of texture and interesting touch […]

Evolution of the blue cup, Part 2 Drawing and painting steps

I actually love drawing more than painting. During classes, I am usually giving quick demonstrations on what is the best […]

Evolution of the blue cup, Part 1, drawing and painting in watercolor

Most of my students are absolute beginners in drawing. All of them expressed interest in doing watercolor still life, floral […]

NEW this fall: acrylic for teens and advanced drawing plus watercolor

Many teens expressed interest in acrylic painting last year. Such classes are lots of fun, they are exciting, and students […]

Wake up and get in mood for spring

Living in more and more civilized world, we are loosing our ties with nature and seasonal cycles. Light and sunshine […]

We had exciting March break workshops

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Chninese proverb That is so true, and I would like […]