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I have extensive art teaching and art instruction experience (more than 3 decades), great painting and drawing skills. I have Master’s degree in Arts, Education and Psychology.

Art instructor and visual artists Inese Poga offers ART CLASSES for any age students: youth, adults and teens older than 12 years.  Students enjoy plenty of attention and very individualized art instruction, watch live demos and get immediate answers to their questions. PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE ART LESSON is an exclusive opportunity to learn on your own terms and to explore the areas that are of most interest to you. WORKSHOPS deal with specific set of techniques and explore specific subject, theme, composition, colors, effects and materials. One should have painting experience to participate in a workshop.

All classes and all workshops require to have your own materials because it is a huge advantage to know what your paper, canvas, brushes and paints can or will do. Please pay ahead in order to be in a class. Space is limited.

MATERIALS FOR ACRYLIC PAINTING classes and workshopsAcrylic painting materials for art classes

MATERIALS FOR WATERCOLOR, SKETCHING and DRAWING classesWatercolor and sketching materials for art classes

 Spring art classes


Please send me a message via contact page or fill out the form below if you or your teen  are interested in

MARCH break watercolor and sketching

MARCH 12 to MARCH 15

12.30-2 pm every day from Monday March 12 to Thursday March 15. Nature and wild flowers in nature.

Imagination, magic and reality: use the guiding images, photos and real things to create an attractive pen and watercolor, watercolor only or pastel and watercolor painting.

Flowers in blue, pink and white. The larger the paper, the better, 12 x 16 in would be great or even larger.

Add butterflies if you like or birds. Students’materials. Suitable for serious students 12 and up. We usually have parents and teens because that is a wonderful activity in a friendly and inspiring environment.

Fee for 4 classes: $85



TUESDAYS 6.30-8 pm


This set of classes explores how we create shapes, forms, contrasts and color. We will be also using pen and sketching. This skill is useful for painting in any medium, not only watercolor.

While most people can handle a sketch, using watercolor is problematic. We will learn how to use watercolor properly to achieve perfect proportion between pigment and water and how to control water. Learn how to brush on and create washes with watercolor. Learn how to create detail and how to leave some parts abstract which is important in floral watercolor.

We will learn how to create beautiful colors using mixes you probably haven’t heard about. It is simple, one just needs to know it!

In case some room plants will be in bloom, we will include these, as well. Apple blossoms, lilies and daffodils, as well as flower field.

We will find out how to interpret an image without copying it.

Class is well suited for youth, adults and everybody who wants to learn drawing, sketching and eventually painting multidimensional scenes and subjects, as well as for teens 12 and up who would like to create their portfolio or simply enjoy drawing and painting. See materials at the top (link).

1 spot in watercolor and sketching class for 4 weeks: $85

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WEDNESDAYS 6.30-8 pm


I could only schedule 1 more acrylic painting class for now, but please check back in summer. Also, please use the private and semi-private class option. Private classes are very popular recently.

We will be painting flower fields, close-ups and distance. Learn how to mix and apply colors and how to implement man-made structures and buildings so that they look multi-dimensional.

We will explore techniques that help creating perspective and depth in a painting. We will learn also how to use underpainting, what that is and how it helps. Find out what sponge can do to make painting process much easier. Most people struggle with brush stroke in acrylic, blending acrylic and, basically, paint application is usually an issue. We always address brushing and brush stroke.

Class is well suited for youth, adults, as well as for teens 12 and up who would like to create their portfolio or get skilled with acrylic paint application. We use very creative techniques that reveal full range of acrylic paint application options.

Learn how to mix any color from 3 primary colors, understand how with color temperature and strong contrast an average painting becomes excellent. See materials at the top, click on link. Use smaller canvas if you think you would rather practice more (12 x 16 in) or our regular size (20 x 16 in).

1 spot in acrylic painting class, 4 weeks: $85

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Drawing, pen, ink and watercolor, watercolor and acrylic: still life, flowers, birds, buildings, perspective, landscape, fashion drawing, figure, parts of human body, fashion accessories.  Please let me know what medium and subject you prefer: drawing, sketching, watercolor, pen, ink and watercolor, abstracted or representational acrylic. Create portfolio  and fill up your sketchbook, learn at your own pace and practice many painting and drawing techniques, ask questions and get immediate answers, as well as see how it is done since I paint along with students.

I cannot use oil paints because of a strong allergy to them.

For watercolor,sketching and drawing, you will need a set of watercolor paints (just a few basic colors), thick, heavy, cold press watercolor paper, watercolor paper for practicing and testing techniques and colors, paper towel, pencils, soft eraser and fine black pen that does not bleed with application of water. For acrylic, you will need canvas 12 x 16 in, acrylic paints in 8 basic colors (see the link above for materials), 2 brushes, white plastic plates and paper towel.

Private art classes for youth (15 years and older) and adults, including absolute beginners or artists with skills: 1 class, (2 academic hours: 1 hour and 20 minutes) between 12 (noon) and 8 pm on Monday or Thursday; or Saturday (1-5 pm). Up to June  20.

Fees: $50 per class or $25 per class if you have a second person to come with you and pay also $25 per class, so that you have a semi-private class.

Private and semi-private TEENS’ (10-15 years) art classes handle the same subjects listed above.  Fees: $40 per 1 hour private class, or $20 per 1 hour semi-private class.



Application is completed when payment is made.

In case of unexpected absence, you can transfer your participation fee to another person. We have often people from one family, colleagues or friends.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for any event or classes: special birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Holiday and similar gift certificates are available. They look beautiful, as well. Gift certificate can be used towards any painting purchase (choose from more than 2100 paintings).


Please e-mail for last minute inclusions. Payment should be made in advance. You can pay by e-mail transfer, using the Buy Now button (debit, credit cards and Paypal)  or stop by at the studio and pay cashPlease do not send notifications of absence briefly before the class: every class is set up at least 4 hours ahead. That refers to private classes, semi-private classes, group classes and workshops.

Please notify at least 7 days prior to project start date of any cancellations to receive a refund (amount paid minus $20). There are no refunds for cancellations requested less than 7 days prior to painting session or project start date or during the painting session or project. Any fee can be transferred to another participant, as well.

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