Art classes and workshops: schedule, info and registration

Please scroll down for quite a while to register and pay for art classes, workshops or book a party or painting session, painting party applications will have their own page soon.

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I have extensive art teaching experience (more than 35 years), great tutoring skills and remarkable painting and drawing skills (45+ years). I have Master’s degree in Arts, Education and Psychology.

ART CLASSES provide with lots of valuable tips, advise and ensure you have great experience. You will enjoy lots of attention and very individualized instruction whether you are an absolute beginner or somebody who has been painting before. Our ART CLASSES are not crowded: 5 to 8 students at a time. Live art class has huge advantages over online classes because instructor can see and correct everything right when that appears.

PAINTING WORKSHOPS are different from classes: during workshop, we are painting one particular image start to finish. WORKSHOP deals with specific set of approach and explores specific subject, theme, composition, colors or effects.

All classes and all workshops require to have your own materials because it is a huge plus and helps tremendously.

MATERIALS FOR ACRYLIC PAINTING classes and workshopsAcrylic painting materials for art classes

MATERIALS FOR WATERCOLOR, SKETCHING and DRAWING classesWatercolor and sketching materials for art classes


Drawing, watercolor and acrylic: still life, flowers, buildings and landscape. With student’s materials.  Please let me know what medium and subject you prefer: drawing, sketching, watercolor, pen and watercolor, abstract and textured acrylic or representational acrylic: floral, still life, landscape and landscape elements, human body, portraits or similar for portfolio sketchbook.

1 to 2 hours a day. Between 12 (noon) and 6 pm. Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. From October 8 to December 12 and from January 15, 2018 to June  14, 2018. $50 per hour or $25 per hour if you have a second person to come with you and pay also $25 per hour to have a semi-private class.

Please let me know how many hours you’d like to learn, what subject and what medium and then you just pay it here or in person. This is an excellent opportunity to create an OUTSTANDING PORTFOLIO.


Daytime class to become more confident with brush and paint, to learn controlling water and pigment, to understand timing, color mixing and what it takes to create a good painting.  Do not leave portfolio creation to the last minute. Excellent opportunity to create portfolio pieces and fill up your sketchbook. One can join every week up to November 7.

TUESDAYS 12.30-2 pm

OCTOBER 17 is a free class, we will draw and paint sunflowers

From October 24 to December 12; fee $120, 7 weeks

No class on October 31.

From November 7 to December 12; fee $98, 6 weeks

Sunflowers, fall leaves on wood/fence, fall scenery, reflections, foggy landscape; fall landscape, winter scenes,  winter flowers.  Focus is on positive, creative experience with color and inspiring image.

Materials: block of watercolor paper, preferably 9 x 12 in size, one size 10 or 12 watercolor brush with fine tip, one size 6 watercolor brush, small set of paints (watercolor paints will be provided if you do not have) pencil , kneaded eraser, black pen and paper towel. We use laptop, ipad or tablet, as well.

Choose the date you can join and pay the respective amount. Last date to join for 6 weeks is November 7.


 TUESDAYS 6.30 pm to 8.30

Sunflowers,  fall leaves on wood/fence, fall scenery, reflections, foggy landscape; fall landscape, winter scenes,  winter flowers.

Pen and watercolor, watercolor only, graded washes; dry on wet, wet on wet; special effects and highlights, color mixing.

We will be experimenting with tools and paint application techniques. You will learn many different ways to paint with watercolor. Do not leave portfolio creation to the last minute. Excellent opportunity to create portfolio pieces and fill up your sketchbook.

See materials above (link); use watercolor paper from 9 x 12 inches or larger. Watercolor paper should be thick and heavy. We use laptop, ipad or tablet, as well. Any age adults, youth, seniors; teens who attend with parents or on their own should be 12+

OCTOBER 17 is a free introductory class

4 weeks OCTOBER 17 to NOVEMBER 14: $85

No class on October 31.

4 weeks NOVEMBER 14 to DECEMBER 12: $110

or sign up for all 8 classes October 17 to December 12: $195 and paint all scenes and subjects

1 spot for October-December painting session (8 weeks) : $195



WEDNESDAYS 6.30 pm-8.30 pm 

OCTOBER 18 will be free introductory class for new students.

For beginners, intermediate level, artists who have painted with different medium; any age adults, youth, seniors; teens who attend with parents or on their own should be 12+

Starting will fall trees, textures and making your own magic brush for trees and leaves, fall color mixing and landscape elements

We will make a magic brush which does everything! Sponge allows creating interesting effects and painting very fast.  Most people struggle with blending and color mixing. We will pay special attention to these aspects.

Learn color mixing, texture, contrast, value, painting elements, composition, paint application techniques, create your own magic brush, use sponge, underpainting, glazing, how to blend. See materials above (link). We use laptop, ipad or tablet, or you will need sometimes to print off support materials and drawings. Use smaller canvas if you prefer (12 x 16 in) or our regular size (20 x 16 in).

4 weeks October 18 to November 8; free class on October 18; Fee $85

4 weeks November 15 to December 6; Fee $110

or sign up for the entire painting session, 8 weeks and paint all subjects: $195

1 spot for full painting session October-December; 8 weeks : $195

Art flower art

If you would like to organize your own PAINTING PARTY, please let me know. The organizer gets party for free.

BOOK PAINTING PARTIES OR PAINTING EVENTS FOR 5 to 10 PARTICIPANTS! CHOOSE FUN WITH WATERCOLOR OR FUN WITH ACRYLIC. 2 hour events: $60 per person (materials included); 3 hour events: $85 per person (materials and refreshments included). . Minimum number of participants 6. Please use the  application form below.

Payment for painting party (number of participants x fee per person)



Application is completed when payment is made.

In case of unexpected absence, you can transfer your participation fee to another person. We have often people from one family, colleagues or friends.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for any event or classes: special birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Holiday and similar gift certificates are available. They looks beautiful, as well.


Please e-mail for last minute inclusions. Payment should be made in advance, at the latest, on Monday of the week when class takes place : you can pay by e-mail transfer, using the Pay Now button (debit, credit cards and Paypal)  or stop by at the studio and pay cash.  

Please notify at least 7 days prior to project start date of any cancellations to receive a refund. There are no refunds for cancellations requested less than 7 days prior to painting session or project start date or during the painting session or project. Any fee can be transferred to another participant. I will return the amount you paid minus $20 for handling the payment (fees). If you have paid cash in person and you change your mind 7 days before the project or class start date, you will receive full refund.

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