White and pink flowers to enjoy the presence of spring

The best part of being able to create is probably that we only depend on our intentions and goals. There are no limitations in subjects or ways to create something. It is almost an absolute freedom, and pretty much nothing but our personal situation can be a set-back.

Freedom in creation means doing what one wants and prefers.  If it is technique that doesn’t work for you yet, you will just have to practice more.

I meet all the time people who think creating a painting is extremely easy. Most likely, instructions that say: paint like a master in one hour or time-lapse demos where a few hours of work are squeezed in just 1 minute make somebody believe that a decent size art takes only a few minutes. Well, try to paint just a wall or better start with smaller surfaces like a door. Even that takes time.

Creation takes time and efforts. When somebody looks at painting they sometimes doubt how that can possibly take 2 or 3 weeks working every day for about 6 hours. It depends on medium, definitely. Acrylic is much slower medium than watercolor. Whenever some part is dry, it is almost as if starting everything from new. Acrylic is much slower than oils also. That is why it takes a lot of layers and building up color and value.

The attitude totally changes when somebody tries doing painting themselves. There are people who believe that not that attractive first layers are sign of a hopeless art. That is profoundly wrong. I sometimes demonstrate how we can change and improve any painting (that includes my own art) by just adding dark shades and highlights or modifying perspective and number of details or elements. In that regard, acrylic is very forgiving and very user-friendly. The only limitation is time we spend on some art and time we are willing to spend on it. When it is a small painting, I do not feel always I want to continue working on it. Our personal attitude and preferences change over time, as well. That’s no surprise that we might not like subject we adored a while ago or we like colors we hated before.

That is normal. That is progress one or another direction.

Gallery view

Having painted blooms all around makes one feel fantastic. Even when my health is giving glitches, it’s a pleasure to be in the gallery and enjoy the elegant lines and uplifting colors.

If you never tried to create any art, it is a wonderful time to start out. The sketching season will be on soon, and that is just a pure pleasure being outdoors and literally absorbing the surrounding life, nature and beauty.

I hope to get some followers back since I lost of all of them while migrating the blog. I don’t think I have set up even all buttons yet, so, everything will come, just give it some time.

Reds and gold for Christmas and holidays

How have you been? I was so busy during the past 2 months that I hardly could do anything else except work, work and work.

I thought it would be great to have a good show this year since the summer was not the best. It feels the 3 bad years are over and I can start fresh. Meaning: much better, at much higher level, much more efficient and much more skillful. That is not hard to do when health has returned.

Well, I am completely behind posting schedule on either blog, this one and lifeschool. I promise to post some articles and poems more often once I get over Christmas.

The theme of this year is: Reds and gold for Christmas.

Red is such a warm and energizing color, we need it; we need it especially when it’s cold and nasty outside, or inside the heart. I was spending almost all day trying to get some pics for my show. Well, the light was bad, but I tried, tried and tried until I was somewhat satisfied.

Red cardinal and golden robin paintings make a very beautiful gift. I also invite everybody to join the art classes and paint some gifts on your own.

Especially red and golden birds or a festive holiday scene.

Red and golden-red cardinals, silver-golden robin with beautiful decorations

Reds and gold add impact and depth to festive settings

Reds and gold, and red is as in poinsettia

Reds and gold as in burning candles

Reds and gold, and gold as in sparkling decorations

Red and golden colors make any space festive and elegant.

All bird paintings are for sale from $120, and Robin couple is $180.

If you are not in buying paintings, join the art classes.

Art classes at Inese Poga’s art studio

I wish you not overdoing with gifts, but choosing soul-warming, mood-lifting and energy-giving things. Like a painting? Why not?

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Accept the fall gratefully

Just like birds, I will take off tomorrow. I won’t go south; however, I will go east, to Latvia. Whether we like it or not, September is soon over, and October will come with its gold to soothe and comfort our aching souls because, oh well, we are on the way to winter. Eventually, snow silver will cover the rusty gold and our sunny dreams, and our feet will be walking the icy and cold sidewalks of freezing towns and cities. I love the colors of autumn, just like we all do! It is such an injustice that this beauty comes with so much pain, so much sadness and so much darkness which follows in the footsteps of comforting and good-bye saying autumn sun. Regardless of personal preferences, nature’s cycles are inevitable for most of us.

I’ve been overwhelmed by life: too many duties, too many things to deal with, so I didn’t have too much chance to post anything. Nevertheless, to calm my nerves before the long trip I kept working on some projects and I also tried to bring to finish the class project which we did recently: the distant blue background and the lonely tree. Pumpkins are going to be uploaded to Fine Art America; maybe somebody will like them as greeting cards or other products: there are so many now that I cannot even list them all.

I will try to report about my adventures in Latvia since I have a new laptop. Laptop is fine, I would not say I’m very excited about Windows 10: they came with so much abusive stuff which I never intend to use that it simply takes me hours and hours to adjust my settings to my personal needs.

Autumn stream 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Autumn stream 20 x 24 in acrylic painting, might still require some work, oh well, it is good for now!

Overlooking the autumn, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Overlooking the autumn, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting, this was our recent class project, I always would love to implement more lights, but this is how it looks at the moment

Autumn is here small pumpkin painting for Thanksgiving

Autumn is here: the small pumpkin for Thanksgiving, 20 x 16 in acrylic painting

Autumn is here large pumpkin and ash berries for Thanksgiving

Autumn is here: the large pumpkin and ash berries for Thanksgiving, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Autumn is here and they are gone with the wind

Autumn is here and they are gone with the wind: 36 x 24 in acrylic painting

The painting tip for students as they certainly will paint some fall scenery: put the color you want to use exactly on a spot where you want it. What happens in reality: there is a strange need to keep brushing around for so long that everything inevitably becomes the same color.

Enjoy the sunny fall days and survive patiently the dullness of rains and chills of winds!

The new http://inesepogalifeschool.com/ post is about trusting and relying on ourselves:



Art projects for any age: unblocking path to our hidden resources

It has been a while, but that is exactly what happens when I get completely tied up with my medical work: hundreds of pages with tight deadlines for clinical trial brochures, consent forms, synopsis, protocol, so on and so on. This time it was a new treatment with autologous dendritic cells. I still have only a letter to general practitioner, and that’s it. Obviously, until next job.

We still had all scheduled classes and Fun and Pleasure painting, but my exhaustion was so huge, that I did not even look at the blog. I’ve been recovering after this for 2 days, and I’m finally able to post some pictures showing what we’ve been up to.

When somebody says art classes, other people usually understand by this practicing and learning for somebody who would like to be an artist or similar. That’s pretty much incorrect because as the current research reveals there is no other activity more beneficial to prevention of brain aging, avoiding loss of memory and related disorders than drawing, painting, sketching, working with paint and pencil. Its unique character involves boosting brain neurons and there were suggestions that brain aging is not inevitable. How so? Brain is just as any other part of our body, yet, it contains all the vitally important tools for regulating and managing the other systems. However, it’s crucial we keep exercising our brain every day, every hour and every minute because anything in our body which is not in use deteriorates and loses flexibility, it degenerates. Drawing connects the brain function with our fine motor functions, and does even more than language: it allows expressing feelings, emotions, states of our mind, mood, our character, hidden thoughts and memories. As we draw, our hand transfers the ideas onto paper, meaning it’s a reflection of the purest mental work, conversion of one type of energy into another. That is why drawing is used in determination of our brain functions, and it would signalize earlier than any other tests whether everything is still fine, or maybe it’s time to get advice.

We need to move and exercise all our body parts, but mental exercise increases the rate at which our new brain cells survive and make functional connections to the existing networks of neurons. The more active a particular brain cell is, the more connections it develops with its neighboring neurons. That is where art classes come in: as we learn, we intensively contribute to each line we are putting down on the paper or brushstrokes. This boosts out memory cells, therefore preventing them from cell death. Activities that require using all our senses, breaking our routines and engaging in new experiences are extremely good for brain health.

Age does not matter because it is equally important to have good memory in young and even more in old age.

Creative exercises like our Fun and Pleasure acrylic painting afternoons or watercolor exercises should not be undervalued. It seems like a play or some brushing around with different colors, but, in fact, it is a very strong brain ability booster.

I can tell by my own experience: I was reading a book a day and painting or drawing every single day for about 1 hour between ages 8 and 16. I was reading systematically through everything library had to offer. That involved history, geography, art, music, science of the corresponding century and so on. No, we didn’t have internet those times back in 70-s When I moved on and started to study at the University I was only 17 because thanks to this huge reading and art, I had developed a very efficient memory. Therefore, I hardly had to study because I was able to remember up to 60 pages of text which I read through within some half an hour using the diagonal approach. I still can remember every single tough term in texts which I was writing 5 years ago. I never have to make any lists and write notes to myself. In my case, drawing and painting showed enormously positive effect on memory, cognitive function, reasoning, etc. so far.

For young children, artistic activities are as important as physical exercising, especially because they are under-using their own cognitive ability due to the overuse of mobile devices.

We are always welcoming new participants in our art classes!

Plain and simple: creativity unblocks the pathways in our brain and gives us a chance to use our hidden resources, and there are so many.

Daisy field acrylic painting winter blossoms 3 winter blossoms 9 winter blossoms 6 winter blossoms 5 winter blossoms 8 winter blossoms 94 winter blossoms 92 tulips class daisies acrylic 027

The sky is not the limit: fun and pleasure with acrylic

Participants of the last Saturday Fun and Pleasure painting session definitely proved there is nothing too complicated when applying the right color on the right spot, so we painted sky in so many variations of red, blue and yellow, and we didn’t stop there.

I noticed a while ago that using full color images did not work very well for beginners or starting out artists’ classes and workshops. Why? It seems that when we are seeing the complete image it is more difficult to pay attention to underlying layers and not focus on final details. It happened so that details got the most focus at the beginning stage, and the entire picture was left out of site. I thought, it would make sense to go with steps and simplified layers leaving the more definite objects for the end.

This time, we taped down the eye level in order to apply all colors on the top part. Afterwards we worked out the base layers for the bottom part, adjusted shades and only afterwards placed larger trees. We adjusted some shades and added some details at the end. It is hard to believe, but even those participants who were practically absolute beginners got very nice paintings. We have to take into account that the total painting time was 2 hours and 40 minutes from start to finish. 20 minutes are devoted to recharging and lunch. Well, I’d say there is nothing wrong with adding some highlights after a while which could be some days later when the paint has settled down.

The main thing is: that was a lot of fun, great socializing, especially for people who don’t go to pubs and clubs, but prefer some more creative and more fulfilling activities.

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: one side of room

Art fun and pleasure painting

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: the other side of room

Art fun and plaesure

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: view from the end entrance

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: lots of works in progress

Art fun Jan's art

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: Jan’s art

Art fun Calia's painting

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday: Calia’s painting

Art fun: nice colors

We loved these colors

Sunset fun and pleasure afternoon

Fun and Pleasure painting Saturday

acrylic demo during workshop fun and pleasure 2 res

2 hour demo on cardboard

Acrylic Birch sunset demo painting 1 res

Finished up the demo version on canvas

Some pictures really did not come out that great because of light, I mean, too much light. There were also quite a lot of people, so it was tough to get everybody on a picture.

Next Fun and Pleasure Acrylic painting afternoon is on December 6!

My rainy day sketches and paintings sparkle with light, and we have finally summer weather

The weather has been very unpredictable. Since I am always drawing and painting only from life and using real objects, that was quite upsetting. I did not get all depressed, but moved on as much as I could.

For time saving purposes, I am sometimes outlining and drawing with black pen. I do not have to use glasses that way which is great because glasses can destroy proportions and my visual perception.

I hope you will share my pleasure about these simple sketches of plants, flowers and birds.

Garden sketches and parrot painting in watercolor

Sweet peas and apples watercolor and pen sketch

One old friend presented me with sweet peas, so these found their reflexion in a simple sketch.

Sweet peas watercolor sketch and painting

I love cheerful colors!

Red apples garden watercolor

Apples were growing in the sister’s garden, so were the red currants.

Red currant painting in watercolor and pen

Parrots we were doing in the Exotic birds drawing workshop. Everybody loved them!

Bird painting Parrots watercolor and pen

Parrot trio

Parrots in watercolor and pen

I was very happy also that I finally obtained the St. Petersburg watercolor set. I wanted these paints ever since I was a small kid when I saw one artist painting with them. I got them now at the age of 55, actually my birthday is just some weeks away, so it’s a nice birthday gift for myself. These paints are said to be the best in the world just because they are made of the purest and best really natural ingredients.

St. Petersburg watercolor set: the best paints in the world

Supposedly the best watercolor paints ever

My improvised painting desk

My improvised painting desk is very small, and I had no table or desk at some moments, as well

I am also typing on computer which is missing the key for the letter “d”, and I am using one end of my brush as a pointer to get this letter typed. Well, one should not complain about anything which is offered because it is always better to have something than nothing.

The sun is beating down today, so we are having some Mexico weather this week. Isn’t that crazy how I was freezing in my leather coat just a week ago, and it is advisable to wear nothing more than a swimming suit at the moment? Too bad, no swimming pool anywhere here, but I suppose, I can survive that, too!

I am a child of the sun, my sign is leo, and this immediately changes my inner settings. I don’t care how hot it gets, whenever it is sunny, I am happy.

I was drawing today, as well, those works still need some touch, and I intent to publish them some time later in the week.

I would love to express the hugest THANK YOU to all those fellow bloggers, friends and students who did not stop encouraging me during the bad weather period and are still following my trip to Europe, Latvia.


The older folks may still remember the fantastic song by Al Bano and Romina Power Liberta. Radio was playing it as I typed. My mood goes up to the sky! What a song! What a summer!

Brand new image for Gift Certificate

Gift certificate for art classes

The gift certificate for my art classes should make the recipient happy: it looks very nice and it gives recipient the opportunity to get involved in creativity, learn and enjoy artistic activities.  I thought it would be great that people who were buying gift certificates for art classes really could like and enjoy them.

I painted a watercolor image and took a few pictures of it.

Then I asked a printing place to add some text and print them.

Gift certificates look extremely attractive. To purchase  a gift certificate, you do not have to attend the art studio in person, I can e-mail you either the actual gift certificate, or image of it, so you just print it off.

Gift certificate for art classes

The actual painting looked better than the picture of it, which is most often the case with all my paintings regardless of how hard I am trying and changing settings on camera, light in the room, backgrounds and so on. It is very rare that photography of my painting looks better than my real art. The closest colors usually are when the image is taken with painting on the wall or together with other paintings.

Gift certificate for art classes


However, I really loved how these final products came out, and some people are picking up these certificates already tomorrow morning. I’m glad I can give them something which looks great and festive.

For schedule and to find out what classes you’d like to give as a gift, please go to:  https://inesepogagallery.com/classes-workshops-schedule/

There are private, semi-private and group art classes and workshops, as well as one can arrange a private painting party.

For pictures of some of our art classes, please check out:  https://inesepogagallery.com/art-classes-and-workshops-in-pictures/