Don’t miss the Culture Days 2013 Event

Everybody who is interested in seeing how culture and accessibility to arts and self-improvement is facilitated and supported at artist-run galleries and art schools is welcome to check out Art plus Classes and Life plus School Culture Days event on September 28 and September 29 between noon and 4 pm.

Brief schedule for these events is as follows:

Saturday: For anybody who ever wondered how easy or difficult it is to start drawing or painting. Try for yourself and find out if that is something which you might be interested in. Demos, hands on activities, ideas for home decorations and DIY things. There are many to look at and get inspired from.

Birds with culture

Sunday: New artistic retreats are on the way. Find out how they will work. Dealing with problems, moods, aches and pain, anxiety and depression: art as medication and cure. Treating loneliness, lack of happiness, problems and life challenges with color. Killing boredom, dissatisfaction and emptiness: the way back to true yourself. Find it while playing around with images and paints. Explore the meditative state of immersing yourself in what we are calling “art retreat for your soul”: a process of applying color, arranging your thoughts into images, describing your feelings with color or images, so that afterwards we get an understanding of what is bothering you and why. This enables people to resolve their problems, improve their medical conditions and realize how little is needed to achieve piece of mind.

Don’t miss these events. The admission is free and materials are provided by the artist. The location is excellent and easy to find and access: downtown of Whitby, intersection Mary/Perry, just one block from either Dundas E or Brock N. Free parking.

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