To find a bit of lasting happiness

Well, some of you probably noticed, I wasn’t posting for almost 2 weeks. Quite a while, but I obviously was busy, and the art blog starts to put a bit of pressure on me because I love inserting illustrations, but don’t have them ready sometimes.

It was a fairly important date last week: my studio-gallery has been 5 years at its current location, in Whitby, Ontario. It was the 5th anniversary since I started Art plus Life. Wondering where is … plus life? The other blog will come soon.

Although, I didn’t think it was a very remarkable date at first, as I scrolled through all pictures (I have many thousands of them), I could see that there has been huge progress, in fact, and a lot has been achieved and done during these 5 years.

I will not try to comment on all pictures, but since I thought seeing was more than telling, here we go: please have a look at the retrospective pictures gallery.

I started out with one student. I had 2 students after a week, and some more joined after a month. Wednesday class was the first one to become regular once a week class, with small interruptions it has been running since fall 2012. Teens Tuesday class was on since March 2012, as well. I started to hold Saturday workshops only about 8 months ago, it proved to be useful thing, so these will continue next September.

I look at these pictures, and it is hard to describe the mixed feelings: sort of satisfaction, sort of so much work in preparation, and lots of happiness, I have to admit. When most people come to this studio, they start from zero, since they have never drawn or painted before. We learn about paints, colors, brushes, papers and canvasses. I have been watching many talents unfolding and I have seen many depressed, exhausted and desperate persons turning into happy ones.

The Wednesday group feels like a family, we’ve been together for a long time. Diana used to be in this group, as well, but her life made a jump, and so we regretfully are not seeing her. Well, we welcome new students all the time, and the most incorrect assumption one can have is this one: painting and drawing is for those who want to be artists. Not at all! It is for everybody, to find peace, to rejoin with their soul, to spend great time, to make a good use of days when the weather is bad, to conquer addictions, to overcome fear and lack of confidence, to find a bit of happiness.


I have been working on my creeks which students already got done, and the brown cottage is our current project.

Recent art projects for adult painting classes

It’s clear that we are excited about blue at the moment.

Recent works in progress

To put some nice accent on this round date: 5 years, a show, sale and hands-on event follows in June 6 and 7.


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    1. Thanks Brenda! I’ve learned along the way what are the best themes for classes and how to present them to such participants who attend only one painting event, as well. There are actually only 2 people who started in 2012 and still continue because they love art and love to come together. The others drop in here and there and we got 2 more people who started in 2013 and still paint with us.
      I have no doubt any positive emotions boost the entire system and facilitate faster turnaround within us. There were twins, one laughed all the way and he lived 7 years longer than the brother who was mainly not that happy. More evidence is probably available, but even without it we know how much better everything is and goes and when we are feeling great and happy. Our response changes, too, not to mention the level of energy.

    1. Thanks Sue! I agree and I am very happy that some students admit creating art has become a big part of them, although, they had no idea how to even mix up a color when they first started out. Well, it is a very good thing we all can take advantage of, there are no bad sides to creativity, everything is a gain.

        1. Yes I do not like saying to those who create things in digital art, not experiencing how it works myself for I have never felt like trying it.. Its a little like cheating!.. 🙂 But art has many forms and the technology has to play a part.. But like you say Give me the brush and pencil any day and I am lost in my own virtual world 🙂

        2. Thanks Sue! It is simply that we lose our connection to reality, therefore, we have to go for real things and it is also good not to deal all day long with devices. The addiction is so bad already that some places on Earth have decided to turn the Internet off at night because people need sleep, but they don’t get it. Balance is the key, and it is nice to be in the nature and capture some of it, and not depend on any device at all. Using our own brain and fingers is great, too, because the only way preventing the age related mental disorders is to use our brain efficiently, every day, every moment, every second.

        3. Yes I agree with every word.. If people got back into Nature more Inese, then maybe the world would not be in the mess its in. Balance in all things is the Key.. Have a super week.. And thank you for your lovely replies.. <3

    1. Thank you, Janette! You are very welcome to check out these articles other times, too! I’m publishing my observations from classes, interesting, but simple approaches, etc. and here and there some of my own art as I get it done.

    1. Thank you Diane for your kind words! Anybody can always improve themselves and make these experiences even more pleasurable for participants of art classes. I’m developing together with them, even though, I studied teaching techniques at the University more than 30 years ago, time requires updates and I am happy to implement them.

  1. I took in every single photo of your classes and their work. Congratulations on 5 years, Inese! I know what you talk about when you see their improvement. Creating art, like you say, is an activity that is so fulfilling. …and you just keep getting better and better!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I think, there’s still space for me to improve, as well. I will chose even simpler painting subjects in the future. I’ve noticed that teens have much less patience and focusing ability than they used to, so anything which is more than a very simple object has become a bit of a challenge. I’m blaming the mobile devices for loss of focus and attention. It’s fairly noticeable, actually. Kids had no problem with more complex drawings some 10 years ago, but with every year they can hold their attention for shorter time. As you well know, there isn’t any work which can be done without patience, so, I think, we have to work towards that goal, too.

  2. I love your classes, and wish I were sitting in on some of them. You do such as great job, as do your students. That foundation is the most important part, and when the students have learned that, they just take off on their own and bloom. Good job!

    1. Thanks Yovette! I completely agree, the foundation is very important. I also think everybody likes that they can interpret any subject as they would love to: and that refers to amount of details or colors, even composition. We never paint absolute copies.

    1. Thanks! I like how it’s coming along. One student just told tonight that she already got a buyer for this cottage painting, not that she looked for it, but somebody told, they really liked this painting. I start to think that implementing some houses or similar structures gives painting a special character, in fact, these are very easy paintings. We worked a bit more on this, so soon I will have some images of a few ready paintings.

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