Art loaded with positive energy and new available paintings

All of us probably used to have the sense of energy and its vibrations, just like some animals and birds still do. There are energy-sensitive people, people who do not feel or recognize any energy flow, but experience it subconsciously and people who are unable to perceive any energy at all, even though, they just like everybody else are affected by it. I paint implementing lots of good energy in my creations, it’s not only because I cannot make myself draw or paint gruesome, terrifying or evil objects and scenes, but mainly because that is who I am: a medium for converting the great energy from the beautiful nature scenes, flowers, still life objects into the sensitively perceivable feeling of good vibrations. I doubt this could be felt through the internet images or prints since these are copies of copy copies. I know that people who physically look at my paintings in person can experience such energies, unless they belong to the energetically deaf category.

I have painted numerous red flowers as commissions, poppies, wild roses and similar floral paintings on request of people who can sense energy and are able to recognize it. Some of them have placed my paintings in the entrance hall to prevent bad luck and bad energy entering their personal living space. I know a couple who hang a flower painting of mine at the upper staircase overlooking the entire stair, and they told everything became much better and better in their life since that. Just to clarify: positive energy is not the same as positive thinking. We have to work hard, and we need to develop the sixth sense to become somebody who is able to give positive energy to other people or to surround oneself and items in these surroundings with such an energy.

Some people wanted red flowers for their living rooms and some for bedrooms as an energy carrier for passion and love. I believe any appropriate place is good, and these paintings work well because I have puts lots of positive energy into them. I take it from the beauty of objects to be painted and these paintings become a shield to stop the flow of the bad energy.

I was recently suffering from side effects of medications which I had to use, so, I limited my creative efforts to taking pictures, and I have placed quite a few already in my new blog When it comes to positive energy flow in a room or in any space, the image and art matters a lot. Color matters and the subject is important, therefore, I’d advise to only use for decoration paintings, art and items that enable the flow of positive energy, not block it.

I also uploaded some of the most recent images onto Fine Art America site and could not stop enjoying the beautiful products they are now offering. From now on, these products which include not only all kinds of framed and not framed prints, but also phone cases, pillows, tote bags, duvet covers, shower curtains are available on retail throughout Canada and the USA in 150+ locations of Deck the WallsThe Great Frame Up, and the Framing and Art Centre!

Since I’ve been literally down for quite a while I would appreciate a lot spreading out a word about my August 15 and 16 sales and any kind of support. I hope you will love my art products.

I managed to finish a few 20 x 24 paintings and this is the most recent one:

The lonely tree painting was sold, but prints are available from Fine Art America, and they offer huge numbers of mats and frames, it is completely up to the customer what to choose.

Road to summer, acrylic on canvas panel, 20 x 16 in

Three birches, also sold, but prints are available

The summer meadows painting is sold, as well, but obviously art prints are available.

This summer meadow painting was also sold


Red poppies tote bags and pillows

It is possible to select the background color for any item

Framed wildflower field

I have black and grey frames for 20 x 24 in and 16 x 20 in paintings at the gallery

Poppies are available as print, and I have a large similar original poppy field painting.

I hope you enjoyed! I would appreciate a lot you stopped by at the art studio in downtown Whitby, Ontario to have a look at original paintings and at my online sites to check out all  art products.

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  1. My goodness, I had no idea that you were into so many things besides just painting. All are lovely. I wish you much success on your sale. I will share it. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Prayers are with you.

    1. Thanks so much! It was very annoying to struggle with myself as my mind told me to do something, and I almost got started but put everything away again because some other voice in me told, I just cannot even lift the arm or move one step, and so I struggled until it was time to go to bed and I was relieved that I managed to spend this day, but regrets were eating me up. Oh, this was tough and I hope this fatigue ends soon and I can finally return to the energetic me.

      1. Be kind to yourself, Inese. The physical envelope needs what it needs, and as demanding a task master as she is, she’s also the one who holds the paintbrush (or pen) and won’t be denied. Sending hugs.

        1. I am patient and sort of kind to myself, too. It’s just so that these hopes for improvement got crashed for so many times and what seemed to be the end of sufferings was only the beginning of new problems. Well, the lack of proper medications and treatments in Canada is driving me crazy. The health care needs major updates because let’s say what sense makes for someone in an acute condition to wait for 4-6 months until they get to see the specialist? I’ve seen also by now many so-called specialists which were just very average or below average GP in their knowledge and skills. Hugs are thankfully accepted.

  2. Amazing, everything is beautiful, I love the tote bags. I know the feeling of illness, after my cancer ordeal, I came down with something that made me feel like I would never know what well being meant, but finally and gradually I got to be my old self. Please take care and heal quickly.

  3. Your paintings are beautiful and look great on these products… I have some of my artwork on similar products at RedBubble…an online store. All the best to you…hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading this because it’s not always the case everybody reads the article! Well, positive thinking has made many people to pretend everything is perfect and deny their real feelings in order to be present in the moment and be mindful and that leads to misinterpretation of their own life.

        1. No, it’s not. When you give your positive energy and when you are genuinely adding this energy to your creation, and it doesn’t matter whether that is your dinner, story or painting or garden work, you need to replace it. Replacing good energy takes one’s own participation. I get a lot of good energy from outdoors and my plants. Like I was saying somebody before, I talk to plants and trees since I can feel their energy. I feel when they need water or when they want to be left alone. Like such a small thing as leaving water out for birds and small animals in this terrible heat: I make sure every day the shallow large plate is full of water. Although, squirrels destroy some of plants, I intentionally am allowing them to get this water since I know they need it. Birds are very grateful for that. I mean, we can d many good things without going overboard and this energy returns to us in a way of other good things. I had health issues and I was not able to get any energy because I just was too exhausted to do anything. Other than that I use herbs whenever I can get up again, I get some plants, make tea and return to normal. But it takes doing and involvement, and when somebody cannot do anything that energy just cannot be replaced.

  4. Yes I enjoyed.. I have been sketching lots this summer… You have just inspired me to get out my paints.. Loved all of them.. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. and so pleased I spotted you in the reader today Inese <3

  5. You have shared with us a post filled with interesting pictures of your paintings on various products (usable art) — as well as great thoughts about positive energy and the role paintings play in creating it..

    I hope you will feel better soon. Physical pain is one of the greatest robbers of energy that I know. I wish you all the best for your sale.

    1. Thanks, I’m much better since the treatment is done for the moment. Well, I simply have to sell something at this point because I was not working normally for quite a while and that resulted in no income. This gallery takes a lot of money and bills are high, plus my medical stuff which is not covered is a lot, too. I’m working still with some framing and I hope either over the internet, or directly I will be able to raise some money so that I can keep giving classes and there’s a place for my art. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Faatima! That is excellent! I know how people when they come to this gallery can sometimes look at a particular painting for a very long time. Many paint their own art, so I don’t sell them right away, but there definitely is a flow of energy and it can be exactly that energy which one needs.

  6. Dear friend, I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly…and I fully understand how the supposed cure can sometimes be worse than the ailment we took them for. I love your optimism…you truly are an inspiration. I wish you all good things…and your art is so very beautiful! Blessings <3

    1. Thanks Lorry! In may case, the cure was unavoidable, but it’s just so that tiredness it caused was so overwhelming that I felt like doing nothing, even eating was a huge challenge. I actually find that eating always disturbs me and I’m trying to skip meals as much as possible. I’m ok at the moment, but I have to see the doctor next week and after that next week again. That also takes a lot of time. I find Ontario doctors not up to the European level, in fact, it’s sometimes like a joke. I am sometimes thinking these appointments result in nothing. Just waiting until I go to Europe and get my medications which are unavailable here. Medical care is of extremely poor quality here. Thanks for blessings and good wishes! Have a nice weekend!

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