The new blog: who knows it exists?

I have new posts on Lifeschool blog, the most recent one is The patient, calming and adorable garden neighbor cucumber

I was getting ready for this new blog for a long time. I was quite disappointed because I only later was able to find out that one blogger can have only one account, meaning one blog is the primary which is the art blog, and subsequently it will be very difficult to get people to even see this new blog because it will appear on all comments and likes as this primary site. Therefore, I’d appreciate people who find interesting my primary blog checked out and if interested followed the other Lifeschool blog. Unfortunately, WordPress will charge you for the new domain name and for theme and everything associated, but the other blog/s will only be some kind of attachment to the main or primary blog. I simply wanted to keep art matters separate from life matters, but as I found out, it hardly makes any sense because it’s virtually impossible to direct traffic there, unless I would switch these blogs places, but I’m not interested to do so at the moment.

When I announced the other blog for the first time, many fellow bloggers simply clicked on “like”, most likely from the Reader, and they never read the body of the post. If that happens again again, oh well, I at least tried to something about the situation.

Dill the wonder herb

2 pictures from the other blog, there are lots of them, and I work hard and make professional setups for picture taking, so, please try to stop by!

Garden vegetables cucumber

From the first likes I can see, it’s happening for the second time: nobody clicks on links, but follows and likes this blog. Well, thanks for the follow, but this seems to be incurable: nobody has time to read any single line. I still hope, at least somebody pays attention!!!

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  1. Hi Inese, I always read what you write, and I always find it very interesting, but I think a lot of people just have too much to read these days with all the posting going on from all the social media, sometimes myself included. Long posts are a lot to keep up with. That is one reason I try to make all my posts very short. That is my 2 cents for whatever it is worth and just my opinion.

  2. Hi Inese, gosh I wrote to you and pressed send and it disappeared so I am writing again. I always read everything you write and I always enjoy your posts, but I think people today have so much to read with all the social medias these days that a lot gets passed up. That is the main reason I make my posts very short. People are just too busy to read everything. That’s my 2 cents input for whatever it is worth, but I do always enjoy your writings.

  3. I’m not sure about what the concern is … If you put a link on here to direct people who don’t yet know about it to the new site, and they ‘follow’ you, then they will receive notifications of new posts. I was able to make a comment on the new site. Maybe it is straightened out now? Diane

    1. Exactly! It is how I said: if you create one more blog, you won’t be able to have both as independent blogs, people will only be able to follow the primary blog, unless they clearly know there is one more and they follow the other one. It was very annoying when I found it out because technically it didn’t even make sense to get that blog started, plus, there’s quite a lot of cost, too.

  4. Inese I will be over to read.. I have only just clicked in my email notifications and spotted this update..
    I know how frustrated you are.. I found out that too with my Gardening blog.. I opened it separate because I usually post lots of photos which were filling my other blog-site up. so thought to separate.. I tried using a different gravatar which works if I approve and then answer on my site as a visitor lol.. Yet those who reply I do not get updates in my notification box only if I approve and reply with my prime one..
    you would think another blog account would be separate. so you can manage both.. Not all in one place..
    I will be over to read.. and your cucumbers look delicious

    The only suggestions I have is that if people are used to reading here, then create a short post that links them to your new one.. I have done that a few times and got more to see my gardening blog that way..
    XXX Hugs Sue

    1. Thanks Sue! Excellent advise. It is silly and annoying because I also take lots of pictures and work for hours to make up a post and I recently ended up with just publishing this and nobody noticing. I was not aware of all this and I was a bit angry when support of WordPress told me that.

      1. Yes I found out the hard way and spent ages trying to get around it by making a new email address the lot for a new gravatar with my gardening one on only to find I didn’t know if anyone answered comments I left on other peoples blogs with it.. I only found out by revisiting my comments and seeing they had been answered.. Yes its annoying .. x

        1. I know, however, I won’t go for such troubles, I cannot make a new e-mail because I have 2 business addresses and they have to be what they are. It’s somehow strange and I told support: nobody mentioned that before I was buying a new domain name and paying again in full for the same theme. This is something bloggers should be aware about, it’s practically not worse the efforts, and it’s somehow upsetting, too.

        2. Oh, that shouldn’t be a problem, there are so many things to be covered. Do you ever get the too-much-to-post-ideas feeling and then you don’t post anything because nothing is worked out? I actually agree with you that any posts have to be shortened as much as possible because as we are seeing reading of a long text doesn’t work.

        3. Yes I am in agreement, yet you should see some of the posts I do read which are long, I spend quite alot of time reading and not creating posts of my own.. And yes I am in total agreement with you Inese, when you said ((Do you ever get the too-much-to-post-ideas feeling and then you don’t post anything because nothing is worked out?))
          I have a post in my drafts right now but it will stay there as I feel its not right 🙂 xx

        4. We can only wish every fellow blogger was like you: attentive, encouraging, positive and simply a good person who reads posts and comments. We have here quite a few friends who do so, but that’s certainly minority. Ok, I really have to work now!

  5. You have done a fabulous job Inese – you are very inspiring in so many ways and your photos are incredible – they show your great taste and artistic gift too. Your writing really emphasizes the care you have for people and how sensitive you are to how they live with true value, strength and peace in their everyday life – you bring beauty and a sense of wholesomeness through your creativity. I can really appreciate your sincere efforts to get people to really be touched by your messages.

  6. Your gardening blog is beautiful. I read when I have time. Unfortunately, with nearly 3,000 followers, and who knows how many people I follow, I can’t find your new blog in my reader. I can only scroll through my reader back to things posted an hour or two previously it stops accepting likes. It seems to freeze. I only manage to keep up with this blog because I asked for weekly emails. And here it is, Thursday, and I’m still trying to winnow down my email list for the week. I get about 50 weekly emails. But I hear your pain. Bloggers are all overwhelmed with too much reading.

    1. Thanks Brenda! It’s actually not that much of anybody’s fault. You’ll never see the new blog in your reader unless you follow that, too, but nobody normally can follow it because WordpPress allows one to have only one primary blog, so I am appearing everywhere as the art gallery blog, not the other one. It won’t be all about gardening, it just happened so because I had pictures. It will be about health and history and psychology, I have MA degree in psychology, too. See, when I moved here when I was 46, I became nobody in Canada, but I had lots of published articles, poems and stories in Latvia, I was giving interviews, etc., I had done a lot in design, fashion and art. That’s the biggest drawback: one has to start on an empty spot, all from scratch, and I’m still more like nobody here.

      1. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t come into the reader at all. Maybe you can merge the blogs again, and use categories to separate the different themes. Some people reblog every post from their other blog. I wish you lots of luck!

        1. Thanks! I didn’t know that, too, until it started to seem strange nobody ever got to see it. I simply wanted to keep art separately. If I reblog every post, does it really make sense, it doesn’t. So, that’s a huge drawback of having 2 or more blogs on WordPress.

        2. So, why don’t they let to know about that when they kindly sell you another domain name and theme (it was quite pricey this time since the cost had gone up)? It just says: make another blog. I only found this out when I contacted the support and asked what’s the matter, why doesn’t my blog appear as it should? After a while they told: you can only have 1 primary blog, which is what shows up everywhere, also when I’m commenting or liking, so realistically, it is impossible to steer somebody towards the secondary blog. Or in other words: this makes no sense because why to bother if it is hidden? Well, I don’t know, I was really hoping to have these other subjects separately, but I sort of lost interest because of all this. I don’t like blogger type of blogs and others, too, because there’s no direct way to interact. I for instance will not leave a comment when I have to type in all details and confirm and go through all kinds of stuff, and I think many people will not show any reaction because of that. So, yes, that’s not good.

        3. I know one person who ran out of storage room on her first blog. She then created a new blog. Everyone would do that instead of paying for storage if it were the same benefits I guess. I imagine this was a business decision of theirs.

        4. That’s completely other thing. I’m watching the use of storage and deleting as I go, so that it never exceeds 50%. Plus, if you crop pictures always, I do this also because huge ones open slowly on small devices, there’s not much of a problem. It’s also not that expensive to buy unlimited space. My idea was not to dilute the subject, that’s why I went for all the trouble. I don’t like having everything in one space.

        5. What if you’re an author with more than one pen name? Lots of authors publish more than one genre under different names. If you have another device, I assume you can use another name and email and how would they connect the two?

        6. That’s probably possible, but I need already for medical work different e-mail since I receive updates and jobs every day, lots of stuff, and the thing is I would not want to have another name. One lady wrote how she was spending a lot of time and making completely other account as if for somebody else, not her, and she said this was basically not worth it because she had to view everything from somewhere else or otherwise she’d be a visitor. So on, too complicated, too time-consuming. I will just leave as is and here and there make the secondary blog primary and after a while switch them back again.

    1. Thanks Inese! It’s so funny because I’m Inese, too. I definitely appreciate you saved the link. I thought it was possible to follow it directly. I noticed that many blogs didn’t have the “Follow” button at the top as they used before, maybe something has changed again.

        1. Me, too, I couldn’t even figure out how to follow some blogs because I didn’t see any buttons. They shouldn’t have changed that, it is annoying. I’m from Europe, Latvia, there are very many women whose name is Inese, it’s sort of a very popular name.

        1. I have same problems too. Kids job you know. But if you really enjoy that you doing, you will find the time. My mom told me that before. Now I know, she is right.. 😊

        2. I am a realist fairly evaluating my options and shortages. I think if somebody is going for something they must be optimistic about the outcome to some extent, otherwise: why to bother? So, yes, I certainly am optimistic, as well.

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