The red of roses to warm up at minus 20

Are you buying the overpriced, bad quality pushed out with extreme amounts of chemicals Valentine’s Day flowers or are you rather painting them? I’ve asked my husband every year: please do not buy these stems with half-withered petals at the top. It’s not that I don’t love flowers and it’s not that my husband doesn’t give me flowers. It’s just this day and the over-the-top exaggerated excitement about it which cause me nausea, sort of feeling of huge pressure to engage in eating chocolate hearts which I am not excited about at all. I simply do not like chocolate too much or any other sweets.

I hoped that some people, who celebrate Valentine’s Day, but are not that much in eating and buying bad quality flowers, would love to paint a rose.

Red is a beautiful color which warms up both physically and mentally. We could have been doing any other red flower, as well. Unfortunately, the response was weak. Well, bars will be full and florists will be doing just fine.

Red is supposed to be a very difficult color in acrylic because diluting it with white creates pink, and adding yellows cause it to become orange. It’s even more difficult color using acrylics. The quality of acrylic paints has gone down extremely when I compare the same paints as they were in 2007-2008 and as they are now. I’d guess it’s too much added binders, sort of polymer glue stuff and less pigments, therefore, the paint loses any kind of brilliance as it dries. Lucky guys who are not allergic to oil paints and their smells! I tried water soluble oils because I hoped to really do oils again, but the stuff I bought was of such an unacceptable quality (Winsor and Newton, Artisan) that I am pretty much regretting I went for this huge spending (these paints were anything but cheap). They still had a bad smell reminding me of old fish oil or something similar, and they had no similarities with the real oils since they felt mostly tacky, not workable at all. Although, I used flow and fast dry medium, it took 3 months!!! until they finally felt dry to the touch.

The red rose, acrylic painting

My rose s and poppies to inspire artists

Bright red rose acrylic painting

So, yes, I hoped we could do some attractive red flowers or rose. I’m happy now I don’t have to do this painting session because it’s extremely cold at the moment, and I think I’d rather snuggle in some warm blanket and watch nothing on TV. That’s what our Rogers TV provides us with here: nothing. The very few not repeated programs are news and talk shows. They all talk and show the same content: celebrities who I basically do not know, disasters, crimes and politics.

Returning to flowers: there is nothing better than to paint flowers in bright colors in a freezing cold and nasty winter day., especially a red rose or red poppy. Treat your art as pleasure, learning experience and relaxing activity. That prevents from getting frustrated and disappointed.

I did a few value drawings for watercolors, but I suppose I could post them some other night. Cheers!

P. S. Please check out the lifeschool blog, as well. If you are more of life style fan, you could follow that one. The most recent post looks at self-admiration and superficiality of social media: Detachment from reality on social media

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        1. I use everything from pencil to pastels, gouache and watercolors, also acrylic and water soluble oils. However, I have to admit that pictures from pastel and acrylic paintings are the worst. It’s hard to get the correct colors, especially when it is so dark every day. It’s great that other artists understand that, yet, we see what we see and sometimes that’s not good enough.

        2. Inese, great last point! “We see what we see…” It is exactly what I bawl about all the time, “Why isn’t this photo looking the way the painting looks?” Hang in there, though. No matter what your doubts are, your work looks fantastic!

        3. Thanks so much! I can see you understand this aspect completely. I usually feel a bit sorry because there is no way the photography can look like the real work. Also sizes, they are all the same. It’s different on the wall.

    1. Definitely! We had a disastrous Valentine’s Day. The cold was so terrible that water pipes had frozen, so I pretty much spent this day trying to figure out how to make coffee, etc. I spent Saturday washing all floors, just to feel warmer, I needed some exercise to get blood circulating. I’m so glad it returned to normal finally. Can breathe again.

        1. Well, I felt paralyzed internally, externally and mentally. LOL But, honestly, it was tough. I am always feeling cold even when it’s not much below minus 10 Celsius. This was a torture with the capital “T”. I’m just compiling something new for my life blog. I don’t think you’ve even seen it Have you? I sometimes like writing things which are straight the opposite of what one expects to be a nice post. This site allows for that.

        2. Yes, that’s the same blog, but it doesn’t really handle only garden stuff, it’s more about my experience with clinical testing and so on, I mean, anything which is not purely art. I do not appear whenever I comment, etc. as having this blog, so I have to always personally invite somebody to look at it. That’s the WordPress strategy about 2 or more blogs. How stupid, isn’t it? One blog is primary and the other is just formally a blog, as well, because nobody actually knows it exists.

        3. It’s actually not completely free because they charged for theme (I wanted to use the same as on the other blog), I’m obviously paying for domain name, but that most likely doesn’t go to WP. However, when they said make another blog, that is what I got: just make a blog and it appears as one. I only found out that the other blog is secondary and one person can have only one account with WP when I had set up everything and contacted support asking why my other blog was invisible. So, please, check out that, too, when you have a moment.

        4. Hearing this from other people has discouraged me from creating another blog. I want to have an author blog at some point, and I’m paying for my name as a domain, but it seems a lot of effort given it will be invisible.

        5. It can be waste of time and efforts. Most people don’t even read anything, so you get somebody seeing the first 2 lines in the reader thread in the moment your new post of second blog appears and that’s about it. Very few go and check it out. That is the only drawback with WordPress. They are the best blogging platform in all other regards, though. Most other blogs die out sooner or later because the following and commenting is so complex. I’ve noticed how blogger, blogspot and similar have at first some posts, then 3 posts a year and then nothing. We can have some interaction easily going on.

        6. I find it hard to visit other posts by blogspotters. They direct you to the “next blog”. I like how WP helps you see other WP blogs, but then it’s hard to get outside of WP. Most people want to write and have what they write read by others, but they aren’t really that interested in what others are writing. Bloggers only survive if it’s mutual.

        7. WP helps, that’s for sure. Well, many people have so much on their plate, but it is nice when somebody reads what we write because there’s a lot of work in posts. My art posts take about 2 weeks to put together, sometimes longer if I want to publish some new painting. Well, and that other blog has a lot of information, I mean, these are conclusions based on data from clinical trials and discharge summaries. I also have made quite a lot of observations comparing what it was in Europe and what it is here in Canada. Those posts take even longer, but so far I have only very few people reading them. So, stop by when you are going through reader threads, even though chance to see it is very small.

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