I had to forget about art for a while

It’s been a while. Again. I haven’t disappeared, I was just having a surgery because my worsening condition did not provide with a better option. If you are following my secondary blog, you probably know how I had to struggle with post-surgery complications. Updates are here: https://inesepogalifeschool.com/2016/07/18/the-inappreciative-patient-and-my-lost-summer-pleasures/

It didn’t go as smooth as we expected.

It is the first day since long time when I can type a small article. It was rough, that’s all I can say. My student Liz came to see me and brought me some nutritious food when I realistically was unable to do anything. Thanks Liz, that was the best care ever!

Liz and Gord had also left a beautiful flower bouquet, card with wishes to get better soon and a gardening book. Very thoughtful. I do not have many friends here, if any at all, so this was I appreciated sincerely. Here you can see what’s left from the colorful bouquet by now. Honestly, I was so bad I could not even speak with them on the day they came, and I am genuinely sorry for that. The small bird was attached, too, and you know, I just love birds.

health and art 4

Small bit left over from the cheerful bouquet 

Artistic projects and any painting did not cross my mind, although, it helps doing something. I just couldn’t. When I was not in a nightmarish sleep, I was dizzy and shaky, basically side of this treatment are not pleasant. Well, I am just starting to see things clearly and walk around slowly and carefully.

Last class was in first half of June, and that’s how the gallery looked like at that moment.

Art sale Whitby Ontario

Before heading to surgery, I tried to keep calm and work on finishing some small 16 x 20 inches paintings that were left unfinished. I will call them “Idyllic 1” and “Idyllic 2″which means to me a place which is totally different from the current reality. More idyllic images will follow.

Art for your cottage

They might need some work, but I intend to leave them as they are because these paintings are for ever linked to this pre-surgery moment when I needed dreamscapes to avoid the daily anxieties and suffering.

Art for your cottage

If everything goes better and smoother, I could restart some classes as early as in August. We will see.

The sale to raise funds for my treatment was very short because I had to deal with health issues. I would love to invite anybody to either look at Fine Art America site (on the right side is a link), or just scroll through my paintings and the blog. Ironically, when expenses reach peak levels, there is no energy and chance to make any income. If you are somebody who won’t be hurt by spending $50-$100, I could send you some originals, especially small to medium size watercolors. FAA has all kinds of products from prints, phone cases, pillows, T-shirts, purses and bags to shower curtains and more . I receive a little bit, $2-$10 from each sale, but that is still great. I am hoping to recover soon to the point when I can do something: it is so intolerable to just sleep and stay in bed when there is so abnormally much to do. I also hope the crisis is over and, therefore, the future will be definitely better.

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  1. Goodmorning , Sounds like you’ve had a rough time, keep going forward, it’s all we can ever do. Sending good thoughts & comfort while you recover. You’ll make it!! Barb🌷🌻🌻

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  2. Wow, I think I missed where you mentioned this. I’ll go back and read. Here’s hoping it gets so much better for you. I know that not having good health is such a difficult time. Take care.

  3. Though I don’t know exactly what the surgery was for, it’s clear that you have had a very difficult time Inese. I’m so sorry that the medical profession failed you so miserably, but so glad that you’re okay. I hope that the healing finally comes and your strength returns soon. Take care… Diane

    1. Well, yes, it was the worst surgery I’ve ever had. I mean, the surgery itself was fine, but nobody cared what happens afterwards. It should have been fairly smooth process of healing, but it became nightmare. Since so much more tissue is lost, it is hard to say how long this takes now. I have 6-week hyperbaric oxygen treatment every single day and also nurse is coming home and endless doctor’s appointments. It is to the point that I am absolutely exhausted.

        1. Certainly, here and there, but mostly it is dealing with treatments and side effects, wearing again the infusion pump for 5 days, cannot wash, cannot change clothes practically, I also cannot sleep because of that long infusion line. Oh, well, it’s just awful.

        1. I had such anxiety waiting for the surgeon to be ready to go. I’ve had too many surgeries. They just aren’t good. But healing is good. Being able to swim today is a good thing I’m hanging on to. 🙂

        2. This was also my 10th surgery. It’s no wonder I got total anxiety coming over me because it was nothing like they do this in Europe. Lucky you, I love swimming, that’s one of my most favorite to do things in summer, haven’t done this for about 4 years and it looks I will have to wait for about one more year. Then I will swim. I cannot take even a shower, so I’m surviving with some type of half-bath which is not that comfortable, but at least something. The weather feels like sauna today, abnormally hot and humid.

        3. This was my 6th. I’ve learned to forego the drugs, listen to my body and build up exercising. I haven’t even had tylenol since the third day after. Mine was laproscopic with no complications, though. I hope this was my last. Ever. But every day I enjoy the smiles and hugs of my kids is a joy, and I will do what it takes to stay another day. 🙂

        4. Good for you! No exercising for me. The healing of this type extensive wounds lasts quite a while. Cannot walk too much, or sit for too long, basically restricted mode. Just returned from treatment, very foggy, will need a snooze.

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