Your support would be much appreciated

Support is such a critically important thing for an artist, especially, after some time off. If you read this post, not only clicked on like, that is wonderful.

I am finally returning to life and life is returning to me, however, the long time period of not being able to do much has its sequences.

I asked before the readers and people who wouldn’t be hurt by spending something on any painting for help and possibly support. It was fantastic how one lady bought a painting which should arrive at her place in the USA tomorrow, and I hope she will be happy with that painting. I hope there is somebody else among you who would not mind to support me after these terrible health struggles for quite a while.

After giving so many workshops and classes and since I’m always painting along with my students, I have very many 16 x 20 in paintings.  We never repeat any single painting, so to speak to keep the inspiration flowing and our artistic juices fresh.

Not all of my 16 x 20 inch paintings are finished. I sometimes change my mind; I sometimes have moved forward and have no interest in subject any longer, and therefore quite often additional work or reworking are required. Whenever I feel like doing so, I keep working on these paintings, however, I would like to discontinue small size landscapes, and return to large and very large paintings. Even many years ago, I loved painting large art. Not only I find it more expressive and more impressive, it is easier for me to paint in that scale because eyesight does not get any better, but I hate wearing glasses when painting because they destroy the correct proportions and mislead in interpretation of a subject. That’s my intention: to return to large pieces and especially to still life because that was always my most favorite subject. Still life which consists of something man-made, live flowers and leaves which symbolizes life and either food, vegetables and fruits, or subjects like glasses, books, candles, watches and similar. I still love birds, and I am watching them; and I can say I do not need any more references to paint birds which are in my backyard. About 40 bird paintings are available at my gallery.

I have paintings which even I haven’t seen for a while; these are large watercolors which took me up to half a year to paint. I couldn’t frame all very large paintings, therefore, nobody gets to see them because watercolor is sensitive without glass. Full size watercolors are not included in sales, but everything else is. I need to make space and invest in new paints and canvasses, as well as watercolor and pastel paper. As you know, good paper is expensive, but it’s worth it. Those of you who paint probably have experienced that difference between good and bad watercolor paper is insane. It’s possible to say right away on what paper some painting has been painted. Paint and water sit and float on the top of a cheap paper and they never act as on thick and multi-layer paper. That explains why some watercolor just do not look right.

A few small studies in watercolor

Art for sale: small watercolor of sky reflection, $80.00, watercolor on paper, ships in envelope 

Art for sale: small spring watercolor: $85, watercolor on paper, ships in envelope

Not all paintings have pictures and some of them are visible only in group photos. I make also extremely textured paintings, and it is sort of impossible to get a good picture of a highly textured painting. Light is reflected brighter from higher spots and shadows also disturb to have the right balance which exists in reality, but not on a photo. Well, there might be even people who can come to the gallery in person; that certainly is the best because no photo can replace the impression of an artwork. Any painting up to 20 x 24 inches without frame ships anywhere.

I have uploaded quite a lot of art on Fine Art America; they have so many products with images that I have lost count. I get from any purchase $2 to $10, except greeting cards in which case it is $0.50 to $1.

My art and artsy products on Fine Art America

I hope at least a few of you like something that much that they would not mind to own it. I mean especially originals. Please ask me about extremely good deals on 12 x 16 and 8 x 10 in watercolor paintings. I just learned my lesson that shipping with UPS was more expensive than painting, so any shipping will be extra. Thanks in advance!

Lifeschool blog talks about dreams that do not always come true, but hope is never given up:  Castles of sand, writing

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    1. Thanks! I regret I never made a catalog because there are just too many paintings, I am talking very many hundreds of small to medium size watercolors which ship for free and are at $50, $60, $75 to watercolors on canvasses at $150, not to mention all acrylics and small canvas are $80, so, yes, I hope I can get something sold before September 20. I will try to make maybe a video, but I have a few people coming today to draw, so that’s going to take all my time today. I just have to do something, it’s been 3 years of no income practically.

        1. That’s what we eventually have to deal with: one thing at a time. Multitasking is not that productive for anybody, but in case of 1 person doing everything including sewing their own outfits and designing their own products and executing them as well, not to mention the regular daily chores which eat up half a day, classes, medical writing (I still am doing that, too), invoices, payments, meaning accounting, art classes and workshops, there’s not that much time left for what I would love to do most.
          Life is so short, and I am often wondering how some people manage to sell their paintings for 20-40K. I just recently looked at Toronto galleries and there was so much at 6-10K and they are selling it all. Almost empty canvas with a few scratched on pastel or acrylic lines. A few squares or irregular shapes on an unpainted canvas. There was something like a small kid would sketch on with colored pencil, it looked like a 3-4 years old kids work, that was the cheapest and it was priced at $600. Well, these are galleries which charge 1000 per day to show. So, everything returns to money again. I received invitations from very high end art magazines and shows, but guess what? There’s no way I can cover these fees.

        2. There are many people looking to exploit artists. That’s what makes blogging extra special – that it’s free & that it connects people all over the world 🙂

        3. This is so true. So many juried shows, so many curated and juried competitions while art itself cannot be compared. Every place, every gallery, every venue takes some part of artist’s sale.
          Blogging is definitely one of the best things one can be involved with. It really connects people. I have met (not always in person) so many fantastic people while blogging. All these advises and suggestions, and support: that is something extra nice! I would never know any of these excellent people including you without a blog.
          I couldn’t agree more: if there is a way to be and stay in touch with people, blogging definitely takes care about that.
          Social media have turned into money grabbing businesses for their owners. Maybe you have fan page or business page: wherever the mouse goes over, it’s boost this for that much, promote that for this much, boost your post, promote your event. Realistically, if we do not pay, that announcement goes nowhere.
          Sharing with groups also doesn’t have much impact. There are quite a few art groups intended to sell art. Who is in these groups? All artists who want to sell something. Taking this all into account, blogging is much more effective tool to do anything. Even if it is only to find genuine friends and great reads. This is the best communication experience.

        4. I never enter anything I have to pay money for – not sure if its the best thing to do, but it works for me. Also, many places, even the ones that charge, won’t insure against theft or valdalism.

        5. I learned that, too. I also couldn’t leave this place, I was totally immobile for a while. Well, lots of shows just collect the participation fees and that’s it. I initially even paid the galleries and believed they really did the advertising and notified customers which I quite often found out later didn’t even exist. These fees really drain artists, and unfair people just collect them and do not even promote art. There was one guy in Toronto, and I just cannot believe I easily agreed to pay the show fee and that was all terrible, it was totally not the place and there were no collectors at all there. I’ve seen quite a few of such drainers and I won’t subscribe now just to any show.

        6. Perhaps you would write a blog post on it so others don’t get disillusioned making same mistakes? Better yet, a post for my blog, less than 300 words plus a picture or 2, then my readers get to know your blog? Please write to me at

        7. Thanks! My energy levels are still low, these pills make me very tired and I have to take them until the end of September. It’s tough to get myself to even take a picture or post something. It’s gonna pass, but not immediately. That’s why I’m trying to focus on the most urgent matters.

    1. I have no choice, but to make it happen. I mean, everything except NFS and very large watercolors will have to go for whatever I can agree on. I just mentioned I should try to make a video since it’s impossible to post anywhere so many images at once.

        1. Before I got completely sick this spring, I sort of was thinking of making videos. Well, I only have a cell phone and laptop with a camera. I didn’t get to the point when I can edit something or to add some sounds to it, etc. I agree that making a few videos here and there would help me more than anything else.

  1. Super art pieces – you are so gifted Inese- just wanted you to know that I appreciate your classes do very much!! Great break away from the really crazy world out there!!

    1. Thanks Liz! I appreciate having such a committed and talented student as you who actually has developed a personal style! I’m very proud of you and also of the fact that you started out in my classes from practically zero experience with acrylic painting and progressed to a remarkably good artist within just 3 years! Fantastic!

    1. Thanks for your kind words!
      Well, yes, it has been a total struggle. I hope that’s where it ends.
      Among my followers are lots of people who paint, like you. I know that they rather work on their own paintings.
      It is most likely the most competitive thing one could do.
      My location is also terrible. It sounds great: downtown of Whitby, but currently downtown of Whitby is a fairly dead place. What’s around this spot? 3-4 pubs, and most likely people who are in pub visiting business aren’t that much in classes or art purchases. They can spend $40 on pizza, no problem, but when that is for a workshop, that is an issue.
      What else is here? A few old folks homes and a welfare building. That is an audience which cannot afford anything except their daily needs, however, I dare to say that I was way worse than any of them this last year.
      I don’t know really why I keep doing this and buying the abnormally expensive, papers, brushes, mediums and paints. It must be I cannot live without painting because losses are insane.

      1. I so wish I lived nearby. I’d love to go to your workshops. I imagine that you advertise sometimes in the various local papers for nearby areas… although I know it costs money…and you likely find it difficult right now. What about flyers? I’m just throwing suggestions out.. You’ve likely tried different things… Around where I live I couldn’t really find any ‘small’ studios… so I just practice myself. Some day I might paint one that is really good… at least for me! Diane

        1. Your paintings ARE already good. I know we all have our internal critic which pushes us ahead.
          Well, the local paper isn’t easy, they have some kind of packages or whatever, they said “It was just 2000 a month”. I don’t do flyers either. Realistically, I don’t do anything which costs money at the moment, not even Facebook ads and promotions. I have account with them, maybe I can sacrifice some 20-40 bucks, but usually all I get is page likes. Oh, promotion and advertising is everything and having enough funding to advertise in some good media is certainly worth it. I couldn’t do any shows outside this place either, nothing except internet and studio.

  2. Sending you much love and healing energy dear Inese! I pray your sale goes well and that your health continues to improve. I know you have had a hard time, but I also know you are so strong and have a loving heart 💙💙 Blessings my friend!

    1. Thanks Lorry! Well, I just wrote if I could afford some serious advertising or if I was in some way better location, things would go somewhat ok. Here they are not. When I have no classes, regardless of signs and paintings outside, I get zero people to walk in. In fact, I don’t see anybody for months when classes are over and husband away. It’s just so that I will have to reduce a lot what I’m spending on paints, brushes, canvas and papers and simply not to do any art until everything gets better or I find some other source of income.

  3. Your naïve style is really beautiful! Did you think about having published as a catalog, maybe putting some quote below each picture? I am not good with ideas of marketing (myself I could need some support) 😉 Here in Switzerland prices for publications are terribly high, because of that I was looking for other alternatives and foud this website:
    The C&C Overseas Business Network is in Chicago, New York and Portland as well (the production bases are in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing).

    What I can do is to publish on LinkedIn and FB your website/blog. Hope it will be of some help! I wish you good chance…

    1. Thanks! Well, it’s not really a naive style since most of these paintings have impressionistic accent and are rather representational. I wish they sometimes were not that much bound to reality, but I am very good with drawing, always have been, so that sort of doesn’t allow to implement more abstracted themes.
      I have been thinking about a lot of things, just didn’t get to doing anything because I was too sick for the last 3 years. I greatly appreciate any help. Oh, well, nurse just called, so I got to go. Sorry, i will return after an hour or so!
      Thanks so much for visiting, commenting and considering to help! I really appreciate that!

    1. Fantastic Brenda! Thanks to nice people like you I am getting better faster. It would be great you had a picture how it looks at your space. I don’t mean you have to place it here, just e-mail whenever you get a chance. One more lady is buying small birches which was reworked and isn’t even posted anywhere yet. Oh, finally, I am really getting better and I have so many dreams and goals now.

  4. Bonjour BELLE INESE prends le temps
    D’aimer,de rire,de pleurer
    De lire , d’écouter l’intelligence
    De penser ,de jouer cela rappelle notre enfance
    De rêver , surtout de vivre car le temps passe vite
    Et surtout le bonheur d avoir des amis ou amies
    Je te souhaite une belle journée , une belle semaine

    Belle semaine aussi à tes amis et amies , à ta famille et tous ceux qui de l importance pour toi

    Gros bisous.


    1. Thanks Christi! I’m thankful 3 ladies responded, but I still have a long way to go. There are about 600 paintings in all sizes and done with different mediums, and I have 8 more days to straighten out my situation, so I certainly need to do way better yet. I just returned from the doctor, more pills and those won’t be covered, so, yes, I have to place some more announcements on FB or Twitter and hopefully I reach the minimum target which would be sell 15 medium size. I will take a rest and try to do something tonight, very tired right now, and that’s the biggest problem: huge fatigue and total tiredness. I appreciate your kind comment.

        1. Thanks Christy! You are so nice. Some other people shared links, too, unfortunately, that resulted in a few likes so far. I can send you some link and I highly appreciate your willingness to share this stuff. I’m just not good at selling anything. I just found out shipping was more than the painting. Basically, it feels shipping rates have gone up a lot. Well, will do some adjustment.

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