Art classes and fall start soon

Fall art classes start soon. That is a fact. Fall is here. This might be the most inspirational time for poets and artists, especially these ones who are taken away by color.

My fall art classes usually resume in October. I went to Latvia earlier this year, so, art classes can start sooner and be long enough to learn plenty. It’s going to be October.

I had to think a lot how to arrange art classes this year: I tried 1-day workshops, 2-day workshops, monthly classes and 2 classes on the same subject. I tried everything, I believe. I will have 8 classes in a row this season because it felt as if previous approach did not give enough time for everybody, and I definitely do not like rushing people.

These classes are supposed to give a lot of space and freedom for interpreting subject in a very personal way. We have created wonderful paintings before, and they never looked the same. Every student had used their own view on things, and that is pretty much how art should be: originating in the artist, not in a photo which gets copied onto a paper or canvas. I would love that every class is experience and process and less an attempt to stick to perfection because when we do not get everything perfect we are upset. I encourage everybody to play with shapes, contrasts, colors and try finding the ones that make sense for that particular student personally. We are all similar and very different at the same time: why would we try to create copies of each others work?

We will have new fall art class: a  daytime watercolor and sketching class which will focus on pleasure and excitement that only colors and good mood can provide us with. I was told quite frequently that not everybody can attend the late afternoon class, so, here you go: meditate, relax and enjoy doing these watercolor studies that are suitable for absolutely everybody as long as they are willing to try some brushstrokes. This class does not require a lot of materials, and we will do exactly that: we will get lost in artistic freedom to create whatever we feel like at that moment. I have a pretty good idea how well this will work out, so, it should be a fantastic class if you are looking for a great pastime and if you feel you need to decrease your stresses and forget about problems.

Fall art classes: late afternoon watercolor and acrylic painting class will continue the good tradition of this studio: enjoy the process and learn in a relaxing environment. I have thought about new subjects which will be very suitable for exploration and studies, and I will try to gear students’ attention towards the use of tips and tricks, many different techniques and ways of paint application, as well as watercolorists will get a boost with their drawing skill.

When I am traveling from place to place, there is rarely time to sit down and quietly paint or sketch. As you know, I want my subject to be in front of me, whether that is a still life apple or some flower, or a scene. I quite honestly cannot stand repainting photos, so, I am very happy every time when there is a chance to get something on paper. It’s not much. My subjects had wilted and gotten bad while I was away, but still: that is at least an exercise. I did not have a desk or decent table, and I had to balance everything on my lap or stretch a bit in order to reach to water or paint which is a fun of some sort.

Some sketch and 2 watercolor paintings, that’s all I got done so far while traveling

Rowan berries or ash berries, as well as some sunflower and apples, we will try some nature scenes with still life elements in our fall art classes, too.

Quick sketch: inspiration for fall art classes


This really says: fall




I have noticed: if I cannot paint or draw for a longer time, I feel like I am missing something a lot. I hope you have nice plans for your fall season, as well!

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    1. Thanks! I am still in Europe, soon getting back to Canada. I will have to post something more because I have been absent from Facebook and my blog and website. Classes usually fill quickly, and the space is really limited, so, most likely, they will be well attended as always.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you love some of my trip art. Well, time is always short. The weather is terrible at the moment, I hope I get home and then I can paint some of my experiences and memories.

    1. Thank you, Diane!
      I am happy to hear that.
      I am trying to intentionally create internal flow, and that is fantastic you noticed that.
      As a kid I called this “completed lines” with meaning flowing, connected and looking right lines.

    1. Thank you Chandra! It is sometimes so that a simple sketch looks better than a painting, at least on a photo because I can always see how the photo is not the same what picture.

  1. These are beautiful paintings Inese.. And it looks like you are going to be busy my friend .. And yes Autumn is truly here… And we are reaping in those harvests now..
    Hope you are well Inese.. Sending thoughts your way 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! I will be saved by a doctor who has enough brain to change the treatment schedule as opposed to patient destroying treatment protocol which exists in Canada, plus my own efforts are helpful; but there are certain conditions when the choice of treatment becomes crucial. It becomes either, or.
      I just arrived, dealing with jet lag. Yesterday was really a day off. I woke up at 5 am this morning, I will try to stay awake as long as I can to faster adapt to the huge time zone switch.
      I have lots of pictures in lifeschool blog, I miss the natural and clean food here in Canada a lot. We are so much behind Latvia. It’s interesting how being not-that-developed preserved their soil, forests and small streams and some lakes clean. The natural vegetation is amazing. It is also interesting how there is so much to choose from when it comes to consumption of food. On the mental scene, there is a very good advise: we have to stick to these ancient experiences that go along with our personal DNA, we have to live in line with what our ancestors left us: like my potential is in herbal things, plants and flowers; spending time in the garden, finding contact with earth through soil and reflecting such experiences in writing and painting.
      I am shocked what cult of material belongings exists in North America. Everything is somehow related to what one has: how many houses, cars and outfits. This leads people to diseases, self-destruction and loss of integrity. The mental side is so often neglected that the epidemic of mental diseases in North America seems a result of a wrong being. One has to develop their mind, and soul and body, I mean all three aspects. We are seeing here also how people try at any price make themselves look young from the outside while their brain and soul is a mess that cannot keep up with the changes in the world.
      I am wondering how does the life become numbers game? Nobody really cares, but we as an individual should care about the ecology of our mind and about the cleanliness of our soul. The daily life shows exactly the opposite.
      I will try once again: I believe immersing oneself in art is already a huge step towards the self-improvement and self-development.

      1. Good to know Inese you have found at last a good Dr who is helping you.. And yes to all your points I agree, Material gain and trend, is all people think about.. I have been visiting less on WP and practising my own skills again in drawing and my knitting needles are out again..
        The garden allotments have been getting lots of time spent there, and I have found out some interesting things about the fish we eat.. So that is now off the menu.. And I am going to be going my daughters way and become a vegetarian again.. I was veggie for two yrs but I did not practice a good diet and became ill, so added chicken and fish to my diet.. I will go find a link for you Inese then you can view the vids for your self its about
        the disease Alzheimer’s, and Algae blooms … Very interesting Science.. That is still not being shared with the Public..
        There are a few short ones, view them one by one to get the whole picture..
        Love and Light my friend xxx Sue xx <3

        1. They are not going into spam. It’s just so that for very silly reason which I do not want to explain here I have to specifically check each comment and then manually approve. So, when I am not seeing the comment it stays there until I notice it and log on. Nothing gets lost, trust me.
          My strongest belief is keeping one’s brain extremely active and not overuse chemicals is the best prevention.
          Most people think reading something online is enough. It isn’t. It has to be pleasant, challenging, rewarding activity which involves active use of the entire brain. Like in drawing or writing a scientific article or book. Research and memorizing is very important. Developing our brain at any age.
          I use only those products and herbs that my ancestors have been using, my DNA knows and utilizes them.
          My stomach and my brain are excited about Latvian herbs and their healing capacities.
          Thanks so much Sue! I was simply absent because I passed out yesterday after I had done the most important things, so no comments were approved, and I am sorry about that.

        2. No worries, and thank you for explaining and I hope you are recovered, and watching your blood sugar levels.. No apologies necessary. Just glad I am not spam again as I have been thrown a time or two into that box and once WP registers you there It escalates, and I had lots of problems being pulled out from various comment boxes I had not known I had slipped into.. LOL.. So thank you and take care of You xx

        3. Thanks Sue! I just made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow and nurse is coming tomorrow, too, so I am looked after.
          Yes, there are all kinds of sites, blogs and personal website and sometimes settings are really terrible and sometimes it’s just the system. You are not going in any spams here and everything is great! Thanks so much for taking your time!

        4. Thanks, Sue! It actually didn’t work out that well. I’m in some kind of vicious circle and I don’t think the broken Canadian health system can help get out of it. I was researching internet all night, I need some kind of good solution. I am tired of nothing getting resolved and fixed. I have pretty much only one good chance, and that is going to Latvia next year and trying to get a treatment there. It is going to cost a lot (20K) and I seriously intend to try collecting money. I was at consultation and that clinic is sort of out of the ordinary. They treat all kinds of rich people there from other countries, as well. I did not say them I could not pay myself even for that short consultation. They told they could not only fix all these problems within a month but also make the totally damaged leg feel and look normal again. I haven’t done so many things during these 4 years, I could not even have a shower, not to mention walking in a normal way. I’ve gotten into chronic pain and all what comes with it. I won’t pretend it does not become more and more worrisome with every month that passes. So, if the only thing that stops me from getting back my life again is money, I will have to get it. I don’t want to keep attending doctors once in one or two months when nothing really improves. I am lucky that I didn’t get anything worse which some other people in this condition do. That means I have to act while there is still time to change everything to the better.
          I was very hopeful, too, but I don’t know, it seemed the doctor was not in mood or something. Everybody seemed to be in a rush, etc. We have a heat wave. Tomorrow more than 30+ C.

        5. I wish you luck in your gathering together enough funds for such treatments Inese.. And its shameful that you can not get such treatment in Canada a country I would have thought expert in their health care.. Yet your accounts of the system do not sound good..
          Today it is overcast here, but the temps are said to go warmer tomorrow and may get up to 19’C.. It plummeted down to 3’C the other evening..
          Autumn truly here.. xxx <3 Take care of YOU

        6. The choices become very limited: I get referred to some doctor and that doctor does what he assumes is ok. As I was reading through numerous files, it said: standard care does not have to be perfect, and treating physician does not have to be perfect. Basically, it is that the patient depends on doctor’s understanding completely. What can I do if I am not assigned one or another procedure, test or medication? Nothing, I cannot put pressure on the guy and make him do something. The next step then is: you find another specialist or doctor. They normally do not have time or interest to get acquainted with patient’s medical history in order to make good clinically sound decisions. So, you go to somebody else, and it continues this way. One is very lucky to find a good, experienced doctor. It also said: every 17 minutes one Canadian either dies or suffers from severe side effects and complications because of misdiagnosis, mistreatment or administration of a wrong medication. That does not sound too comforting, does it?
          Unfortunately, I had to go through such mistreatment and I am totally scared to go for some more surgical treatments. I saw negligence, avoiding protocol and there were no pre-or postoperative safety measures taken. None. So, that’s why I need to work hard and ask people for help and maybe I get helped since I will focus on this and make it my priority. 4 years is long enough time to get tired of being damaged more without improvement. I can only use herbal teas and focus on talking to candles, winds, trees, soil, use ancient signs, etc., but too bad that sometimes one also needs a help from a licensed doctor.
          I see you have autumn weather. It is a bit too hot here and there are heat warnings out for people with weak heart and breathing problems.
          I take good care, thanks!

        7. Oh, I haven’t found any doctor. I will just keep doing what I am, but I am seeing some doctor which I am hopeful about.

        8. This material trend is imposed upon people by TV, media, social media, example and government. I think we need to have our own brain. We have to sort out what is and what isn’t important.

  2. Hi Inese.. I keep leaving comments upon your posts but I think they are going into Spam..
    So I am using my garden logo.. I will not see your reply to this as unfortunately it doesn’t seem to show in my notifications as its not my main blog..
    Just know I keep trying..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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