Art is created in a different dimension

Art is even more than meditation. It transfers us to a different place, it happens in a different dimension and it results in a completely different experience.

I need, just like most of us, to shut off the world here and there.

To recharge, regain energy and clean my internal, soul-bound me.

I know that somebody might say: well, there are important subject and totally unimportant, and trying to paint unimportant things is just waste of time.

It doesn’t really matter, not one small bit.

It is totally possible to forget to eat, to forget what the weather outdoors is; what day it is and whether there are some urgent chores to be done.

The funny thing is that everybody can get into it.

I certainly would advise to let everything disappear time to time.


These are my lovely veggies

Love veggies is available from studio, this website and DailyPaintworks site:

$150 plus shipping in Canada $20 and to USA shipping is $25 because this is a large painting Love veggies

At least on my computer, better color balance is visible: ash berries or rowan berries, watercolor, The fall branch is also on DailyPaintworks:

Branch of ash berries

Sunflower sketch


I also got finally better pictures of sunflower sketch and ash berries. Well, in order these pictures were normally visible, every picture should be featured at the beginning of post. I just  really do not care about many things, and frequency of posting is one of them. I am in the middle of a creative uplifting swing. I hope it takes me somewhere higher.

12 Replies to “Art is created in a different dimension”

    1. Thanks! I get strong boost of energy when I feel some kind of response. The more response, the bigger the upswing. It’s probably very human: to feel appreciated. I love all seasons, but certainly spring and fall are the top artistic ones.

        1. I think so. The inspirational watercolor is about to start soon, so I have to arrange all materials. I hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Resa! That is so nice to hear something like this! You are very talented, too. It’s a big pleasure to hear something like this from somebody who is extra talented.

  1. I absolutely agree with you when you say that Art could be a form of meditation… It is a gateway to unknown and yet relatively familiar places. Probably something like a feeling od déjà vu I’d say… Finding a shelter is a good way to live life! Beautiful post and artwork dear Inese. Love and best wishes 😘💌

    1. It is absolutely so. Art literally takes away from everything. It is always something new, yet somewhat familiar. Currently, the shelter is sort of cracking. I am trying to find some other form of earning some money since this is pretty much going nowhere. I am still seeing the doctor, going today, and I need to first resolve the health issues. I feel very tired living without any income, so I have to try changing that. I wish I were in a better overall condition. Thank you for your good wishes, Aquileana!

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