Art is my passion, my shelter and my cure.

Art has always been a big part of my existence; I have been drawing and painting for more than 40 years, in fact, all my life long.

As an artist and art teacher I can see the benefits of creativity every single day: it is a blessing being surrounded by colors, inspiring images and beauty. It is an advantage to feel the positive energies flowing throughout the studio and my entire living space. By creating one thing at a time we can achieve big goals.

As a medical writer and researcher, I can see the positive impact of creation on our physical body and our mental states and spirits. Medical research itself is not positive, and it requires dealing with unpleasant data and upsetting facts frequently. Art and creative activities take care about balance in my life.

Since I started to teach back in 1985 straight after graduating from the University, I’ve learned a lot not only about art, painting and design, but also about teaching. It is not enough to be a good artist in order to teach others. A teacher has to master many different aspects of their discipline. Psychological expertise and knowledge of teaching techniques is crucial in order to achieve outstanding results. Well, and experience is very important, too. I have it in abundance …

I am sharing some art advice, some tips for both, art teachers and art students, I am also sharing my own methods and secrets to become sufficient in drawing and painting. I believe I was born with creative and art talents.

My personal style in art is best described as romantically inclined realism or realistically inclined romanticism. My art displays emotionally enhanced captures of my favorite objects: landscapes, still lives, flowers, plants and nature scenes, however, I don’t paint reality. I am painting and drawing my vision about the existence and this world.

I have my own art gallery in the downtown of Whitby, Ontario. There is also a studio where I am giving my popular art and painting classes. I have Master’s degree in Education, Psychology and Linguistics. I speak, write, read and understand at a native level 4 languages. English is not my native language, I’m originally from Latvia, Europe. The first BA degree I earned was in German language and literature. I have publishes lots of essays, poems and stories in Latvian, German and English,. They are available and in printed magazines and books.

I am somebody who is extremely realistic and down to the earth, yet, I allow my creative and artistic side to unfold. I started drawing when I was 4. Nobody taught me, but when I was old enough to attend school, I found out that my drawings of garden, plants, flowers and portraits of my sister and neighborhood kids were performed very well for my young age. I continued creating a painting or drawing  a day and reading one book every single day for many years until I was about 18. Studies at the University took most of my time afterwards. I suppose, I continued learning because nobody ever put pressure on me, not even my parents or teachers. The necessity to create art, paint and draw was always in and with me.

Art is all around us: we just pick one scene at a time.

Flowers and plants provide with abundance of art inspiration.

Art should be uplifting, poetic, thoughtful, endlessly beautiful and always taking to a higher level of human experience. That’s at least my definition of art.

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