Art classes and workshops in pictures

Our watercolor and acrylic painting classes is a great way to start exploring creativity. Beauty will most likely save the world, and art possesses the magic to represent beauty in all its varieties.

I don’t think there is a better way to cure oneself from boredom, troubles, illnesses, addictions and approaching problems than engaging in art: joining watercolor or acrylic painting classes. It is not that important which medium, genre, or style we choose: every way of expressing oneself in art is very rewarding. While engaging in creation of art, we open the door to confidence and self-fulfillment. Once we have passed this door, there are millions of opportunities to explore, and endless dreams to turn into reality.

Painting nature is very rewarding: it feels like being surrounded by beauty all the time.

Flower painting class, acrylic painting for beginners: flowers worked very well!

Learning painting takes courage, persistence and willingness to experiment.

Simple wild roses, acrylic painting classes for youth and adults

Wednesday acrylic painting classes for youth and adults


Everybody of us has a potential of being creative and artistic. Considering joining  watercolor or acrylic painting classes for youth and adults?

Birch project: acrylic painting classes for beginners

Winter can be not that pleasant to experience, but it is a great pleasure to paint it; acrylic painting classes for youth and adults

One of our  projects was blossoming orchard painting in acrylic; classes for youth and adults

Red is a beautiful and recharging color. We love painting poppies and poppy fields during our Wednesday acrylic painting classes for youth and adults

Poppy is a fantastic theme for parties, workshops and classes. 

Holiday season painting event: acrylic painting classes for youth and adults

Sunset painting project: acrylic painting classes for adults and youth, the youngest participant was 12

What can be better than to create art on your own and experience the joy of being able to do so?

It does not take much: once you get started, everything happens

The pleasure of creation, Jerica attending watercolor painting classes

Amazing art created in our studio, watercolor painting classes

River scene, acrylic painting classes for youth, teens and adults

There’s never too much beauty, garden scene 

Skills, artistic gifts and creative excellence are things which students are able to benefit from all life long. Being outstanding intellectually and artistically can be the highest objective and goal, and achievements become proof of someone’s honest ambitions. Join our acrylic and watercolor painting classes to boost confidence, self-esteem and artistic way of thinking.

Diana received the Visual Arts Award after attending my watercolor painting classes. She told, this award meant so much for her. I’m very happy about that!

I am offering beginner and intermediate level sketching, watercolor and acrylic painting classes and workshops for teens (10-12), youth and adults. We draw, sketch and paint and learn many techniques that are exciting and fun, as well as easy to use.

Please apply for private, semi-private and group classes and workshops here:

From first steps to great paintings; from simple to more complicated, from no experience to advanced skills: that is the way we create.

You can also arrange your private painting party or painting event. See how here:

52 Replies to “Art classes and workshops in pictures”

  1. I loved your blog site – I have just gotten started and don’t have as lovely a studio in which to teach (mine is in my basement) but share your enthusiasm for giving others the gift of learning to draw and paint. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I created this studio and this gallery on my own, you probably wouldn’t believe how bad this place looked before I moved my art there. It is an old house, with character, but nobody had taken any care about it, I had to work for a couple of months to give this place a decent look. I painted everything, made curtains, hang them, and all art on the walls is mine.
      I really appreciate your nice comment.

  2. Do you have video lessons? I am in the Army and deployed but really want to take this time to have fun with Art. I have had everything I need shipped over here to me by mail. Now I just need some training! 🙂

    1. Hi Diana,
      I haven’t posted any video tutorials online, I simply don’t have time for creating them. However, there are huge numbers of such stuff on YouTube. Just type in “YouTube + whatever you’d like to learn”, don’t forget the right medium like pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, etc.

      1. I see the same qualities in your art, luminous and radiant with happiness. I’ve really enjoyed looking at all your art. You are so productive!

        1. Thanks again! I suppose I’m putting in my paintings everything which I was lacking for many years in my life. I went through real hell after a very bad accident with no hopes to survive. However, I did, and that made me understand that the only way to be is to multiply light, hope and belief in good endings.

        2. I’ve also been through a very bad accident and was the sole survivor. I also believe in adding to the natural radiance around us, because life is too short to spend it all embracing dark thoughts.

        3. Thanks, exactly. Once we learn how fast it is possible to loose everything, we get intense desire to contribute to the “natural radiance around us”. Your meaningful comments are much appreciated, have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Eli! I thought I’d never be a teacher when I was young because I didn’t want that. It happened so that I have been and still am teaching all my life long. Well, you never know. Students love these classes, some groups are like small families. Some of them said, they could give up everything else, but the art class is what they need for sure. One lady told she’d be in a very depressed state if she did not have this opportunity to attend art classes. They love the atmosphere and instruction! So do I. Thank you so much for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your blog and found it very interesting!

  3. Love how you put it, that we can turn endless dreams into reality. The paintings are amazing. I love the trees/paths in the center, esp. Lush. I can smell the air. It’s funny: your like came in when I’d been thinking of you. =)

    1. Thanks so much! Telepathic sensitivity is not that rare, especially among those who are used to listen to their feelings. Well, and what can be more amazing than to create something on blank canvas or white sheet of paper? Because we can put there anything we want.

    1. Thanks Carol! I’m proud that many good artists have done their first paintings in my classes. She may have been even 10 years old, and we were drawing and painting from real flowers. That probably explains why these paintings are so unique, and everyone has some personal touch at such an early stage.

  4. seeing your cheerful studio and students make me long for the days I ran a teaching studio! Good luck, your work is lovely:)

    1. Students find these art classes very inspiring! It is great to have a welcoming and friendly environment for such an activity. I am following other blogs which I find interesting and I hope they follow me back! I suppose, it’s always the mutual interaction which matters!

  5. Your art is truly beautiful. I lack talent such as yours in any sense of the word, but I do so admire and appreciate. The work of your students is exceptional as well – which also speaks very highly of you! I very much look forward to your future posts.

    1. Oh thank you Tammi! I suppose, we need more people who appreciate art, that is also a gift to understand and value art and artistic creations! I have been very lucky to have many talented students so far, and their number is just growing day after day! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. It sure is, and most importantly, people who created this art will have no problem with decorating their spaces, homes and offices and they will always have that special feel for any artistic creation whether done by themselves or other artists.

    1. Thanks Anne! I have to say that, too: some of my students art is ready for show or gallery. We also have to remember that many of these students are beginners or have never painted before. Many of students are very talented and dedicated, plus I really have been teaching for more than 30 years. I have worked out steps, approaches and techniques which theoretically allow everybody to create good art as long as they are willing to follow my advise and tips. Thanks for your kind comment!

    1. Thanks! The works shown in this post are mine demos (no color, just brown-grey and white) and mine textured works of autumn series. The students works will follow after some week or two since most of them either started this painting last week or will start next week. Our painting sessions are a lot of fun, but sometimes we need to work, as well. I appreciate you stopped by!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! We do have a lot in common, I think! Good luck to you and your students. Art is an amazingly therapeutic way to find our way through the challenges of life. Putting color into someone’s life is a real blessing. Good luck to you and your amazing students. The work is beautiful!

    1. Thanks for visiting and taking your time to comment! It’s actually a page to provide some insight to people who are considering attending classes. All artwork on this page is done by students, I have not included here my own art. I believe my students have achieved a lot in a short period of time. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks! I usually follow blogs which might possibly follow back because there’s something in common. I have taken large numbers of pictures over years, but I’m used to quickly edit, re-size and watermark them, so pictures are no problem. With an art blog, problem is having painted or drawn something new, as well as showing steps because that can be tricky and take a lot of time. Painting can take up to half a year to paint, especially very large ones. Thanks again and have a great Sunday!

  7. I have been painting but my shades just run together or dull feel like throwing them awsy but everyone loves them i have not took art self taught. I will try you’re class later love results

    1. Thanks Anita! Well, there is always room for improvement. I suppose, we should listen to our own heart and senses when it comes to art we create. We set some goal and we try to achieve it, whether that is some color scheme, new type of composition, new subject and similar. We are always on the way, always working on something new, always setting the bar higher. I hope seeing you in classes. You could find out about a distinctive approach or a new technique, etc.

  8. How do you have your students begin a drawing… by sketching themselves a scene that you provide… on paper first small in size… and then the canvas… larger in size… and then the paint? Diane

    1. Well, I’m always making them to draw and paint big right away. Painting small, and especially very small is much more difficult. It usually takes time until they know how to handle brush. Therefore, going bigger is easier and has more impact, too. Some people want only drawing and watercolor, and some want to do only acrylic. Drawing and sketching is good and beneficial for everybody because painting is drawing with a brush. The knowledge we get while drawing helps hugely when painting.

Your comment is greatly appreciated