Culture Days: free sketching event

Culture Days is a big deal in Canada. I must admit people love these free events and it is also a fantastic motivation to get involved.

We should love culture and we should implement creativity in our schedule regardless of what day or month that is.

People who do arts and creative things get much less depressed and they are less affected by bad news that surrounds us.

They learn living mindfully and consciously, and care about balance: while creativity takes some money that we put in materials, tools and space, it gives back a lot, too. That is not always countable in dollars and measurable by profits, but the gain is rather in experience. That is an incomparable experience, and if you have never tried to create something or engage in creativity, you most likely do not know how uplifting, encouraging and healing this experience can be.

My personal goal is to convince more people to devote some part, even if it is a small part to art and artistic self-expression.

Creativity is life, light and future. Consumerism is a dead-end and self-destruction.

Art culture reveals the nation’s true potential and values.

Although, I have absolutely no sponsors as large art places do, I still wanted to offer everybody to try sketching. Just to see how much fun it can be and that one doesn’t need any previous art experience to get started. I will provide with all materials.

I always bring watercolor sets from my annual trips to Europe. Therefore I will give away 2 watercolor sets which can be used indoors and outdoors for sketching and watercolor painting. If you intended to sign up for either Tuesday daytime or Tuesday night watercolor painting class, so you have a chance to win these watercolor sets tomorrow.

Giveaway: 2 sets of watercolor paints for beginners in painting.

To give some inspiration to these who are interested in acrylic painting, I am attaching 2 images.

Art is light. A large, very textured, light filled acrylic painting “The path of fall”

Acrylic, 30 in x 24 in (76 cm x 61 cm), only for pickup in Ontario since it is quite heavy, $600

Color in waterfall: acrylic on canvas, 24 in x 20 in (61 cm x 51 cm); $420

Ships in Canada approx. $40 and to USA at approx. $50

Culture and art are two sides of one creative experience.

It is rainy and nasty today, but I hope the sun will be out tomorrow.

Therefore, I kindly invite everybody who can make it to come to my studio tomorrow between 1 and 4 pm. I will also show and explain pros and cons of art materials, as well as demonstrate them in action.

Culture days should bring art and creativity to every person in the local community. Just don’t be lazy and come out for a pleasant and great experience!

Don’t miss the Culture Days 2013 Event

Everybody who is interested in seeing how culture and accessibility to arts and self-improvement is facilitated and supported at artist-run galleries and art schools is welcome to check out Art plus Classes and Life plus School Culture Days event on September 28 and September 29 between noon and 4 pm.

Brief schedule for these events is as follows:

Saturday: For anybody who ever wondered how easy or difficult it is to start drawing or painting. Try for yourself and find out if that is something which you might be interested in. Demos, hands on activities, ideas for home decorations and DIY things. There are many to look at and get inspired from.

Birds with culture

Sunday: New artistic retreats are on the way. Find out how they will work. Dealing with problems, moods, aches and pain, anxiety and depression: art as medication and cure. Treating loneliness, lack of happiness, problems and life challenges with color. Killing boredom, dissatisfaction and emptiness: the way back to true yourself. Find it while playing around with images and paints. Explore the meditative state of immersing yourself in what we are calling “art retreat for your soul”: a process of applying color, arranging your thoughts into images, describing your feelings with color or images, so that afterwards we get an understanding of what is bothering you and why. This enables people to resolve their problems, improve their medical conditions and realize how little is needed to achieve piece of mind.

Don’t miss these events. The admission is free and materials are provided by the artist. The location is excellent and easy to find and access: downtown of Whitby, intersection Mary/Perry, just one block from either Dundas E or Brock N. Free parking.