Art loaded with positive energy and new available paintings

All of us probably used to have the sense of energy and its vibrations, just like some animals and birds still do. There are energy-sensitive people, people who do not feel or recognize any energy flow, but experience it subconsciously and people who are unable to perceive any energy at all, even though, they just like everybody else are affected by it. I paint implementing lots of good energy in my creations, it’s not only because I cannot make myself draw or paint gruesome, terrifying or evil objects and scenes, but mainly because that is who I am: a medium for converting the great energy from the beautiful nature scenes, flowers, still life objects into the sensitively perceivable feeling of good vibrations. I doubt this could be felt through the internet images or prints since these are copies of copy copies. I know that people who physically look at my paintings in person can experience such energies, unless they belong to the energetically deaf category.

I have painted numerous red flowers as commissions, poppies, wild roses and similar floral paintings on request of people who can sense energy and are able to recognize it. Some of them have placed my paintings in the entrance hall to prevent bad luck and bad energy entering their personal living space. I know a couple who hang a flower painting of mine at the upper staircase overlooking the entire stair, and they told everything became much better and better in their life since that. Just to clarify: positive energy is not the same as positive thinking. We have to work hard, and we need to develop the sixth sense to become somebody who is able to give positive energy to other people or to surround oneself and items in these surroundings with such an energy.

Some people wanted red flowers for their living rooms and some for bedrooms as an energy carrier for passion and love. I believe any appropriate place is good, and these paintings work well because I have puts lots of positive energy into them. I take it from the beauty of objects to be painted and these paintings become a shield to stop the flow of the bad energy.

I was recently suffering from side effects of medications which I had to use, so, I limited my creative efforts to taking pictures, and I have placed quite a few already in my new blog When it comes to positive energy flow in a room or in any space, the image and art matters a lot. Color matters and the subject is important, therefore, I’d advise to only use for decoration paintings, art and items that enable the flow of positive energy, not block it.

I also uploaded some of the most recent images onto Fine Art America site and could not stop enjoying the beautiful products they are now offering. From now on, these products which include not only all kinds of framed and not framed prints, but also phone cases, pillows, tote bags, duvet covers, shower curtains are available on retail throughout Canada and the USA in 150+ locations of Deck the WallsThe Great Frame Up, and the Framing and Art Centre!

Since I’ve been literally down for quite a while I would appreciate a lot spreading out a word about my August 15 and 16 sales and any kind of support. I hope you will love my art products.

I managed to finish a few 20 x 24 paintings and this is the most recent one:

The lonely tree painting was sold, but prints are available from Fine Art America, and they offer huge numbers of mats and frames, it is completely up to the customer what to choose.

Road to summer, acrylic on canvas panel, 20 x 16 in

Three birches, also sold, but prints are available

The summer meadows painting is sold, as well, but obviously art prints are available.

This summer meadow painting was also sold


Red poppies tote bags and pillows

It is possible to select the background color for any item

Framed wildflower field

I have black and grey frames for 20 x 24 in and 16 x 20 in paintings at the gallery

Poppies are available as print, and I have a large similar original poppy field painting.

I hope you enjoyed! I would appreciate a lot you stopped by at the art studio in downtown Whitby, Ontario to have a look at original paintings and at my online sites to check out all  art products.

Adding color to winter days

… feels right. Or a bit better than simply doing nothing. I was hoping to get done much more, but darkness is very restricting for me. Even though, I’m drawing and painting at electric light, I don’t like that at all. Sensitive colors and shades change insanely in different light, and the only correct painting light for me is the daylight. I’m obviously experiencing shortage of it.

As long as I remember myself, I never liked winter. I feel sorry for myself in winter. I feel that I deserve way better than this freezing air and this wet snow or icy wind gusts from around the corner. I am not trying to get up when I should, and staying up much longer than it is advisable or makes any sense. My productivity is down in winter and I can find all kinds of excuses to justify the wasted time. It might be so that I’m completely dependent on seasonal cycles of the nature. I’m a child of the sun, and darkness and cold are completely arguing with every living cell in my body and every single thought in my brain. Well, I know, I didn’t choose to be in winter, but I have to because of so many reasons and issues.

My only rescue medicine is art. It’s impossible to imagine how I would survive these dark months without colors, paints, sketches, drawings, ideas and paintings! Thankfully, these things occupy my brain and mind completely taking into a meditative state of no reaction to surroundings, problems or issues.

I believe I could show other people how we can fight these upsetting and lazy moods. The only times when I experience real flush of energy are before art classes, workshops and events. These give me wings and I’m bursting with fresh ideas and suggestions. I’m very generous when it comes to sharing ideas and new knowledge.

“Add color to your day” project is coming along, slowly, not without a resistance, but it is developing. I will eventually figure out how to implement three 1.5 hour sessions during the week in order to use only watercolor paints, allowing them to flow, taking away bad emotions, and therefore these sessions will be providing people who have similar winter moods with positive energy and opportunity to overcome the situations they’ve stuck in, that might be health or relationships, or our own nature, whatever. Color and art can cure everything, even people who are unable to physically perform something difficult. New images for these sessions are on the way.

To share with everybody a little bit of warmth, I’m attaching a few watercolors: poured on, washed out without using masking fluid, but the 15-minute ones have pen lines, as well.

January watercolor painting in warm colors

January watercolor in warm colors: we just kept pouring on different layers and glazing, and adding more and more … I know we should have used something like masking fluid, but there was no time to wait until everything is dry

 January watercolor Spring flowers

Sketch of flowers, we used pen and food wrap for this

Pen and watercolor sketch of poppies

Pen and watercolor sketch of poppies: it’s cold outside, but painting in warm colors helps


The spectacular show of the fall: plenty to capture, plenty to paint

Yellow, orange, rusty color and red: leaves say good-bye to their shelter tree and throw themselves into the swirling wind. It is the ancient show of the fall: the last waltz of leaves with the wind as they fall down, down, down …

While the fall is writing a summary about everything that was done during this year, the nature decorates outdoors with all its treasures: colorful leaves, acorns, rowan berries, chestnuts, wild mushrooms, rose hips, late fall blooms, vegetables in the garden and fruits on trees. This is the season of abundance, and this is the most genuine pleasure for our eyes and soul.

Well, the wind could slow down a bit, and showers could be not that freezing. However, they’re just doing their job whether we like it or not. What can be more soothing and relaxing than creating some paintings in the warm and welcoming fall colors? A cup of herbal tea perhaps, or flavor of chicken soup on the stove? These are useful things for nasty and chilly fall days, too, but they don’t replace the simple pleasure of creation.

If there weren’t these fantastic colors out there, the pain of the summer disappearing behind a dark cloud would be unbearable! I hope everybody can enjoy some hot chicken broth or a cup of tea with homemade pastries at this chilly night in countries where it is getting cold. Other than that: we always have our brushes, pencils and paints. Let us keep painting and drawing, and creating as the fall makes us seek for a shelter indoors! Let us lighten up our inspiration so that we don’t have to blame the darkness and bad weather for our upset moods!

I have attached for illustration the objects we used for painting during last week’s classes, some first stage demo images and also some of the autumn nature series paintings. Most are 3D, basically, it’s impossible to get a good picture of them. I mean in true colors, etc. So be it since I cannot make these images better.

Unique places on the Earth: the Hill of Crosses for peace and spirituality in Lithuania


Can you imagine a huge hill built up of crosses and crucifixes? I was not even aware there was such a hill until our trip to Lithuania. I will not try to interpret the symbolic and other meanings of this hill since I do not speak Lithuanian and I did not notice any explanations anywhere, but that was a place where prayers go to the sky, peace surrounds the pilgrim as a soft and comforting scarf and eternity comes a bit closer. I had never seen such a place before.

There were just a few sunny days during my stay in Latvia so far.

I cannot do much about the weather, but I am definitely trying to have good time despite  mother nature’ s moods.

We decided to take a drive to Rundale, a castle and village in Latvia since there was a Rose Festival, but we somehow ended up on the road to Lithuania since there was road construction and we somehow got lost. Somebody had heard there was a pilgrimage place which was entirely built up of approximately 100,000 crosses, crucifixes and rosaries. This sacred place was not far, the sun was shining (what a surprise!), so we changed our plans.

Numerous crosses and crucifixes

The view was actually more than impressive. I would say this was an absolutely unique site, and I had never heard about a similar place anywhere on the earth. This pilgrimage site attracts people from all over the globe with peace, spirituality and its sacred nature. It said, the first crosses were place on the hill around 1831. Even though its main idea may not be what it felt like to me, I could see the Hill of Crosses as a place where to show our gratitude, thankfulness, love for peace and freedom.


Somebody told these crosses were not from cemeteries, they were placed there by people who were looking for their inner peace and probably for healing. There were written prayers or letters of gratitude attached to some crosses.

Path going up

I do not read and understand Lithuanian, but judging by people who spoke German, French, English, Russian and Latvian, I believe many had come here to express their gratitude or to send prayers for somebody’ s well-being, health, peace or other matters. Looking up to huge crosses and statues made me think of things and people I had lost along the way, and the energy on the hill was definitely filled with positive vibrations, hope and blessings.

Many people were walking in silence and lots of prayers were sent out from here.

This is a place which makes one forget about the small daily chores and think about spirituality and eternal matters.

The path along entrance The Hill of Crosses


My daughter and my mom

The Hill of Crosses attracts people with peace and spirituality: my daughter and my mom

Path along the Hill of Crosses

Many people from all the globe were visiting the Hill of Crosses

We have to remember that each cross was placed by somebody.

My daughter at the Hill

My daughter at the Hill

One more picture of me

One picture of me

So many crosses

So many crosses

The Sacred place Hill of Crosses

View from the stairs

View from the stairs

Folkart of the Hill of Crosses

Genuine art to express the gratitude and hope

The Hill of Crosses Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania: pilgrimage site and place of peace and healing, hope and gratitude.

I had to update the article since there were some misunderstandings.

I would think great minds stand above any religious disparities since in my opinion belief should not set people apart, but make them respect more things which they share or don’t. Religious symbolism is present in any culture. The governing religion in Lithuania is catholic, just like in many other countries. My personal attitude does not really matter whether I travel to Mexico, Spain or Italy or any other place since the monuments of the past are supposed to lift our spirits and help realizing the potential of humanity through its struggles and victories, and art, architecture, monuments are the beautiful implementations of our history. We may belong to different races or religions, but all of us share the appreciation for human achievements. I mean, any beautiful and remarkable place on the Earth deserves our respect and admiration just because we all are human and we all need a hope.