Available watercolor and acrylic paintings

My original art and  paintings are available at Art plus Life studio-gallery in downtown Whitby, Ontario, or they can be shipped by mail or UPS.

All prints and other art products: greeting cards, phone cases, tote bags, T-shirts, pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains and similar items with any painting image are available through Fine Art America at great prices:

Inese Poga’s art prints

The options for mats and frames are endless, and it is possible to adjust background and layout for every specific item.

Since I do not have any tiny paintings, the lowest price is $100 starting with 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25.5 cm) size.  Most paintings exceed this size. Please take into account that some paintings are very large, some medium size and some only 12 x 16 in. Internet displays everything practically the same size, so use your imagination or come to the gallery in person. You can also download Fine Art America app which allows seeing the exact painting on your wall: iPhone app

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Summer outdoors: plein air

Watercolor on paper,  20 x 16 inches (51 x 41 cm), $240, shipping extra, ships in roll

Pen and watercolor painting, $120, shipping extra, $15 in Canada, $20 in USA

Spring is in bloom: watercolor on Saunders-Watrford cold press paper, 12 x 16 in (30 x 41 cm) $240, shipping extra

Cherry blossoms, watercolor on paper, 11 x 14 in (28 x 36 cm) $120, shipping extra

Available art: Yellow daffodils, watercolor on paper, 20 x 24 in (51 cm x 61 cm) $250; ships in roll, shipping extra

Available art: White Oriental lilies, watercolor on paper, 20 x 24 in (51 cm x 61 cm), $750, sells only locally since it is framed in a large oak frame

Available art: Peaceful, watercolor on Saunders-Waterford cold press paper 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm), $320, shipping extra

Available art: Pink spring tulips, acrylic on canvas panel edges painted, 20 x 24 in (51 cm x 61 cm); $300, ships anywhere, shipping is extra

Available art: White orchids, winter meets spring; acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted; 20 x 24 in (51 cm x 61 cm) $350, shipping extra

Available art: Dreamy rose, acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted, 20 x 16 inches (51 cm x 41 cm), $350, ships anywhere, shipping extra

Wild roses, acrylic 20 x 24 in (51 cm x 61 cm), SOLD

Available art: Sunny acrylic still life on canvas panel 12 x 16 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm), $120, shipping extra, edges painted

This still life took me years, 20 x 16 in (51 cm x 41 cm), NFS


Available art: My friends robins, 20 x 16 in (51 cm x 41 cm), acrylic, on canvas panel; $280, shipping extra, ships anywhere


My very red poinsettia, 20 x 16 in (51 cm x 41 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, available, $180; edges painted, ships anywhere, shipping extra


Available art: Our visitors cardinals, 16 x 12 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted, available $150, ships anywhere, shipping extra

Watercolor still life

Watercolor still life with apples, 16 x 12 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm), NFS

Available art: Small birds series; chickadee, 16 x 12 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm); watercolor on Saunders-Waterford, cold press, $240, ships anywhere, shipping extra

Available art: Backyard 16 x 12 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm), watercolor on cold press paper; $120, shipping extra

Available art: Summer fence, 16 x 12 in (30.5 cm x 41 cm), watercolor on paper,  $150, shipping extra

Available art: Chickadees, trio, 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm), watercolor; $180, shipping extra, the actual painting is larger than the photographed fragment

Available art: Chickadees, spring, 24 x 20 in (61 x 51 cm), watercolor on archival paper, $350, shipping extra

Available art: Chickadees: autumn, 24 x 20 in (61 x 51 cm), watercolor on archival paper; $350, shipping extra

Fairy tale village, acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted,20 x 16 in (61 x 51 cm), $240, shipping extra

White birches, 24 x 20 in (61 x 51 cm) acrylic on canvas panel, all edges painted; $300, shipping extra

Available art: Magnolias, 16 x 20 in, (41 x 51 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted; $300, shipping extra

Red and Grey, 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm), acrylic, SOLD

Available art: Purple pansies, 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted; $400, shipping extra

Available art: Pink rose, 16 x 20 (41 x 51 cm), acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, all wide edges painted,  $350, shipping extra

Available art: White lilies, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas; 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm); $450, all large edges continue the painting, shipping extra

Available art: Red poppy painting, 16 x 20 inches (41 x 51 cm), acrylic on canvas panel $350

Sunflower with bud, acrylic 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm) SOLD

Available art: Autumn boats, acrylic on canvas panel 20 x 16 inches (51 cm x 41 cm); $240

Red flowers, acrylic on canvas 20 x 16 inches (41 x 51 cm), SOLD

Available art: Golden birch, 24 x 20 inches (61 cm x 51 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, $350, edges painted, shipping extra

Alone, 20 x 24 in (61 cm x 51 cm) acrylic painting, original SOLD

Available art: Winter path, 20 x 16 inches (41 x 51 cm), acrylic on canvas panel, edges painted; $240, shipping extra

Available art: Sunset Creek, acrylic painting 16 x 20 in; $240, shipping extra

Available art: Autumn night; acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 20 x 20 inches, $450, shipping extra

Life goes on and clients are asking for new paintings. I just finished a 4 piece set for a customer who was unable to find such set in the colors she wanted and in the size she wanted anywhere.

I suppose commissioned art is the best solution when the design requires specific size and color of displayed artworks. It also allows to match the style of particular room in the best possible way.

I shipped to Europe a commissioned painting which was called “The Wedding Gift”. It was painted in the specified colors and contained the specified flowers. It is fairly difficult to get the rich texture on a photo, however, it can be still seen.

I paint time to time some very textured acrylics. This process is extremely exciting, but unfortunately, creating each painting takes a lot of time. Painting with leaves is sold.

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    1. I loved your sketches, and they got me interested. I don’t have much of my work on the blog, however, there’s some portion of it, and thank you for finding it nice! Well, I’m giving classes almost every week, anybody wishing to check them out is very welcome. Best wishes for 2014 to you, too!

  1. Your art work is gorgeous! I am stunned at how much you have created! Inspiring! I just wish I could attend your classes! Thanks for following my blog … I am humbled.

    1. Thanks you so much! Well, I’m trying to get done as much as I am able to. I can always give some advice and help with encouragement if somebody needs it! Please share or reblog the info of my recent post about the stolen painting because that might help to recognize some other works, as well.
      I always enjoy nice blogs like yours!

  2. Wow! Your work is amazing! The Poppy panting is very neat! My favorite is the Maple Road painting, it is absolutely beautiful and you can very much see the amount of talent and time in the painting. Thanks for posting your beautiful work!

    1. Thank you so much! I hoped to get finished the blue garden, but after taking a trip to the garden center, I’ll probably have to put this off slightly, feel a bit tired. We’ve finally got spring in our area!

    1. Thanks Sharon! As an artist you know that on the internet all sizes look the same, so, sometimes some piece looks better and some worse than in reality. The alla prima needed a lot of paint because I had to maintain it wet! Subsequently, all textures came out!

        1. It sure is. I’ve been lucky because my jobs were always and still are everything I like and love doing. I’m a full time medical writer, researcher and translator, as well. Have been for 30 years, that’s to keep my brain flexible and busy, plus self-discipline, plus knowledge.

    1. Thanks Miranda! When people say they like one or another piece, the only thing I regret is they cannot see this piece in person because there is a difference. All these paintings look approximately the same size when viewed on the internet, but in reality, some are very large and some are very small and attractive just because they are painted such tiny size. It’s hard to convey the transitions of color and it’s also hard to capture the exact color play on a photo. It’s a double pleasure when the viewer admits they liked even the photographed versions which they see on their computer, laptop or mobile device. Thanks so much for your kind comments, and have a great weekend!

      1. I can only imagine how spectacular that piece would be to see in person. What I don’t know about art could fill a library, but I was drawn to that particular piece because of the color and the…(trying to find the right description!) smoothness of the lines, if that makes sense.

        1. Thanks! My paintings can be a lot about lines because I’m originally coming from drawing and watercolor. When I was about 6 years old I found my artistic principle: I called those times such lines “completed lines”, but later I realized what this principle actually means for me: it is the harmony and balance of lines. I have been always a good designer, too, so I don’t struggle with layouts and compositions, partially because I never have time for any drafts and value sketches, partially because I love this all to develop naturally. Where my hand moves, there that line should be. I keep it very simple! I’m not sure if I have uploaded this image on FineArtAmerica, but you could have some inexpensive art print or art card (it is just some 4 bucks for 1 card with envelope) if I have uploaded it. Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. I love your art work! I’ll be back to see more. Thanks for visiting my blog site. Come back anytime if only to see the peaceful Sunset Gallery. Always looking for new sunsets from blogger friends.

    1. Thanks! I hope we will mutually exchange great experiences! I have watercolor sunsets, just a few acrylics, that was not my goal at that time, but I thought the large watercolors came out good. They’re on Fine Art America site, link on the right side. I don’t place my photos usually along with paintings since I’d love to keep this only as a hand-made art display site and I rarely use photo references. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you, although, it’s over the Internet and I always return to blogs which I have started to follow!

    1. Thanks! Well, the blogging community is great because of the mutual connections and influences. I always think, there cannot be too much beauty and positive impact, so it’s nice to bring these ideas up and make them more noticeable as they are shared across the WordPress. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks! I’m sort of usually referring to my memories and scenes which I loved back in Europe. That’s probably why I am never painting mountains, too much large waters, etc. I mean, our memories must be somehow related to similar scenes in the past. Happy holidays!

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