Wake up and get in mood for spring

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Living in more and more civilized world, we are loosing our ties with nature and seasonal cycles. Light and sunshine are very important factors which can tremendously facililate our energetic resource regeneration and our recreation, but lack of these essential elements causes inevitable destruction and death of anything organic and alive.

Lux aeterna – the eternal light, is the light in its highest meaning, light as a symbol of timeless flourishing and development.

I don’t think, it’s coincidence that “luxury” and Latin “lux” (light) have the same linguistic root. And, yes, the sunlight is a luxury which we are taking for granted.

Animals and plants are more involved in natural processes, and, no wonder, they thrive and bloom, and are at their energetic top-levels in spring. I suppose, humans were pretty much the same, but the artificial surroundings, which allow us to imitate any season and, thus, facilitate our functions regardless of the weather, don’t require us to feel and understand nature any more. Most of us have our shelters, and who actually cares, how long it’s going to rain or snow.

However, those of us who have still maintained the extraordinary sensitivity to underlying processes of nature, would probably agree that spring has not lost its importance as a driving force of the new seasonal cycle.

Nature wakes up, live juices start to circulate in trunks of trees, grasses and weeds lift up their tiny heads, buds are getting bigger and bigger with every second, first blossoms show their faces to the sun, and birds give the best concert of the year, especially when the day is bright and sunny.

Well, it’s really the right time for new initiatives, new challenges and wake-up activities. This is the renaissance time of our town, city, area, land, country, hemisphere. This is such a breathtaking renewal of our mind and soul, and our body shouldn’t be left behind.

We are welcoming the return of spring with our colourful floral paintings in my studio-gallery, and I will show  in my next post how we are drawing and painting these artworks.

Invest in yourself

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”

/James M. Barrie/

When you invest something in yourself, you become much happier and much more confident person. You could have huge amounts on your bank accounts and still suffer from loneliness and desertion. There’s more to life than only fulfilling your physical needs and following your daily routines.

Do you know that feeling when you have created and completed an artwork, a song, a poem, a story? The feeling of incredible fulfillment and accomplishment? The feeling of touching heaven, even though, sometimes it lasts only a small while?

This is what we are trying to achieve. We are learning step by step how to avoid embarrassment and frustration when our artwork does not happen the way we expected, we are learning to overcome tiny obstacles in order to reach higher goals. Lifelong learning is a great way not to feel useless or lonely. Here we have a chance to create our own world using our own ideas and tools. These tools are so simple: imagination and its implementation on paper or canvas.

Why not to give it a try?

We are having new:

March break workshops for students 10-18 years:

Tuesday, March 13, Wednesday, March 14, Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16 from 1pm to 3 pm,

and therefore are inviting everybody to attend:

2 free introductory classes: Sunday, February 26 at 2 pm; Sunday, March 4 at 2 pm.

Please take your previous work with you.

I sometimes regret I didn’t take photos of all paintings which were created by our students. That would make a wonderful exhibition, however, I took some pictures, and I will publish them here.

This artist is 13 years old, and loves watercolours.

Working on simple images

Bright and impressive watercolours

Niagara Fall’s painting created by Diana

Welcome to blog and art gallery by visual artist Inese Poga!

Art gallery is a necessity for any visual artist. I am lucky to have a real place which displays my art and has become my personal art gallery. I intend to post in this blog all news and events which are happening in my art studio and art gallery in downtown of Whitby, Ontario. I will also share my painting tips, my thoughts about art and creativity, as well as present my art philosophy here.

The weather has not been too nice this spring, but summer hopefully brings more sunny days for plein-air painting. Plein-air is the best way to get in touch with both: painting and nature.

My watercolor and acrylic paintings are often based on scenes just outside my studio. My huge backyard offers plenty of subjects for painting. There are more and more fresh ideas originating in my head as everything blossoms and gets more beautiful outside.

I hope everyone joining me at my art studio will have great time, gain very useful experience, good painting skills and become excellent in drawing. I also hope you will return to this blog again and again to get new inspiration and to possibly buy some art.

I paint very large watercolors, full sheet and larger and they exceed 1 meter 20 cm with frame in height and are about 80 cm wide and medium size acrylic paintings.

Blossoming apple trees, acrylic

Blue anemones, full sheet watercolor

Green spring water creek, large watercolor, full sheet

Sunny spring creek, full sheet watercolor

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at my art gallery and art studio,  and this also means a very warm “Hello!” to my future online friends.