We had exciting March break workshops

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Chninese proverb

That is so true, and I would like to add, that knowledge or skills cannot ever bother you or become an abuse. What you have learned, is a life-long gain and a never ending opportunity to find out how exciting and unlimited one’s life can be.

We had a busy March break week. During the first workshop days we did a landscape, or rather marshscape with some marsh grass, distant trees and water. It seemed that the image was very well chosen, because results were genuinely impressive. We didn’t waste any single minute, and got almost done one more small scene with purple spring crocuses.

I think workshops are good for students who would like to refresh their skills, or get some inspiration for a new artwork.


Developing drawing skills

The truth is that we first have to learn seeing a three dimesional object in order to put it on a paper or canvas and recreate its  all dimensions with art tools and means.


Painting spring flowers

Alia and her beautiful painting of marsh scene



Summer art classes are about to start

I think it’s a very nice idea to engage in some art activities during the summer.

The weather has been very good so far, thus, enabling to paint plein air or outdoors.

Both of my recently painted watercolours got accepted into the 43rd Annual Oshawa Art Association Juried Show.

The garden scene I painted straight in my backyard, it can be viwed together with the Kitchen Symphony, a large watercolour still life, at the Robert Robert McLaughlin Gallery 72 Queen Street, Civic Centre, Oshawa.

We are doing a lot of still nature and floral drawings, so everyone is welcome to join our art classes during this summer.

Welcome to blog and art gallery by visual artist Inese Poga!

Art gallery is a necessity for any visual artist. I am lucky to have a real place which displays my art and has become my personal art gallery. I intend to post in this blog all news and events which are happening in my art studio and art gallery in downtown of Whitby, Ontario. I will also share my painting tips, my thoughts about art and creativity, as well as present my art philosophy here.

The weather has not been too nice this spring, but summer hopefully brings more sunny days for plein-air painting. Plein-air is the best way to get in touch with both: painting and nature.

My watercolor and acrylic paintings are often based on scenes just outside my studio. My huge backyard offers plenty of subjects for painting. There are more and more fresh ideas originating in my head as everything blossoms and gets more beautiful outside.

I hope everyone joining me at my art studio will have great time, gain very useful experience, good painting skills and become excellent in drawing. I also hope you will return to this blog again and again to get new inspiration and to possibly buy some art.

I paint very large watercolors, full sheet and larger and they exceed 1 meter 20 cm with frame in height and are about 80 cm wide and medium size acrylic paintings.

Blossoming apple trees, acrylic

Blue anemones, full sheet watercolor

Green spring water creek, large watercolor, full sheet

Sunny spring creek, full sheet watercolor

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at my art gallery and art studio,  and this also means a very warm “Hello!” to my future online friends.