Inseparable fellows: desperation and delight, which one wins?

Shadows in my tea-cup, darkness behind the window and soft warmth from the small outdoor lights: that is the calming scene which surrounds me at the moment. The scent of a live fir-tree is absent, but I can certainly imagine that, too. As the year is fast approaching its end, my hopes and expectations get smaller and smaller until they will fade away completely.

What a terrible thing that is to get sick straight before Christmas and in the middle of the last potentially successful sales period! I did exactly that, I worked very hard for about a month and then my body told: that’s it; I need to shut down for a while and get some rest. Well, I missed all the potential sales opportunities since I couldn’t even lift my arm, not to mention do preparations, final touches on art or crafts, and I did not post any ads and I even did not turn on the “Open” sign.  Finally, it’s the first day now when I am a bit better, I can see the computer screen at least. What a relief!

Well, when I hear the big numbers what people are spending during Christmas and holidays, I get even sicker. Is that even possible? Most likely it is.

I took some pictures of the recent works with my phone. It’s so dark, that trying to take a picture with my camera is totally out of question. Oh, like all people who are born under the Leo sign, I love warmth, sun and light. I love the light so much that I believe I’m not going to disappear in any darkness ever. I have actually devoted all my existence to multiplication of light. Nothing warms me more than a sunny day looking through curtains at my window.  Not good news for me so far, because nobody even knows I worked a lot to make this pre-holiday sale happen, but broke down straight before the rewarding finishing line.

I’m not a real Canadian either because I don’t put up a Christmas tree or decorations in November; I do not do the Christmas shopping until the last-minute, and therefore I am only catching up when others are way ahead of me. My Christmas means to put up the tree in the morning, decorate it around lunch time, and then cook a nice meal to have it at night. That’s how it always was since I can remember me. My dad and I went even to the forest just early on the Christmas morning sometimes. If I have everything ready month before this day, I am losing all the Christmas spirit and mood because for me these preparations are the celebration. Songs, flavors, candle lights and sparkles on the Christmas tree is all I need.

Since there is still a full week, I hope that my bank account miraculously turns from red into black, well, that might be also the only occasion when black is a good color; and I can supply myself completely with all the medications before the pharmacy shut-down period. I sincerely hope there might be a person who wishes to see some of my original paintings on their wall or assumes they are good enough to be presented as a gift. We used to say in Europe: hope is a comfort for a fool. Despite the poor odds, I won’t panic just yet. Everything goes on with or without fireworks.

 My Christmas still life acrylic 20 x 16 in

When we painted this still life about 2 weeks ago, I was still feeling fine.

My Christmas trees painting acrylic 20 x 24 in

One class was painting this winter scene along with me, we are doing some winter every December

 My Christmas landscape acrylic 20 x 24 in

The other class was doing more forest-like scene

 My Christmas trees painting acrylic 20 x 16 in

Smaller 20 x 16 version of Saturday painting. I haven’t managed to get good pictures yet, therefore everything is available only as originals. And some 300 other paintings, too.

The Life school blog talks about memories that are beautiful, but can be painful, as well:

Brand new image for Gift Certificate

Gift certificate for art classes

The gift certificate for my art classes should make the recipient happy: it looks very nice and it gives recipient the opportunity to get involved in creativity, learn and enjoy artistic activities.  I thought it would be great that people who were buying gift certificates for art classes really could like and enjoy them.

I painted a watercolor image and took a few pictures of it.

Then I asked a printing place to add some text and print them.

Gift certificates look extremely attractive. To purchase  a gift certificate, you do not have to attend the art studio in person, I can e-mail you either the actual gift certificate, or image of it, so you just print it off.

Gift certificate for art classes

The actual painting looked better than the picture of it, which is most often the case with all my paintings regardless of how hard I am trying and changing settings on camera, light in the room, backgrounds and so on. It is very rare that photography of my painting looks better than my real art. The closest colors usually are when the image is taken with painting on the wall or together with other paintings.

Gift certificate for art classes


However, I really loved how these final products came out, and some people are picking up these certificates already tomorrow morning. I’m glad I can give them something which looks great and festive.

For schedule and to find out what classes you’d like to give as a gift, please go to:

There are private, semi-private and group art classes and workshops, as well as one can arrange a private painting party.

For pictures of some of our art classes, please check out:

Christmas Show and Sale: Art, Crafts, Gifts

It’s Christmas time again, and we are having our annual Christmas sale. It is richer and more interesting than ever before. I have no doubt, everyone can find something great, whether it’s a Christmas decoration, nice, hearty, one of a kind gift, painting, card or gift certificate. Gift certificates for classes and workshops are available every day, not only during the sale.

You can enjoy and possibly purchase more than 200 paintings and crafted gift items.

All decorations and gifts are crafted in the gallery and range in style from traditional to modern and trendy, both, regarding the color scheme and design. We have used mostly nature materials: fir and pine cones, apple-tree and maple branches, spruce tree branches and also some paints, glitter, tissue paper and interesting containers. You should definitely check out the one of a kind gift boxes, note books, diaries and photo albums.

We are offering only original paintings and art, including three-dimensional acrylic nature paintings in subtle and soothing colors.

Variety of Christmas cards can be ordered from the Fine Art America site: Inese Poga’s art collections

Please have a look at some gifts and decorations for sale.

Traditional Christmas colors

Crafted Christmas gift boxes

Crafted Christmas gift boxes


Gold and red

Red and green: tissue paper roses and glitter on branches

Christmas gift box and red roses

Christmas gift box, very elegant and delicate, matches the Christmas decoration very well

Celebrating the light and warmth

White and red: Christmas gift boxes

Festive and uplifting, sparkle and shine: Christmas settings

I hope you enjoyed the decorating ideas!