It matters: enhance your personal space with positive energy

The birth of a miracle may be not always easy, but there is undeniably some magic in it.

How can doing art as a hobby make one’s life better, more balanced, more enhanced and richer?

Along with time-well spent and new skills, there is one more advantage which is rarely mentioned. Any artwork created during classes can become a beautiful decorative element: it could be just the missing final touch for the room, it could be the accent piece; or it could be the part tying the entire space together and making it complete. This artwork radiates clean, uplifting and positive energy in the living space or workspace, because we created it with love and devotion.

The story is actually about the energy: energetic interaction, consumption and release of energy, good, bad and neutral energy. Since energy is present anywhere and in anything, and not even the simplest thought could be made without consuming some of it; the question is: do we pay enough attention to our nearest surroundings, our closest environment and the dominating energetic features within that space? We really don’t, and we are most often between two ditches: following punctually every newest design trend, or completely disregarding any design, hygiene rules and common sense.

There are lots of reviews about impact of color, lots of advice how to create a cozy, welcoming space, but what matters at the end is: energy in that space. I do believe we’ve seen this all: museum-like houses or sterile living rooms, living rooms which are collections of one’s past, and top-modern minimalistic spaces.

In my opinion, the best and the fastest way to update and adjust a space to our needs is using color, art, textiles and plants. Furniture becomes secondary, and all these previously mentioned things also take care about a great energetic flow and preserve the positive energy. Provided, they have such. It matters what hangs on your walls, it really matters hugely, and I’m not talking about the purely esthetic aspects. Wallmart print will have at the best some neutral energy of printer, cheap canvas and paint. Inherited art or an antique item may have both: very positive and extremely negative energy. So can an original painting. Painting during its creation process absorbs our thoughts, emotional vibrations, delight and thoughtfulness, or hate, misery and anger; anything. That way, the energy of a painting is equal to the energy artist puts in this creation. Most people naturally give their art the best part of themselves by visualizing all these places they are re-creating on canvas: light, wind, flowers and leaves, waves, streams and the atmospheric vibrations in the air.

One thing I can say for sure: the atmosphere during our painting sessions is extremely positive. It’s such a pleasure to grab the shiny paint and just put it on canvas. The classroom itself contains plenty of art in all completion stages: just started, half-done and finished. This contributes to the relaxing state we most often find ourselves in. I mean, it’s very unlikely, these beautiful works could have some bad energy since we genuinely try, we challenge ourselves, and the results are more than satisfying, especially taking into account, no professional artists have done these paintings.

There simply is not any better way to give your space a facelift than surrounding yourself by your own original art and creations. It is not that we are always aware: whatever we paint, we are painting ourselves. This is very noticeable in portrait artists’ works and in those who mostly paint figurative works: these painted or drawn people are a reflection of the artist. That would be another story, but even when painting trees, scenery, street scenes, anything in fact, we ARE ALWAYS painting ourselves. This is how the painted energy starts a life on its own. No doubt, it should be very compatible with its creator.

One more amazing thing is: the monetary value actually does not affect the true energy which some item possesses. That means we should stick to things which make us feel good, not only to those ones which cost a lot and are supposed to be “value”. The monetary value only shows one’s financial power while the energetic value has something much more important and substantial: it possesses the ability to ensure the well-being of our soul.


Nine paintings were started, brought to finish, or almost finished

Acrylic painting classes for adults

Colors are great, however, they looked more balanced in reality.

Art classes for adults: acrylic painting of fall scene

The goal of our last project was implementation of diagonal lines in the composition. While we care how the finished (or almost finished) project work comes out and how it looks, we are paying the most attention to mastering different techniques and approaches. We all know that diagonal lines contribute to depth and perceptional ease of an artwork; however, we tend to forget about such feature. This was an art exercise to practice exactly such type of composition. Did we achieve our goal? You be the judge!

Opening the first page of the new calendar

Let the river of time take away our troubles and worries!

Winter night: the last light

The New Year is standing at our doorstep; we should welcome it with a great meal, candle light and warm thoughts.

Let’s look up to the sky: maybe some nice surprise is waiting for us, maybe the New Year’s inspiration will take us to new heights and allow more dreams to come true.

Winter sky: the path to eternity

Candle lights are alive, and the bad energies are destroyed in fire. As we look at this light, we should imagine all great things we would like to happen, and they just might come true. At least during this wonderful holiday season and at the moment of entering the New Year, we should have only positive thoughts, provide the encouragement to the sad and care for the sick, wish more good things to everybody, not only ourselves.

The New Year’s color is blue, I’m sure we can find something blue in our closet.

The more candles we have lightened up at midnight, the more chances we have our wishes are fulfilled. We can write one of our wishes on paper straight before midnight, this should be a very definite wish for some particular thing, and we burn it afterwards, and scatter the ashes outdoors so they’d go with the wind.

Happy New Year! Warm hearts and shelters, good health and abundance of things you need, true love and lots of honestly earned money!

Happy New Year 2014!

We are about to open the first page of the New Year’s calendar. Let’s hope all following pages are filled with events, results and achievements we wished for.

2013: Afterthoughts

It seems, it was a small while ago when we celebrated the beginning of 2013. One of my old-time friends asked if I knew why time passed so quick once we have gotten older. I had many possible reasons to list, but she mentioned this one: everything takes longer to get done. However, days appear to me noticeably shorter than they were when I was 20 or 30. Here we go: the New Year is almost here.

I cannot complain, this year was not bad. It was marked by my daughter’s fantastic wedding and our trips to Europe, Latvia and Mexico. Both trips were great, and we have lots of memories to share and hundreds of pictures to look at.

The business was growing, but I didn’t get painted or drawn my own stuff as much as I expected. The more classes I give, the less time I have for doing my own work. I never understood when somebody was complaining they were having no inspiration or some kind of artist’s block, or lack of material for painting. I have instant inspiration, millions of new ideas, concepts and even perfectly worked out projects and plans (all in my head, I don’t write any lists, resolutions or similar intentions). There was NOT ENOUGH time. I was cutting out anything I could avoid doing, I have decreased the TV time to about 2 hours a week or left it for moments when my condition becomes really bad and I can only sit or lie down. I have decreased the computer time: I would only spend the hours I need for my paid medical translations or medical research and blog or advertising, I rarely talk on the phone, I am multitasking every single moment, and there’s still NOT ENOUGH time. I have so often wanted days were twice as long and my energy lasted longer, as well.

Even though money has never been my main concern, it would be so good to have more of it in order to finally do only what I always wanted most: just draw, paint, design, create, disappear in these creations. That is a dream which has not come true so far. My health and daily routines eat up way too large portion of my valuable time, however, I cannot just simply one day refuse from taking my medicines or monitoring my conditions closely. It’s a hassle, but I know, it could be a lot worse. Therefore, I’m really grateful that nobody in our family experienced anything terrible this year, and I genuinely hope, I can look back at the 2014 with the same peaceful gratitude next year. When we have good or at least tolerably good health, so many things become possible.

I have met hundreds of excellent, talented, smart and in any way inspirational people in this WordPress blogging site. As we read about their daily chores, about their discoveries, about their struggles and achievements, we get to know that the world is much wider and broader than we assumed before. We find out there’s always something new to learn and to make happen. Thank you my fellow bloggers for support and instant inspiration!

We were never writing any New Year’s resolutions in my homeland Latvia. I mean, why should we? If I want something strong enough, I will make it happen assuming this depends mostly on me and my input. If I dream about something and this absolutely does not depend on me: I won’t give up and I will keep trying until I achieve what I have decided I should.

I suppose, we sometimes need to write things down in order to see them more clearly and to take off a burden of our consciousness. However, we shouldn’t stop there, even though, it feels like this is almost done after we have put it down. Well, I wish our intentions and projects would match our abilities to carry them out to some extent. Persistence, consistency and patience are good guides in achieving anything.

I wish we all could spend and have more of value time. We shouldn’t have to or be pressurized to waste this time on meaningless things.

Just like every year I’m trying to finish up some paintings.

Small birds: I love them!

Small bird: watercolor

Bullfinch is one of the most loved winter birds in Europe, Latvia.

Frosty December Bullfinch Watercolor on canvas

Painting for charity Birch Walk

Painting for charity event

I hope, the New Year brings more opportunities to create, enjoy and sell art. How about these 2017 or whatever billionaires? If every one of them just bought some 1000 of living artists works at some 100 000 each, imagine how happy these artists would be? There would be lots of artist guys buying new paints and canvasses and decorating all schools, nursery schools, public spaces and hospitals, and old folks homes for free. That’s completely possible. Too bad, billionaires are not aware of this great deal.

Well, ars longa, vita brevis: we should enjoy more of both in 2014!

Evolution of the blue cup, Part 2 Drawing and painting steps

I actually love drawing more than painting. During classes, I am usually giving quick demonstrations on what is the best way to draw some shape or object, what helplines to use, where to place something and why to do so. Students who have just started out need a lot of explanations why and what should be done in a drawing or painting. That includes explanations about different types of pencils, brushes, paints and paper.

I did not plan these drawings and paintings, but added to them some item whichever I needed to demonstrate at that moment. We don’t use masking fluid because the class is too short. We are using just paper, brush, paint and plenty of water; in fact, we are learning how important water and paper towel is in achieving the desired effect. Every step needs to be repeated for many times until its purpose is clear.

Drawing the blue cup and carrots

Adding watercolor to drawing

Adding background to simple watercolor still life

I drew the cup first so that students would know where to start. I added some carrots later since we needed to see how to apply watercolor on them.

I drew the pot at first and added some items as we needed to apply some watercolor paint. My painting style could be actually described as drawing with the brush.


Still life demo watercolor vegetables

Adding background to watercolor still life

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and any drawing does not take me much time and I don’t usually have to look at paper all the time. I’d rather try to look at the object while I am drawing. Since the light is changing, I have to work fast and mark the darkest values right away. I sometimes simply remember them and recall the scene later. Our goal was not to achieve very close likeness or very realistic appearance. We tried to focus mostly on the basic drawing.

Good tools are very helpful, however one should not put off artistic activities just because materials are not perfect. We can always get everything as we go.

I’m sometimes receiving messages like this one:

“I really wanted to learn drawing and painting all my life long, but something always came first: family, kids, work, tiredness, illness, lack of energy and later doubts whether I was able to even start it that late in my life. That never happened, I never found time for painting, and that hurts me because that was one of my dreams which could have been fulfilled so easily just having a bit more persistence.”

I’d say: do not let that happen.

Painting fall birches in acrylic: lots of impact

The Wednesday group successfully finished the autumn birch project, 8 students started doing it, and 6 were able to attend the last class. Most paintings are almost done, some details can be added after a while when everything has settled.

Adult acrylic painting class for beginners

Successfully wrapping up the project



Acrylic painting beginners class for adults

This group traditionally is the most stable: 3 students keep painting since the last year. We had a good addition this season when some new committed students joined us. Even though most people can paint and learn how to do it, it still takes some work and some effort, and time is required, as well. The working atmosphere in this group is so nice that it’s lots of fun, too. I have to agree that working with this group cheers me up and always puts in a good mood. It’s amazing what great results achieved even those attendants who were doing their first painting ever.

Fall birches: acrylic painting


The biggest troubles are still associated with keeping darks where they need to be and adding lights and highlights where these have to be. Some layering does not disturb, and we are sometimes going from dark to light, from light to dark and back to light again. The brush would sometimes stubbornly pick up too much paint or we wouldn’t clean it out when switching to other shades. This is something which only takes more practising. When I compare the results after a while, I can see how fast we are moving forward.

Adult acrylic painting class Wednesday night group

Besides, birches is such a tree which can be painted in a million different ways, and it will look great whatever way we are doing it. We enjoyed this project a lot, and we are about to do another type of scenery next time. We will try more drawing based approach and move upwards , downwards and outwards of each painted object as we go. This should be interesting, as well, and we will probably gain more control over our darks and lights since it is easier to maintain shapes and do layering with this technique.

Happy Mother’s Day to Every Mom on the Globe

I’m on one side of this globe, my mom is on the other. We talk on the phone, and we meet in person every two years. The distance does not scare me as long as I know, I will hear her happy voice on the other end when calling. The best thing is to know that my mom IS THERE. She is going to be 82 this fall, and I hope to meet her around that time.

My mom: 80th birthday

We have one celebration in Latvia, that I’m missing here, in Canada. This day is called Angel’s day or Name’s day. My mom’s name is Irena, and her Name’s day falls together with Mother’s day this year. So, this is a nice reason for double greetings.

The older I’m getting, the more I have started to understand and appreciate my mother and everything she has done for me. I notice more and more features we have in common. I sometimes catch myself acting exactly the way she always is.

There are 2 grandmothers, 3 mothers, 2 daughters and 3 granchildren in this family. How do you think, how many are we? (Answer at the end)

My daughter, my mom and me during their stay in Canada

Too bad, we are never expressing and showing enough love, respect and appreciation to some person while that person is still around. I am never regretting things I have done, things I haven’t done, money I have spent, time I have wasted, but I will always regret I did not say my dad how much I cared about him and how much I loved him while it was still possible. He has passed away now, and there won’t be any more opportunities to do that.

That’s why I’m calling my mom as often as I can, I’m saying her all the best words I am able to find, and I’m showing her how much I care.

White lilies are my mom’s most favorite flowers. I was painting this pastel, and many memories came to my mind, and many good thoughts were implemented in this painting.

This for you, mom!

Happy Mother’s day!

I wish, every mother on this planet experienced some time how much loved, appreciated and honoured she is.

Happy Mother’s day to all Mothers!

Answer to question: We are 5: my mom, me, my daughter, and 2 grandchildren

Wake up and get in mood for spring

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Living in more and more civilized world, we are loosing our ties with nature and seasonal cycles. Light and sunshine are very important factors which can tremendously facililate our energetic resource regeneration and our recreation, but lack of these essential elements causes inevitable destruction and death of anything organic and alive.

Lux aeterna – the eternal light, is the light in its highest meaning, light as a symbol of timeless flourishing and development.

I don’t think, it’s coincidence that “luxury” and Latin “lux” (light) have the same linguistic root. And, yes, the sunlight is a luxury which we are taking for granted.

Animals and plants are more involved in natural processes, and, no wonder, they thrive and bloom, and are at their energetic top-levels in spring. I suppose, humans were pretty much the same, but the artificial surroundings, which allow us to imitate any season and, thus, facilitate our functions regardless of the weather, don’t require us to feel and understand nature any more. Most of us have our shelters, and who actually cares, how long it’s going to rain or snow.

However, those of us who have still maintained the extraordinary sensitivity to underlying processes of nature, would probably agree that spring has not lost its importance as a driving force of the new seasonal cycle.

Nature wakes up, live juices start to circulate in trunks of trees, grasses and weeds lift up their tiny heads, buds are getting bigger and bigger with every second, first blossoms show their faces to the sun, and birds give the best concert of the year, especially when the day is bright and sunny.

Well, it’s really the right time for new initiatives, new challenges and wake-up activities. This is the renaissance time of our town, city, area, land, country, hemisphere. This is such a breathtaking renewal of our mind and soul, and our body shouldn’t be left behind.

We are welcoming the return of spring with our colourful floral paintings in my studio-gallery, and I will show  in my next post how we are drawing and painting these artworks.

New Year, New Art and New Experience

Happy New Year!

The new year should make us richer with new ideas, intentions and goals, help us better understand ourselves and never let us down, as we go through our life and this time.

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized how happy I was. There was nothing to complain about. The morning was crisp and sunny, it almost seemed like spring.

I could spend the entire day as I wish. Nothing was hurting me, there were no regrets about the previous day. I had complete freedom over my decisions and intentions, and the day was just about to start. It was like a promise, and I had no doubts this promise will be kept.

What is holding us back when we are unable to turn our dreams into reality? Small issues, big issues or imaginative issues which might be not even existing?

In fact, it is very simple in most cases:

Identify what is disturbing you, and get rid of it.

When it’s impossible to get rid of it, try to handle it in the best way.

I tried to take pictures of my most recent paintings. They might be not the best ones on the globe, but this is how I’m starting this year.

My African violets are in full bloom, three are purple, one is pink, and one is white. They blossom every year around this time, and that’s when I paint them.


This is a small watercolour which we were doing in some December classes.


We also started this small rural watercolour scene during one December class.


This is my most recent stll life, fairly large.

Other news will follow this week.