Please accept these unpretentious flowers

Flowers: the nature’s mysterious beauty that is so easy to reach, to enjoy and to give as a gift.

Where do flowers come from?

From happiness.

How did they get their fragrance?

From love.

How can they be so beautiful?

God allowed them to use any color and any shape to remind us

Beauty is timeless but lasts for a short while.

I hope all moms received plenty of flowers today. They are a thing of enormous beauty, and they can say everything without words, just like art.

I also hope you are showing your love to your mom while there is still time enough, and you are not too late with your “I love you mom!”

It is so easy to love a small child; it takes more than superficial attraction to love genuinely very old people. To understand them and to appreciate, and to be grateful they are with us. Moms of people who belong to my generation are getting close to 90.

Thankfully, my mom is still doing lots of good things, sewing and gardening, not to mention small daily stuff like dishwashing, or cleaning. She loves flowers, so I sent her some, although, the Ocean is between us, that cannot stop us from exchanging some words on the phone or over Skype. The distance has the ability to make things clearer and more valuable. Simple words can get a new meaning.

Well, I was not very productive recently, but I have made some watercolors for cards, something unsophisticated, but sincere.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom, grandmother and great grandmother! I hope your kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren are blessings to you.


Please accept these unpretentious flowers as a small thank you for everything you are to my every single day!

Beauty never ends, flowers will live as long as we do and they will keep inspiring us. Always.

The breeze from ancient times: sunny walk through the Old Town of Riga, Latvia

Some things never stop amazing us: times come and go, but there are places which always embrace us with  that hard to describe feeling of being a part of history and the universe.

Such places never lose their magic appeal and keep reminding us how eternity can be reached and experienced when the breeze from ancient times plays in our hair and shadows from the past walk along with us on the cobblestones.

The Old Town of Riga, capital city of Latvia has always been like that. It does not matter whether it rains, snows, late fall leaves fly in the air or early buds open up to the sun: this part of the city has some secret to reveal and some story to tell every time when one walks here.

I did not have plenty of time to spend there, and, in fact, I did not need it, as well, since I have been there numerous times. I used to live in Riga for about 25 years, so I obviously have been walking down and up these streets at any time of the day and in all seasons. Nevertheless, I never stop enjoying such a walk whether short or long because one can look at these ancient buildings and streets never getting tired of this fantastic scenery.

As I told before, I have very limited access to the Internet, not to mention I cannot crop, watermark or do other manipulations with these pictures. I am leaving that for the moment when I return home.

Please respect the copyrights.


Ancient streets of the very old town

Girls in national costumes walking in the Philharmonia square

I had got some girls in national costumes walking in the Philharmonia Square  on my picture

Narrow and welcoming streets

The past and the present

Clouds over the Old Town

Astonishingly attractive architecture

Beautiful old buildings

Beautiful old buildings, and they are so well kept

Busy Old Town of Riga

It is always busy in the Old Town of Riga

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter’s Church: big attraction for tourists with a museum and other facilities

It is equally nice to rest, dine or go for a walk in the  Old Town of Riga

One more view

One more view

The Philharmonia Square

The Philharmonia Square

The Monument Of Freedom: Latvian symbol and landmark at the same time

The Monument of Freedom: this is Latvian symbol and landmark at the same time since it raises high above the central part of Riga

I forgot to mention that this was one of the very few days when it was raining only sometimes, most days I spent here were rainy and quite cold.

Learning midsummer lessons under the rainbow arch

The Latvian midsummer met me with cold showers and fairly nasty wind gusts. This time of the year used to be my favorite. Everything is usually in full bloom: meadows, forests, fields and gardens; fresh and rich scents of flowers and flavors of ripening fruits travel through the air and long and light filled days are promising: the entire summer is yours. Just enjoy and relax!

Well, still learning that nasty summer days happen and bad weather can occur in the middle of summer, too. I suppose it is always like that: the more you wait for something, the less of expectations come true! My art projects will have to wait for some nicer temperatures, as well, and I will have to be more patient. Hopefully, the rest of my stay in Latvia will not disappoint. Plein air or outdoor painting is a wonderful thing, it is also hard to find more suitable place than countryside of Latvia for such an activity, the only obstacle is the weather at the moment. It has been raining so heavily and so often that I couldn’t take even decent pictures, not to mention manage some drawing or painting with the student groups.

However, nature does not seem to be too worried: all things are happening as they should, even though some delay is noticeable. Double rainbow arch

The rainfalls occurring together with sunshine allowed enjoying fantastically bright and extremely huge rainbows. I have to really regret now I did not have space in my luggage for the professional camera, most part was given to my meds since I am spending here quite a while. Anyway, I took whatever pictures I could.

Sunset sky

The sun creates beautiful scenery in the after-rain sky.

Clouds above summer fields

Even clouds seem to be extremely artistic here.

Sunset in Latvia

I have not visited many places so far, I am leaving that for a moment when temperature reaches at least 20 degrees Celsius.

The garden is full with all kinds of useful plants and vegetables, however, the dominant color is green at the moment. It will take a while until fruits are ready to pick.

I usually love the Latvian wild flower fields, especially poppy, wild daisy and corn-flower fields. I managed to see mostly roadsides thickly covered by the whites of queen Anne’s lace.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s lace: white, fragile beauty

Summer garden

Red Currant berries

Potatoes in bloom

Potatoes are blossoming, too

Wild rose in the garden

Wild rose buds

Garden marigolds

Small garden carnations

There is always something to admire, love, paint and enjoy: cannot wait until a day when it will be possible to paint or draw.

Strawberries have suffered slightly under too much moisture, nevertheless, their taste is excellent.

garden strawberries


Sweet cherries

Meanwhile, I am walking under the rainbow arch: such a pretty view!

Under the rainbow arch


New Year, New Art and New Experience

Happy New Year!

The new year should make us richer with new ideas, intentions and goals, help us better understand ourselves and never let us down, as we go through our life and this time.

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized how happy I was. There was nothing to complain about. The morning was crisp and sunny, it almost seemed like spring.

I could spend the entire day as I wish. Nothing was hurting me, there were no regrets about the previous day. I had complete freedom over my decisions and intentions, and the day was just about to start. It was like a promise, and I had no doubts this promise will be kept.

What is holding us back when we are unable to turn our dreams into reality? Small issues, big issues or imaginative issues which might be not even existing?

In fact, it is very simple in most cases:

Identify what is disturbing you, and get rid of it.

When it’s impossible to get rid of it, try to handle it in the best way.

I tried to take pictures of my most recent paintings. They might be not the best ones on the globe, but this is how I’m starting this year.

My African violets are in full bloom, three are purple, one is pink, and one is white. They blossom every year around this time, and that’s when I paint them.


This is a small watercolour which we were doing in some December classes.


We also started this small rural watercolour scene during one December class.


This is my most recent stll life, fairly large.

Other news will follow this week.