To praise the divine, to overcome the dullness of routine

By far, my life hasn’t been a fairy-tale, but rather continuous attempt to prove that our powers exceed the known limits we have put ourselves within.  I believe that talk solves nothing. I am deeply convinced that too much fake positivism and superficial “everything is fine” statements can actually cause harm. When our intentions remain only as to-do-lists, there is no result. There is huge gap between the real action and intent.

We often hear that life is not fair. Well, life as such is fair and fine, it is humans who make things become unfair and unfavorable for others.

Therefore, I wish there was much less pretending that everything is fine and much more doing in order it was like that.

For me, praising the divine does not mean unstoppable talking about it. That means bringing the beauty to people and making them understand how little, in fact, we need to experience the most valuable things on this Earth. There would be much less suffering if one day we had opened our eyes and started calling things their correct names. Becoming realistic is not a bad start.

The daily routine is absorbing plenty of time and taking large amounts of energy. People who are not rich have to deal with this whether they are happy with it or not.  Even though, I could do so many useful and exciting things instead of cleaning up and washing dishes or cooking, that is not going to change. I do everything fast, and I have a prevention system in place: to avoid general cleaning, I do not allow any dirt or messes to accumulate. I spend 12 hours or more a day quite often on medical writing. That is the job I make my living with. I wish I earned my living with teaching and doing art, but that is a bit of unreal idea at the moment.

The other energy drainer is my health conditions. Thankfully, I have a huge medical knowledge, so I can realistically access my options. I deal with that, too, as good as I can, and I do not pretend these conditions are going away or disappearing, because they are not. Not all wounds can be healed with good intentions and positive attitude: some take surgeries and some take long treatments. However, I refuse to be completely limited or defined by these conditions. Whining or crying is not going to help, so I am a realist and I am setting for me reasonable goals. This does not mean having a negative attitude; this is just honestly evaluating the situation and having it under control.

I have inherited love to the nature and all Gods creations from my great grandparents, grandparents and my parents. I strongly believe that family either makes one creative and resourceful or completely ignores this necessity by not appreciating the great experiences and benefits creativity has to offer, although, this does not always mean any financial benefits. I am genuinely thankful I have all skills and knowledge to dress myself, sew and design my clothes and outfits, to grow my own garden plants , flowers and vegetables, to cook fantastic meals with little efforts, to decorate my living space and create all necessary items for that and so on and so forth. This is all because of my family. Somebody might call me workaholic, but I hate simply sitting around and doing nothing. I cannot recall any single episode of my childhood or earlier years when I had to admit I was bored. I was always busy. Trying to make something from nothing. That is a great way to, a great way to live since I am seeing some opportunity just about everywhere.

Spring flowers for greeting cards

I am sending flowers to my mom every time whenever there is some important day or some celebration because I know she appreciates and loves them. We are far away, the Ocean is between us, but we can talk on Skype. My husband gives me flowers on every occasion, not only when there’s a celebration or birthday, but just for pleasure, as well. I have always fresh flowers around me, many are potted. I believe he does this because he knows how I am talking to plants and how much I enjoy them. They respond with adorable blooms and never-ending beauty.

Apple blossoms and butterflies for greeting cards

I feel that my duty is to teach other people to enjoy things which are not that costly, but rather a true source of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction. It would be tough going through life without art and beauty. The importance of brain fitness is completely ignored, but I am trying to make everybody aware how this can be achieved with simple sketching and drawing on a daily basis. If one can escape the age related dementia and loss of brain functionality just doing some visual art exercises, why don’t they do that? That’s a good question because physical body is always put first and mental and spiritual well-being is supposed to occur automatically which is absolutely and totally wrong.

I hope I’m doing my part and creating art pieces for our eyes to enjoy. To me, this means praising the divine every single moment not only in words, but with doing.

Robin nest Easter card

Robins nest: a greeting card, poster, art print, and wall art

Spring art prints flower wall art

View on the table of my paintings, originals are 16 x 12 inches each

Wall art for spring decoration

I struggled a lot to get the right colors on photos, some came out ok, some not that much

Butterflies and birds spring watercolor paintings

These are the new images for spring cards, Mother’s Day cards and cheerful prints to decorate our living space for warmer and lighter season. They look excellent as pillows, too, I cannot enjoy enough. Everything is available through Fine Art America at very moderate prices (link on the right side).

Pink rose watercolor painting Orange rose watercolor painting

Apple blossoms and butterfliesSpring tulips

Happy Easter and sunny spring for those who do not celebrate Easter!

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  1. Very beautifully said Inese. We can only cope and do what we can, and lamenting life is not fair, is perhaps a most over-used phrase. The people that would most likely have the right to say it.. .’don’t’ but instead those who are perhaps discontent with their life, and don’t quite get the point that perhaps they need to look to how to be more content. It has brought me so much self pleasure to paint for this past year. Something I would never in earlier years ever thought to try as I was not good at school in art at all. However, you have been an encourager that it’s okay not to be a perfect painter with the right technique or even sketch or anything… but that to enjoy and pass some time, and a good point you make about getting older and using our brain… is the main focus for me to do it. The pointers you have given have also helped. In the next few days I’m going to put the very first and ‘horrid’ attempt at painting up with some recent ones…and while there is still so much to gain understanding of, I can feel that I have learned and along the way enjoyed myself immensely. Just as an aside… a friend for Christmas gave me a small oil kit to try, which I just did and have decided that’s not for me.. I’ll stick to acrylic… Thanks for your help along this past year… Diane

    1. Thanks Diane! I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your feedback on painting advise. I know, people who have not tried this will never understand how doing art can become therapy and medicine, and cure. If we only are strong enough to bring ourselves to the desk or easel, the miracle will happen. It’s actually not that much a miracle, but sort of meditation with brush or pencil in your hand. It takes over so unbelievably that for the time of painting all the pain is gone. I am happy you understand the importance of keeping the brain active and engaged, and that prevents the brain cells from dying to a big extent, to a huge extent.
      Have a fantastic weekend!

        1. Thanks! And that is great! I think we should care less about what others think and do more of what we find worthy and what we love! I like your paintings, it was a very good start, and once somebody has taken the brush, the won’t put it down. I have water-soluble oil paints. I cannot use the traditional oils at all because I’m very sensitive to them. I don’t think I can use even these water soluble oils indoors because the smell was difficult to tolerate. Painting is very easy with oils, much easier than with acrylics, but that’s just how it feels to me, we all have our preferences.

      1. And yes, life is getting much easier although I still miss him horribly and will forever I’m pretty sure. We were together almost 40 years so it does feel strange without him here. I know he couldn’t stay though and I hated seeing him totally disabled. He’s better off now.

        1. I don’t think one can ever get used to that. I’m sometimes talking to my dad in my thoughts. It does not seem he’s gone forever. My mom was missing him very badly for about 5-7 years, I suppose it’s easier now since all memories pale out slightly, but I don’t think you will ever be able to be in that place without thinking about him all the way since every single item has memories or intentions attached to it. It must have been very tough. I know what you mean by saying it was painful to watch him loosing strength and ability to move and everything else. That is abnormally hard to take. He’s definitely better now, everybody deserves relief after so much suffering. Oh, 40 years is a very very long time for a couple, almost eternity. It’s good to hear you’re getting over the worst. Keep in touch!

  2. Beautiful paintings! I’m a great believer in life is what you make it, but I’m not that naive to think this is always true. Some things in life you can change, but others are more difficult. Take for example, victims of natural disasters. Those circumstances are very difficult to change. You are right that most people who are discontent, have the means within themselves to gain happiness. Art and crafts are a wonderful way to find fulfillment, but many people fear failure. The only people who don’t fail sometimes, are the ones who never attempt anything. Many accomplished authors, painters, and craft people, failed at something they attempted. Go ahead and try new things. What does it matter if you fail? At the very least you’ll learn how not to do something. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carole! I’m trying to convince everybody that it’s not worth worrying where and how far one will go if they start painting, drawing, etc. There was recently a question on Linkedin: why so many artists fail? Basically, that was questioned, too, by asking: what exactly “fail” means? Does that mean financial profits? Does that mean fame? Does that mean they don’t become professionals? I’m simply encouraging people to do artistic activities simply for pleasure and simply for relaxation. There are ways to do art and enjoy without being threatened by any failures. Nobody should be scared to pick up a brush or pencil. I’ve seen so many works done by people who don’t consider themselves artists or professionals and they create wonderful works of art, definitely better than any mass-produced prints. I think it’s also very interesting to explore: how this particular thing will come out? Nobody really cares if it’s not perfect, and we don’t have to put everything for show. I think it can be enough if the person who created some art loves it. I mean, we don’t have to become professional artists, but engaging in art is very valuable for every person.

  3. Your robins and their four eggs are beautiful. You sound a bit tired and dispirited. Yet you end on a strong note. I hope your work eases a bit soon. And your health improves. I’m so glad your husband brings you flowers. How heart-warming.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I haven’t been working for the last 2 days too much, so I’m not very tired, must be the pills I have to take for 2 weeks. I am just trying to state my position: I listen to some news or read some note on Facebook or blog, and I feel like there is too much of sweet cover-up for the bare truth, but I prefer it with no decorations. Well, I’m a fighter, and that health like I’m saying cannot improve, I mean, broken bones cannot become as if they were never broken, the same with other lost parts. Those conditions are permanent, and the best is I do my best to keep them under control. I regret loosing a lot of time to meaningless things which still are an inevitable part of my daily life. The older I get, the less I want to loose any minute having nothing to account for. I love spring, I think, you love it too, more than any other season. Easter blessings to you!

  4. Oh my goodness, I feel so lazy after reading all that you do, Inese. I stay busy and am never bored but I am just slow and steady and do enjoy a sit down and read somewhere in my daily routine. Are some of these watercolors.? They are beautiful!

    1. Leslie, I have to be fast. I couldn’t explain this, but these are pretty much my internal settings. When I was young, I was doing even more, I think this comes from always having to take care of everything. These are all watercolors, some are simply drawn out with pen, we did them during teens classes and I finished them later. I know I’m having maybe too much on my plate, but I feel bad if some day due to feeling off I haven’t done anything useful. Thanks!

  5. I love this post… your words…your art…so beautiful, Inese! You can tell you put your heart and soul into everything you do…you live with PASSION and I love that!! I am grateful to read your words this morning. I have been so busy that I have not been able to create…I have not even written words which I usually always do. There is a drawing that I started and I want to add watercolor to…I have no training so I have had fear because I don’t want to mess up the drawing…SILLY!! I will make time today to “do” something with it!! I need to end my drought! Much love to you…you are an inspiration ♡♡

    1. Thank you Lorrie so much! It is a wonderful feeling that you and some other people are saying they feel inspired by my articles and paintings. I totally understand how it’s impossible to get to posting anything meaningful or finish up the started works. Would you feel better if I told you I have about 30 or even more not completed works of all sizes here at the studio, and I just don’t seem getting to them? My posts can take up to 2 weeks in preparation, that might be silly, but I cannot change my nature. I love how other bloggers can post some quick picture, and I always get lost in hundreds of photos, and then I think they are not good enough. Paintings are always ok, since I realized long time ago, not every one can and will be perfect, but I’m having trouble with photos when the weather is dark.
      I love hearing that you have decided to do watercolor! Keep it simple and don’t be too critical, practice is the best teacher ever! Imagine what nice illustrations you could paint for your poems? Hugs and blessings!

      1. You are so awesome!! Thank you for your loving response…I really enjoy you!! And you will get to your unfinished work …when the time is right!!! I would love to illustrate my poems!!! Yes! Many blessings! ♡

        1. It is easy to be nice with people who are such wonderful friends like you! That’s the whole idea: your poems would have color and shape which originates in your own imagination! Blessings to you, too!

    1. Thank you so much! I would say, I go by mood, and I feel some kind of romantic uplift when the spring is here or almost here. I know they might be too soft for some people, but I decided never ever to try to please everybody. I am in this spring mood at the moment, have to take advantage of this. Have a great week!

  6. Wow, very inspirational and I thank you for that. You are so multi talented, I’m humbled that you even care to visit my blog, but you are right, we need to keep creating and using our imagination to keep our brains working.

    1. Thank you so much! I get inspirational from all my my fellow bloggers, and I love your blog! I started most of this as a small kid, I may have mentioned I went to University at 17, that meant living on my own, too, so, yes, practicing is everything, would that be gardening, cooking, painting, writing, because experience is our best asset. Brains love being busy and dealing with different tasks! When I feel tired, I just switch to another activity, that helps hugely.

        1. That’s not only one study, there is a lot of research done how a person can boost the brain activity, especially as they get older. Drawing and sketching from real life objects is a unique activity which works in many different ways and boosts the brain cells. It involves visual memory, decision making, eye-brain-hand interaction, and processing the information, as well as achieving steady improvement of fine-motor functions. You probably know, I’m working in medical research, as well. More than 30 years already.

        2. Thanks! It’s ongoing work, sometimes more, sometimes less of it, I am still hoping to get one more blog started since I don’t want to put everything in this one which is art related. Have a nice day!

        1. Very kind of you! I am glad you judged my posts worthy of your time. You are invited back at any time to read more.

          Also, feel free to ask questions if you’d like…


        2. Thank you so much! I will most likely do both: visit your site and also ask some questions. It is something we really need and I am very happy about people who like you put a lot of efforts in making the message to be seen and understood.

        3. Your conversation and comments were very enjoyable! I took the liberty of reading your “About” section. You have lived a very full and interesting life!

          Take care until we talk again…


        4. Thanks for reading! Often it’s the opposite: not everybody reads. Well, it is probably interesting, but I have been through very terrible experiences and the accident in 1992 was a top of this with a very slow and very lengthy recovery which was actually never complete. So, art is sort of the helpful part. I’ve been teaching for many years and also dealing with medical research. I keep promising I’m starting the other life blog, but I haven’t gotten to this, a big flaw of mine which I intend to correct. But once again, not every person gets: oh, your life now is like a fairy tale which was in 2004 when I totally unexpectedly crossed the Ocean and settled down in Canada. I got an invitation from a fantastic man, a wonderful person with good and kind character and many talents. My life has been full of surprises, that’s for sure, I wish they were always nice ones.

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