The art of giving gifts

Gift certificate for art classes

Gift certificate is a great last-minute gift and comes to rescue when it is hard to guess what exactly some person would like. In case of gift certificate for art classes or Fun and Pleasure Painting Events, it is a long-lasting and memorable gift. Thanks to these gift certificates, many people have found their passion, hobby and had generally become much happier in their lives since these activities take off a lot of stress, give somebody his or her own time, not to mention the beautiful things we are creating. It has functionality in addition to its basic purpose, too.

Sometimes people hesitate to give gift certificates because they think it’s going to look so small. I have attached some pictures showing how to present a gift certificate for art classes in a great way.

Watercolor starting set: block of paper, some watercolor brushes, set of paints and the gift certificate.

Gift certificate for art classes

It is very handy when the person who got this gift, has everything for the first class and can always use it at home, too.


Most receivers of this gift, especially kids and teens love getting started right away. It’s nice they can try out some brushes, paints or papers before their first class, so this gift certificate can be packed together with small set of watercolor, small size painting block and 1 or 2 brushes.

It is not expensive, but a very impressive gift which usually make people who love creativity very happy.

Gift certificate for art classes


For those who have got a gift certificate for acrylic painting, it’s great to put in the box some small canvasses, a couple of basic paints and 1 or 2 brushes. People really are excited receiving such gifts. How do I know? They send me the first e-mail and all of them are saying: I cannot wait to get started, I’m feeling so happy.

For those who would like to give only a certificate, I’m offering the framed version. Looks so beautiful and it still can be wrapped up together with something.

Gift certificate for art classes


It looks great, I would say better than on picture because there was a bit too much reflection

Gift certificate goes great with a pack of healthy herbal tea or coffee.

Gift certificate for art classes


It looks great with some book.

Gift certificate for art classes


Whatever way you give somebody something, do it generously and from the bottom of your heart. When giving some teen, adult or senior such gift certificate we are actually giving them a whole new world: to explore, to fall in love with art and creativity and to enjoy as long as they live. It’s definitely not a small gift.


Brand new image for Gift Certificate

Gift certificate for art classes

The gift certificate for my art classes should make the recipient happy: it looks very nice and it gives recipient the opportunity to get involved in creativity, learn and enjoy artistic activities.  I thought it would be great that people who were buying gift certificates for art classes really could like and enjoy them.

I painted a watercolor image and took a few pictures of it.

Then I asked a printing place to add some text and print them.

Gift certificates look extremely attractive. To purchase  a gift certificate, you do not have to attend the art studio in person, I can e-mail you either the actual gift certificate, or image of it, so you just print it off.

Gift certificate for art classes

The actual painting looked better than the picture of it, which is most often the case with all my paintings regardless of how hard I am trying and changing settings on camera, light in the room, backgrounds and so on. It is very rare that photography of my painting looks better than my real art. The closest colors usually are when the image is taken with painting on the wall or together with other paintings.

Gift certificate for art classes


However, I really loved how these final products came out, and some people are picking up these certificates already tomorrow morning. I’m glad I can give them something which looks great and festive.

For schedule and to find out what classes you’d like to give as a gift, please go to:

There are private, semi-private and group art classes and workshops, as well as one can arrange a private painting party.

For pictures of some of our art classes, please check out:

Gift Certificates for Art Classes and Art

Gift certificate for art classes

Gift certificates for teen and adult art classes are really loved since everybody can enjoy them way beyond the holiday weeks. Some people who receive  art classes as a gift keep attending them and create fantastic art works for quite a few months or even years.

Please check out the schedule here:

Our small groups are very friendly, and the creative atmosphere is just fantastic during these classes. We have mothers and daughters in every class: they attend together watercolor and sketching, acrylic landscape elements and acrylic large flowers. Daughters usually get so many compliments since some are just 11 or 12 years old!

I am offering private, semi-private, private kids and teens, groups art classes and art workshops, as well as one can arrange their own painting party.

Painting party info is here:

I was sorting out the images which we had used during my previous classes, and I was surprised how many pictures there were. So many classes have taken place in this studio-gallery, unbelievable! Well, there are at least 3 classes every week for the most part of the year. It is amazing how each image allows to recall the group and particular students who were creating their art based on that image.

Please let me know if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for art classes. You can pick it up at the studio-gallery, or you can pay by e-mail transfer and get it sent to your inbox. I can send a gift certificate by regular mail, as well. Please, don’t forget to specify for which class the certificate is.

Gift certificate for art classes

All classes will resume in the third week of January.

Just like every year, I have created nice DIY decorations. I used lots of pine and spruce cones this year, I hope they will be liked.

Gift certificate for art classes

There’s always new art, cards and 3-dimensional artworks for sale. Art is a long-lasting gift and will remind the person who received it even after many years.

Please, visit the Fine Art America site to see most of my art: