Dreaming goes on because art is timeless

Before you leave this site, please, spend a short moment with my other blog which is not that visible since it’s secondary (WordPress, it’s time to change that!!!), and the post tells a fairy-tale about Christmas: https://inesepogalifeschool.com/2016/12/22/christmas-fairy-tale-going-home/

Inese Poga's art show

Show, large room, right side

Inese Poga's art show

Show, large room, left side

Art for sale

Sun slightly disturbing, but the light was excellent

artbylocalartist Inese Poga

It’s good to wrap up things and have the feeling of “I have done everything I could, and it is what it is”. It would be certainly way better to finish the year in more elevated mood, like “Was this ever fantastic!” That’s not going to happen this time.

It’s good not to have any classes for a while because that allows getting back to me: doing things that I want and prefer, not only classwork. Giving classes is a big responsibility; it takes a lot of energy and time-consuming preparation work.

I certainly would like to move to my personal themes and my personal visions in art, but unfinished paintings are really standing in the way: you look at some, and it says: hey, just add a few brush strokes, just wash in some more background, it’s not going to be that much of your time! I end up spending a lot of time, and since these are paintings that I started a long time ago, my internal critic disagrees with some aspects. Why did I start this at all? Right, during the class. Why did I choose that much detail? Why didn’t I make it simple and with large accents? Basically, it’s difficult because I have moved on and it feels like catching up on some long time ago forgotten thought or idea.

I will try to be more disciplined and not start that many new paintings, but then again when I didn’t do demos on canvas, I suddenly painted a few great paintings … on messed up cardboard. The wavy texture shines through, and they are not any good for display. It’s even impossible to take any picture of them. You never know with painting: something good can appear where one didn’t expect that and everything can go wrong when we had high expectations. There are so many forces and energies involved that it isn’t by far as simple as “just do it right or according to your plan”.

Classes also put a lot of pressure on any teacher because teaching is also not that simple. I usually think and plan and sketch until I find the right image for a particular group. I also have to think about simplified ways how to put it on canvas or paper.

16 x 12 orchid by Inese Poga

Magnolia, the small version

artbylocalartist gerbera

Gerbera daisy

artbylocalartist my favorite

Finally, got a better picture of poinsettia

artbylocalartist very red poppies

Ones side still pale, but I didn’t have any picture of these red poppies

art Toronto artist

They all looked so attractive

artbylocalartist Barn reflection

We did recently this reflection, everybody loved painting it

artbylocalartist Sunset over shores

This was the subject for a Saturday workshop

artbylocalartist some birches

We are often painting birches

artbylocalartist autumn and birches

This is one of recent class paintings

I had put up a beautiful show, those who came were really impressed, but I believe, my timing was a bit off. I will start to prepare the next show “Blooms and Leaves” fairly soon, and that might be ready by the end of April or by May. Anyway, there is not such a thing as lack of paintings for sale at my gallery. It’s always open and available to anybody over the internet. Just ask.

Merry Christmas to these who celebrate it and fantastic holidays to those who have other celebrations!

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  1. Dear Inese, it was a moment of joy to see your beautiful work and every time I come here you bring something special. May God bless you and your work.
    Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus un laimīgu Jauno gadu.
    Ar cienu, Liza

    1. Dear Liza! Thank you so much! It is my pleasure to know there is a very good friend out there! Thank you for your kind comments. I wish you also merry Christmas and abundant, healthy, wonderful 2017!
      Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus arī Tev, lai piepildās visas vēlēšanās Jaunajā gadā! Labu veselību, pārticību, prieku, daudz laimes!

  2. Amazing……beautiful paintings………and i think with any art……..the end product is entirely different…….like ypu said there are so many things involved……keep up the amazing work…..dream on….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment! Certainly, there are incredibly many aspects that either contribute to creation of outstanding artwork, or interfere with that. To overcome any side effects of creation is a big deal, and I have seen in classes for numerous times how many people give up painting or drawing before they even got started.
      I wish you a wonderful happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! I noticed, too, I am moving that direction. It’s probably because I love lines a lot and composition happens pretty much on its own. I used to work on some tiny details still some 8 years ago, but I decided later that in a medium like acrylic which is much flatter than oil by its nature small things didn’t make sense. at least for me, so I moved onto bolder stuff. You are very attentive, I appreciate your kind comment! Happy 2017!

    1. Thanks! This is a place devoted to arts: a music studio is upstairs; and classroom and 2 showrooms are downstairs. I have a small office, too, so, yes, it looks great and people can stand at some painting contemplating for quite a while. Mostly students love looking very carefully at some image they like. Happy New Year!

  3. Bonjour INESE beaux tableaux
    C’est mon ami
    L’ordinateur qui vas de cœur en cœur
    Grace aux petits mots d’amitié
    Qu’ils lui sont confiés

    Il est venu me demander
    Si je n’avais pas un cœur à honorer
    Je lui ai remis ce petit message
    Qu’il vienne le déposer sur ta page
    Même si tu habites dans le lointain

    Je sais qu’il en trouvera le chemin

    Bonne Année 2017

    Passe une très belle journée ou soirée avec ta famille à table , en ballade ou autre

    Si tu as quelques petits rayons de soleil dans la semaine profite de ceux-ci


    Gros bisous Bernard

  4. Bonjour BELLE INESE et bon jour de l’Epiphanie,


    L’amitié d’un jour peut durer toujours
    C’est une chose naturelle quand elle est virtuelle
    Donner sans attendre en retour
    Ce petit bonheur d’un petit coucou
    On se remonte le moral, quand on est mal
    On ne se fait pas de peine, on ne connait pas la haine
    Les kilomètres nous séparent mais rien de grave
    Ce qui la rend belle, c’est cette étincelle de l’amitié
    Que l’on ne peut pas acheter
    Je te souhaite une excellente journèe

    Gros bisous



  5. Bonjour ou Bonsoir ★* *★ BELLE INESE

    Ce jour
    J’écoute Le Vent

    Me souffler des mots puissants et attachants
    A mon oreille il est venu me murmurer

    Des élans d’amitié avec des envies de liberté

    Me dire combien notre amitié compte entre toi et moi
    Une Amitié avec un grand A
    je te souhaite une excellente journée ou soirée’
    Une douce belle journée si je suis de journée

    Ou une tendre nuit si mon passage est du soir

    Gros bisous



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