Art loaded with positive energy and new available paintings

All of us probably used to have the sense of energy and its vibrations, just like some animals and birds still do. There are energy-sensitive people, people who do not feel or recognize any energy flow, but experience it subconsciously and people who are unable to perceive any energy at all, even though, they just like everybody else are affected by it. I paint implementing lots of good energy in my creations, it’s not only because I cannot make myself draw or paint gruesome, terrifying or evil objects and scenes, but mainly because that is who I am: a medium for converting the great energy from the beautiful nature scenes, flowers, still life objects into the sensitively perceivable feeling of good vibrations. I doubt this could be felt through the internet images or prints since these are copies of copy copies. I know that people who physically look at my paintings in person can experience such energies, unless they belong to the energetically deaf category.

I have painted numerous red flowers as commissions, poppies, wild roses and similar floral paintings on request of people who can sense energy and are able to recognize it. Some of them have placed my paintings in the entrance hall to prevent bad luck and bad energy entering their personal living space. I know a couple who hang a flower painting of mine at the upper staircase overlooking the entire stair, and they told everything became much better and better in their life since that. Just to clarify: positive energy is not the same as positive thinking. We have to work hard, and we need to develop the sixth sense to become somebody who is able to give positive energy to other people or to surround oneself and items in these surroundings with such an energy.

Some people wanted red flowers for their living rooms and some for bedrooms as an energy carrier for passion and love. I believe any appropriate place is good, and these paintings work well because I have puts lots of positive energy into them. I take it from the beauty of objects to be painted and these paintings become a shield to stop the flow of the bad energy.

I was recently suffering from side effects of medications which I had to use, so, I limited my creative efforts to taking pictures, and I have placed quite a few already in my new blog When it comes to positive energy flow in a room or in any space, the image and art matters a lot. Color matters and the subject is important, therefore, I’d advise to only use for decoration paintings, art and items that enable the flow of positive energy, not block it.

I also uploaded some of the most recent images onto Fine Art America site and could not stop enjoying the beautiful products they are now offering. From now on, these products which include not only all kinds of framed and not framed prints, but also phone cases, pillows, tote bags, duvet covers, shower curtains are available on retail throughout Canada and the USA in 150+ locations of Deck the WallsThe Great Frame Up, and the Framing and Art Centre!

Since I’ve been literally down for quite a while I would appreciate a lot spreading out a word about my August 15 and 16 sales and any kind of support. I hope you will love my art products.

I managed to finish a few 20 x 24 paintings and this is the most recent one:

The lonely tree painting was sold, but prints are available from Fine Art America, and they offer huge numbers of mats and frames, it is completely up to the customer what to choose.

Road to summer, acrylic on canvas panel, 20 x 16 in

Three birches, also sold, but prints are available

The summer meadows painting is sold, as well, but obviously art prints are available.

This summer meadow painting was also sold


Red poppies tote bags and pillows

It is possible to select the background color for any item

Framed wildflower field

I have black and grey frames for 20 x 24 in and 16 x 20 in paintings at the gallery

Poppies are available as print, and I have a large similar original poppy field painting.

I hope you enjoyed! I would appreciate a lot you stopped by at the art studio in downtown Whitby, Ontario to have a look at original paintings and at my online sites to check out all  art products.

The New Year is here, it’s a good time to add some color to our life!

The New Year is here. We have welcomed it with all kinds of arrangements, we have new goals and new intentions, and we definitely should not forget the main person: the central figure which is I MYSELF. When we are exhausted, tired, burnt out or otherwise fed up with many routine things, bad outcomes, lack of energy, there is still something we can do in order to relieve these bad conditions which most often attack people during the cold and dark season. Well, the Sun has started to raise higher up in the sky, but days won’t be noticeably longer for a while yet.

While festivities are just yesterday’s experiences, it is fine. As we move along the winter’s path into February, the lack of bright sunlight, dullness of sky, freezing, cold, gusty winds, snow piles or icy sidewalks start to get on our nerves. Lucky people who are not tied up by their business duties or family issues go away to warm places. Not everyone can do that for many reasons, and so we just have to be in the middle of winter and go through it with hopefully good mood, excellent or tolerable health and smile.

Blog NEW YEAR is for making life brighter

We have tested one remedy and discovered how well it works. Immersing ourselves into color is such a blessing! It can be very tough sometimes to get ourselves up and going, but once we do, the pleasure about achievements and the feeling of not wasting time definitely outweighs the initial resistance and fear.

The effects of color and environment are much neglected, yet they play a huge role in our life! Small spaces, dark spaces and cold spaces, especially when the indoors temperature is fairly low, need to have some warn accents, warm and light wall colors. We can definitely fight the blues and upset moods with sunny and energetic colors. So, that’s why this year, hopefully in February I will introduce ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR DAY artistic sessions. That will include working with colors, shapes and images either intentionally or unintentionally in order to achieve one goal: to improve our mood, recharge with fresh energy which we create straight on a sheet of paper or canvas, and to give ourselves the much-needed time for smelling the roses and getting lost in distant meadows of imagination where is only pleasant whether, the sky in color of our thoughts and the flowers of our dreams are blossoming. This does not take much, but gives plenty. Even to people who suffer from depressive or upset moods, anxiety and different mental disorders which have not reached the clinical grade yet.

Unlike other activities, there are no restrictions: people can paint at any age and any health conditions benefit from painting or drawing. Paper or canvas does not care how one looks like or how well one is dressed. Artistic activities take care of balance within us. They go even beyond that and help fighting cravings for food, alcohol and smoking. They keep one away from mobile devices and computers. Well, that is what art is: pure essence of us in a creative state. Once we fall in love with art, it never lets us down.

Fun painting Friends events

Our Holiday Fun and Pleasure afternoon

Fun and pleasure painting workshop

The interesting part is that except one lady (she is on the left) nobody else had painted before

Acrylic painting classes for adults

We were working from a sketch and following the steps

Poppy painting class

We painted a lot of poppies this past fall, but the demo version is not done yet, meaning, I had to go over and over the first layers for all groups, and I had no time to bring it to completion so far

Rose with her painting

This is getting close to finishing stage

Poppy painting sessions were very well attended

Poppy painting turned out to be one of the best painting sessions in 2014

Poppy acrylic painting session

Gwen working on her painting

Many pictures from classes did not get into last year’s posts; I simply was sometimes too busy. So, I’m adding some of pictures from the most recent classes and workshops now.

New students joined us

New students joined us, as well, and so their absolutely first paintings came out good

Connie and her poppy painting version

Connie and her poppy painting version

Our teen group loved painting poppies

Our teen group loved painting poppies, too

Adult acrylic painting class

Bev’s version was never published yet

Bhumika's second painting

I would say this is very good for somebody who just started out

Acrylic painting class for adults

Connie’s poppies

Acrylic painting workshop Whitby Ontario

Birch painting on sunset background was our number 2 taking into account finished paintings and participants evaluation

Sunset fun and pleasure afternoon

Four people just started painting recently, and it seems they enjoy it a lot

Close view on our creations

Close view on our creations

Calia's painting

Calia is our youngest artist, she attends workshops together with more mature artists, and gets very good results

Winter painting events

Number 3 was the winter scenes, everybody got great results and also liked the scenes we were working from

The not-ready demo version for birch painting project

The not-ready demo version for birch painting project

The pretty much finished version for acrylic fun afternoon

The pretty much finished version for acrylic fun afternoon

Regular classes resume next week, on January 6 and January 7.

Happy New Year everybody!  Pick up your brushes, sharpen pencils and open your paint tubes! We are about to get to painting again!

Nostalgia for old times and ability to create gifts is a gift, too

I’m probably getting old or older, but I am definitely having recently some nostalgia for these times which won’t ever return.

I believe, I am not taking too well the huge overload of commercials screaming at me from everywhere. Wherever I look, it’s just buy this and get this for free and hurry up because these discounts won’t last. Endlessly. It might be also because we never had a large family, and when I was young we were not that much about gifts.

My most memories are about preparations to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. This brings back some fantastic smells of pies and pastries in the oven, the fresh scent of fir-tree and aroma of candles. And real lights of real candles, so warm and so alive. We used to sing a lot, as well. These are sounds of old songs, partially forgotten, but I can still sing them in quite a few languages: my first foreign language was Russian, the next was German, I picked it up early and was able to use fluently by the time I was 12, the third was English quite a few years later. I am a native Latvian, and we have millions of folk songs, so many that every Latvian can call one his or her own. So, yes, we were following the very ancient Latvian traditions which are actually more ancient than English or German traditions since Latvian along with Lithuanian belong to the most ancient still alive languages and can be traced back to the ages of Sanskrit.

I can also remember how we were walking through the deep snow to the nearby forest to get the most beautiful tree. I was told I was only 4 years old. That’s amazing, but I can recall the walk, the snow and the forest. That’s how I’m painting my fir trees, they look exactly as those ones which I saw 52 years ago.

However, my intention was to share the idea about how kids and teens should rather create and make their gifts than try to buy something for money which they probably haven’t even earned yet. We were a lot about creativity, and that was all we were doing when not reading or working: sewing, drawing, painting, making toys, household items, and jewelry, things for our house and for our living space. There were so many ways to bring beauty into our home, and nobody was really worried about expenses because these self-made things did not cost anything or just a little in materials.

I maintained this ability to create everything from practically nothing all my life. I find it exciting, way more exciting than going to the store and buying stuff made in China. I find some of the decorations they sell absolutely tasteless. How much of attraction can actually plastic things have? Fake trees are still somehow OK, even artificial berries and fir and pine cones, but if you ask me, I’d say nothing compares to self-made decorations. However, I love glass balls and ornaments. We used to have some from 1912 and 1938. I asked my mom how that was possible to keep these ornaments not broken through all wars and troubles, and she said they were so small and so lovely, and they were associated with so many memories that everybody was taking an extremely good care about them.

So, finalizing the previously said, I was asking quite a few people:

This holiday season, instead of buying your gift, you could paint one, couldn’t you?

Village in snow acrylic demo for painting class

It takes only 3 hours which is such a tiny moment compared to the huge amount of positive energy residing in such a gift. It stays with one for ever.

Winter cardinal, acrylic painting

The other day we were painting some birds.

Small acrylic painting of winter scene

This is one more of small paintings I did for demonstration, it’s 12 x 16 in

Happy holidays Gift painting

I virtually wrapped up one painting, and let’s see, maybe somebody will think they are good gifts and drop in the gallery, too.

Painting process mirrors life and that is fantastic

Art creation involves a large range of experiences and emotions: it is pleasure, but can cause problems; it makes us happy, but can be disappointing, achievements come after failures, and lucky accidents happen, too. Especially when paint spills all over your just finished painting, but it only lands on spots which really look better now, plus creates the feel of loose and natural paint application. Cannot happen that way? Well, there are some happy moments which arise from mistakes, and not only in art.

Should you be upset if you feel very attracted to painting, but so far haven’t had any chance to try it or are convinced you have no talent? Definitely not, because we learn painting or drawing with very various goals in mind: just for pleasure, as a hobby, for the love of color, desire to be creative, have something for yourself,  decorate home, paint a gift, prove yourself you can do it, paint like …, and so on, and so on.

When it comes to learning painting or drawing, it is no different from any other studies. Some people are fast learners, some are slow, some students like repeating the new approach at home, but the other ones only do something in the classroom. We all have distinctive ways of seeing and perceiving the reality, some of us have well-trained memory, some have plenty of life experience, and there are also people who can hear things better than visualize them and vice versa.

An art teacher gives directions, explanations, recommendations, advice and examples. During classes, your art teacher will show and demonstrate painting steps, paint application techniques, unusual materials and unexpected ways to apply paint; wrong and proper ways to place items or scenes on your canvas and good and bad mixes of paint. The teacher will make you aware about the fastest and the most effective methods to achieve the desirable effect and the simplest techniques when painting complicated subjects. However, the learning process requires that student’s involvement is as important as teacher’s, because the results directly depend on the effort students have put into their work. They depend on attention or lack of it, on willingness to take risks or not, on whether it is only an attempt or exploration of something new or serious interest and enthusiasm.

The most important part of learning process is our gain from it. That could be knowledge or skill, an idea or just inspiration.

What is the difference between an art class and workshop? Classes and lessons are usually ongoing and the particular matter is explored from simple to complicated, from easy to difficult, and from basic to advanced. There are sometimes classes which deal with very specific subject: trees in watercolor, water in acrylic, works created pouring paint, negative florals or glass in still life; or specific medium or technique: collage, ink and watercolor, watercolor and pastel and so on. Workshops are usually longer than a class and can have as an objective a completely finished work. However, students should not always expect any class or workshop resulting in ready to hang artwork, just because we have different learning and working speeds, and sometimes the new technique takes time to process it in our mind.

Secondly, the experience is an important part of any process. Even though, when watching somebody painting with ease, we assume there are no difficulties involved, that’s not completely true. We need some patience and we also need a positive attitude: if this did not happen today, it will happen sometime. And I can assure, it will. It is highly unlikely that nothing would suit us among millions of ways painting or drawing is done.

Pictures from our last week’s art class serve as illustration. This subject was much loved, and one painting is done, or by the end of class it seemed to be done. The fall gives us plenty of ideas and great things to use for direct observation and painting, not to mention the possibilities to interpret the fall colors! They can please everybody. Happy weekend with nice colors in mind and brushes or pencils in hand!

Let’s extend our appreciation for culture and art beyond the Culture Days weekend

Many artistic and culturally enlightening activities will take place all over Canada during this weekend. I did not register an event myself since the number of attendants and visitors was no different from regular weekdays in the last 4 years, so I thought it didn’t make too much sense to go for the trouble again. However, the studio and the gallery will be open, and everybody is welcome. We definitely have to evoke more interest about creative activities and visual arts in particular.  “By the year 2020, the World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the number two cause of “lost years of healthy life” worldwide.” ( It is important to express oneself, to be among other people, to share your ideas and thoughts and to be busy and satisfied with at least something in your life: that makes a person less sensitive and less vulnerable; therefore such a person will find easier ways to overcome periods of upset and bad moods, anxiety attacks and desperation. That is the straightest path to the mental freedom, and it takes us away from fears, doubts and despair. Everybody who finds the strength to participate in art creation and to meet other people who enjoy creativity and creation, sooner or later finds out that there is much more to these activities, workshops and classes. It is surprising how much engaging in creation of visual art can help! While most people assume, it’s just brushing around and playing with color, these activities have wonderful ability to fill up one’s mind and to keep it busy and undisturbed for the entire length of painting or drawing session. Such activities are completely under-evaluated.  The most interesting feature of artistic creation is its universality, it suits absolutely any age: kids and teens, youth, adults and seniors. Busy moms, tired workers, exhausted officials, lonely people, retirees, people who are addicted and seek an escape from their addiction, people who are stressed out and people who are completely lost in their lives: everybody can benefit from creativity. While we shouldn’t expect miracles: nobody starts to paint like Rembrandt just during one painting class, we develop a new set of skills, new methods to express our feelings and emotions, we have pleasurable experiences and we even create something beautiful which can be used in many different ways. This interest in creation can turn into our most favorite thing, as well. The other amazing feature of art creation is its ability to fight cravings and addictions. That definitely is one more reason to keep out food and drinks of painting and drawing activities. The basic reason for not painting where one eats is the toxicity of all chemicals and paints. Art can help overcome addictions to food, alcohol, mobile devices, dependence on the internet, it also teaches how to organize oneself, how to get rid of useless and destructive emotions and how to enjoy what we have and our life.

We have to make some time for balancing out the daily routine.

Advantages of creative activities 2 Culture Days is a great initiative to remind us that we need way more than just daily bread and roof. Hopefully, the interest in cultural and creative activities which are realistically available to absolutely every one of us will not fade away once this weekend is over. I hope meeting at least some of my friend artists, students, potential students and art lovers at my gallery this weekend.

What’s on the easel?

Well, I had not posted anything in a while. The reason is: I was feeling quite terribly. It seems the early fall weather with abnormal humidity and heat at first and with rains and storms afterwards had really got me. I was keeping my schedule to minimum: I gave all scheduled classes since I did not want to disappoint my students, but that was about it.

I thought I would get done some paintings which I started back in August, but that was not an achievable goal. While painting keeps pain at some moderate level, it was still difficult to stay on top of all tasks and duties which I had set for me.

It usually takes some time to recover completely, and my new website and initiation of the other life style blog will have to wait for a better moment. Meanwhile, we have been working on some new projects. I have been doing some painting, too, regardless of all disturbing matters. I have nice frames for most of these paintings, and hopefully the final stage won’t take too long.

One more thing: when photographed, acrylic paintings never look the same what they seem to be on the wall. I am sometimes trying different camera settings, different light conditions, different distances and sizes, but I have to admit that only very large acrylic paintings look somehow similarly to their originals. I have a very good camera with an excellent lens, I’ve been taking photos of paintings for more than a decade, but only watercolors and pencil drawings come out nicely. It is sometimes very annoying because the photo sort of shows completely distinctive colors.

Unique places on the Earth: the Hill of Crosses for peace and spirituality in Lithuania


Can you imagine a huge hill built up of crosses and crucifixes? I was not even aware there was such a hill until our trip to Lithuania. I will not try to interpret the symbolic and other meanings of this hill since I do not speak Lithuanian and I did not notice any explanations anywhere, but that was a place where prayers go to the sky, peace surrounds the pilgrim as a soft and comforting scarf and eternity comes a bit closer. I had never seen such a place before.

There were just a few sunny days during my stay in Latvia so far.

I cannot do much about the weather, but I am definitely trying to have good time despite  mother nature’ s moods.

We decided to take a drive to Rundale, a castle and village in Latvia since there was a Rose Festival, but we somehow ended up on the road to Lithuania since there was road construction and we somehow got lost. Somebody had heard there was a pilgrimage place which was entirely built up of approximately 100,000 crosses, crucifixes and rosaries. This sacred place was not far, the sun was shining (what a surprise!), so we changed our plans.

Numerous crosses and crucifixes

The view was actually more than impressive. I would say this was an absolutely unique site, and I had never heard about a similar place anywhere on the earth. This pilgrimage site attracts people from all over the globe with peace, spirituality and its sacred nature. It said, the first crosses were place on the hill around 1831. Even though its main idea may not be what it felt like to me, I could see the Hill of Crosses as a place where to show our gratitude, thankfulness, love for peace and freedom.


Somebody told these crosses were not from cemeteries, they were placed there by people who were looking for their inner peace and probably for healing. There were written prayers or letters of gratitude attached to some crosses.

Path going up

I do not read and understand Lithuanian, but judging by people who spoke German, French, English, Russian and Latvian, I believe many had come here to express their gratitude or to send prayers for somebody’ s well-being, health, peace or other matters. Looking up to huge crosses and statues made me think of things and people I had lost along the way, and the energy on the hill was definitely filled with positive vibrations, hope and blessings.

Many people were walking in silence and lots of prayers were sent out from here.

This is a place which makes one forget about the small daily chores and think about spirituality and eternal matters.

The path along entrance The Hill of Crosses


My daughter and my mom

The Hill of Crosses attracts people with peace and spirituality: my daughter and my mom

Path along the Hill of Crosses

Many people from all the globe were visiting the Hill of Crosses

We have to remember that each cross was placed by somebody.

My daughter at the Hill

My daughter at the Hill

One more picture of me

One picture of me

So many crosses

So many crosses

The Sacred place Hill of Crosses

View from the stairs

View from the stairs

Folkart of the Hill of Crosses

Genuine art to express the gratitude and hope

The Hill of Crosses Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania: pilgrimage site and place of peace and healing, hope and gratitude.

I had to update the article since there were some misunderstandings.

I would think great minds stand above any religious disparities since in my opinion belief should not set people apart, but make them respect more things which they share or don’t. Religious symbolism is present in any culture. The governing religion in Lithuania is catholic, just like in many other countries. My personal attitude does not really matter whether I travel to Mexico, Spain or Italy or any other place since the monuments of the past are supposed to lift our spirits and help realizing the potential of humanity through its struggles and victories, and art, architecture, monuments are the beautiful implementations of our history. We may belong to different races or religions, but all of us share the appreciation for human achievements. I mean, any beautiful and remarkable place on the Earth deserves our respect and admiration just because we all are human and we all need a hope.

We and our creations are one of a kind

I recently read an art blog, and the artist was sharing her doubts whether to paint simple nature objects or not since there was nothing new to say about them.

It’s definitely tough because when we check out all the art which has been created during the last two thousand years, we have to come to conclusion that practically everything has been painted, written, composed and done. It’s amazing, but abstracts and minimalism, modernism and naturalism, naivism, impressionism, symbolism and so on and on existed way ago. Not always the style and genre was given a name, and art was not categorized like nowadays, but it existed, it was created and it still reminds the simple truth: there is usually more of everything than meets the eye. However, stubborn as we are, we keep writing, painting, doing.

Have you ever seen the happiness in child’s eyes when he or she has drawn or painted something for the first time? Tree, flower, house, mom or himself. These may be just some lines, some attempt, some distant capture of what we would assume painting or drawing should be. For kid who painted his or her first painting, this is the biggest discovery, the hugest achievement, a whole new world, an excitement and satisfaction, belief in himself. The kid has seen something wonderful happening. The kid does not really care that there exist millions of other paintings, probably way better since they are based on theories and knowledge and practice. This one is the best, the most wonderful, the most amazing.

Being an artist quite often requires becoming like that kid: we sure are aware there is everything imaginable and unimaginable available already, there was and there will be, but we grab the brush, we take the pencil, we through the paint on canvas, and the magic is happening. Right in this moment, straight with us, and something wonderful is being created. Regardless whether it is the best or the worst painting of the century, we have turned our vision into something touchable and visible which other people can perceive and experience, as well. We are sharing our vision about the being, existence, life, future, past, birth, death and eternity. Whatever our subject and it does not really matter whether one paints breakfast dishes or streetscape of a huge city, we are all drawing, painting, writing ourselves and telling the story about us: who we are, why we are and how the world looks like according to us.

That’s why it still makes sense to paint pansy, rose, road, fence, some face, some scene, some tree, sky, fog, field even though we know somebody has already painted this all, and maybe the other paintings were better. They were definitely different, and that is all what matters: we are unique just as our DNA is, as our fingerprints are. We are seeing every single object completely distinctively and we are painting it that way, too.  Therefore, we can say: welcome the millionth version of rose, of street scene, of sky and water! Since this is one of a kind.

The garden of my dreams acrylic painting

As you walk along this path, you may understand what I wanted to tell you. At least people who were looking at the real painting could.

The studio-gallery entrance

I got a chance to display some paintings straight on the porch. If you happen to be in downtown of Whitby, Ontario, drop in. I’m always happy to meet people who enjoy art.

Accomplishment: the meaningful measuring unit of time

Idleness makes hours pass slowly and years swiftly. Activity makes the hours short and the years long.

/Cesare Pavese “This business Of Living”, 1938/

Time flies and streams flow: are we going to stand by and watch them disappear?

Most of us have some daily duties, jobs, schedules, routine, obligations and problems. Fewer have achievements, satisfaction, passion, happiness and things that make this life a pleasurable experience.

I have noticed people who are passionate about something are simply better off. They are better off in many ways, not only because they don’t know what the boredom or wasted time is, but they have something more than just routine, duties and obligations.

Time really flies, and there are so many reasons to interact with life, not only watch it passing by. I am usually measuring my day by what I have accomplished. These don’t have to be always important things, but “accomplished” things. Watching TV, for instance is wasted time. Watering plants is an “accomplished” thing. Calling mom is an “accomplished” thing. Painting or sketching is an “accomplished” thing for sure.

Thus, the measuring units of my time are not only hours, days, months, years, but any accomplished things whether small or huge.

I am happy that my art classes allow other people accomplishing something, as well. That can be even to make a dream come true. I am obviously happy that spots for the fall art classes are already taken in spring.

I hope we will be able to arrange an exhibition of my students and my demo artworks either in October or December. The space is a bit of a problem, but we could probably solve it. Not all art which I am putting on this blog is finished works, but it is easy to understand: we all are unique and our creative speeds are distinctive.

The recent 6-week acrylic painting session is very successful, we are about to start the second project.

Acrylic painting class for beginners

Daughters, mothers, friends and art lovers

Park painting in acrylic

Park and floral scene in acrylic

Floral and nature project

First time paintings for 5 students, 1 started attending my classes before

Whitby acrylic painting for adults

Pleasure and fun: everything together

Painting flowers in acrylic

Thursday night acrylic painting class

The river project: adult acrylic painting class

Not all paintings got to the finishing stage since it is summertime

Acrylic painting class for adults

Still requires some work, but they will get it done

Painting lessons for adults in Durham

Practicing more complicated objects is very useful

First project in adult acrylic class

The collage view

Acrylic paintings by adult beginner class

Many very committed students had joined the Thursday class; lots of projects were done during September-May. The passion for art and creation is the common feature of all of my students. The inspiration is so vibrant in this studio that it is simply impossible not to paint, draw, sketch or create.



My self-guiding brush and poetic blue gardens for Mother’s Day

There is a moment around February, March when I simply need some green color. I want to see it, paint, visualize it and implement everywhere. I know green paintings are sort of something nobody wants to engage into too much, but this need for green color after the dull dirty white and grey scenery is so irresistible that I do it again. I just paint some more green paintings showing imagined scenery which should become visible outdoors some time later, as well.

Blooming fields Acrylic painting of spring nature

Blooming fields 1

Blooming fields: acrylic painting of spring meadow

Blooming fields 2

Blue road through spring Acrylic painting trees, nature, road

Blue road

Spring path: sculpted three-dimensional art

Sculpted spring path: three-dimensional

Purple flower hill Acrylic painting of flowers, trees, nature

Hill flowers

Spring was 2 months late this year. Lilac is usually blossoming on my names day, it always has been. This year lilac trees are only getting leaves, they are very far from blooming yet, and my name’s day is on May 18. Besides, everybody celebrates name’s or angel’s day in Latvia. Every name has been assigned one day in the calendar, and very rare names get rare name’s day, lots of them together. It’s one of the best celebrations since guests can simply show up without any invitation, and that’s what they often do.

Anyway, I got tired of painting green fairly quickly. It lasted some couple of weeks this year. I actually need to change either subject or medium often because I hate doing one and the same thing over and over again. After being busy with greens, I am immersing into poetic blue shades. Blue always was one of my favorite colors, and I also accidentally found a great blue shade in the art store not long ago, and that’s why I’m applying it everywhere. That allows creating some kind of very attractive shade: dreamy, surreal and very deep blue. I enjoy this quite a lot at the moment, who knows for how long.

Painting waterc in acrylic: painting in progress

On the go: water scenes

Acrylic painting of lake and river: progress

Progress: water scenes

The poetic blue gardens

The faded version in too bright electric light of Blue romantic gardens

The poetic blue gardens: brighter, but darker acrylic painting version

The dark version of Blue romantic gardens

I also thought, I was not somebody who would ever carefully copy, edit and repaint photos. I hardly use any because I have photographic memory and huge imaginative capacity. I noticed it when I was already at school age. I learned by heart all pages in the ABC since I could not figure out (my grandma was teaching me reading, and she had strange ways to present the spelling). My parents thought at first I could read without any errors, and had learned everything unbelievably fast, but they discovered soon that when I didn’t see pictures next to each letter, I lost all reading abilities. I simply had associated all content with visual images in the book. I never had problems remembering large articles, poems, and it really made it easy to study. It still helps with my medical writing because I can recall a tough term which I was dealing with some 5 years ago and I know exactly which document contains it. No need for any lists, too. Well, my visual memory has always been much stronger than the auditory. That’s why I am most often painting some scene which resides somewhere in the labyrinths of my visual universe. I know the realistic paintings are nice because they have all shadows in the right places and all details are worked out perfectly, but I simply don’t care about that. I suppose, we all have some main focus area when painting or drawing. Mine is pretty much the emotional part and colors. My brush actually does this for me. I am trying to keep it away from obviously plain or aggressive colors, but it would stubbornly pick up some terribly bright yellow or offensively strong red, and there it goes: color is placed on my canvas before I even realize I had squeezed it out of tube. That’s why I have a self-guiding brush, and it does all the painting for me. Here and there I have to assist it with some ideas, but generally my brush never gives up and it challenges me instantly to get used to new color combinations which I hardly dare to think about. I hope you have some pencil or brush with unusual features, as well.

My mom loves my paintings; she never says there’s something wrong with them even if there is. I hope somebody will show her this newest post and she can have a look at my recent work, as well. I ordered flowers (it’s so great that’s possible being across the Ocean!), but flowers don’t mind some added value which could be this post.

The blue stuff is not finished yet. I tried to take some pictures at electric light, but they either came out faded or dark. Whatever, it’s tough to take a realistic pic of painting when there no proper light anyway, but I will be very busy next week. I am also aware the timing is not right for posting this right now, but that’s Ok, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on the globe!