Inseparable fellows: desperation and delight, which one wins?

Shadows in my tea-cup, darkness behind the window and soft warmth from the small outdoor lights: that is the calming scene […]

Memories, dreams and hopes: the holiday art show

Memories, dreams and hopes form the mental environment I reside in. Although, I’ve been always strongly attached to the reality, the […]

Crafted and hand-made is the new luxury 1

When reviewing some reports from trend analysis about home decor, gift and luxury item retail, I was very pleased seeing […]

Beauty in abundance: our success allows expecting more from late summer painting sessions

The endless roads of summer trips and the mysterious paths of wilderness are waiting. Garden is ready to bring up […]

Gift Certificates for Art Classes and Art

Gift certificates for teen and adult art classes are really loved since everybody can enjoy them way beyond the holiday […]

Basic/Intermediate level acrylic painting workshops

In order to participate in these acrylic painting workshops, some experience in painting with acrylics is required. Relaxing activities in […]

Painting spring during snow storm feels really great

I am receiving plenty of e-mails about painting and art classes. Many potential students come straight to the studio-gallery, as […]