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The creativity crisis – there is simple, but magic cure

In addition to all kinds of disastrous social symptoms, we are recently hearing about the creativity crisis. Really? How come? Why do we even need such a personal feature as creativity?

I doubt anybody with more or less understanding of personal development would argue that it is very important to develop our creative side and work on it. Creative activities help lessening different mental conditions and make life more cheerful by raising serotonin levels and, thus, add to our inner balance. Balance is the key to everything: good health, well-being, success and prosperity. Long-term and broad research shows that creative children are more likely to succeed and cope with any situation which comes up in their lifetime, they will feel more confident and less lost if something unexpected happens than those lacking creativity.  Creative activities can make one’s life easier, more interesting, fuller, more exiting and less stressful.

I was reading recently how becoming creative was described as getting into some state of mind and intentionally trying to make that happen. I am very sure it won’t happen that way. Becoming smart, interesting, enthusiastic and creative is not following five easy steps. This takes work, efforts, numerous experiments and perseverance. Creativity is not somebody will pour over you, and nobody can actually teach you how exactly to be creative. There are so many definitions, approaches, tests and scores to detect whether you are or are not a creative person. Creativity has to originate from the inside of an individual. It is possible to get advice, technical and practical guidance in any activities, but the process is up to you.

Creativity is a very attractive feature similar to being interesting, imaginative ability and innovative talent that empowers a person. We all have some desire to be noticed, to be loved and appreciated. By doing something creative we are opening the doors for love, appreciation, new friendships.

Whenever the talk touches creativity, nobody has told so far they know for sure they’d hate to be creative. I am most often receiving completely contrary messages. People complain their life is boring, dull, it is lacking any interesting or magic aspect and they would love to become somehow involved with creative things. So what’s stopping them?

Many people give up quickly anything which does not happen the way they thought it would right away. Some give up activity they just started to find out about because the results did not show after first half an hour or first attempt. Some are feeling sorry to spend any money on what they think is simply a pastime.

Spending some money on creative activities is inevitable. The least costly thing is probably writing poetry or stories. However, writing sad stories or poems, composing sad songs or listening to them can trigger low-spirits and depressive episodes, thus, sensitive people should rather participate in some artistic groups until they feel strong enough to do something on their own.

So, yes, you will have to spend some money for your fabrics or papers, for sewing machine or brushes, for garden or crafting tools. I would say that is definitely less than one spends on fast poisonous foods, useless drinks or antidepressant pills.

Depending on your creative activity, there are also real benefits because we spend way less money for anything we have created than bought ready-made. The creative mind works like this: I have some stuff, I’d need maybe some small bit of other stuff and I probably could make something great out of it. The consumerist’s mind works such a way: where do I get it and how much will it cost?

I am attaching for illustration some of recent teen group’s sketches and some of free choice project works done by our adult students. Enjoy!

Teens group: sketches

Teen watercolor class sketches

Watercolor sketches: teen group

Where to get inspiration or idea what is that you would like? There are hundreds of options: all craft and art shows, all creativity meetings, local meetings of writers and photographers, amateur song and dance festivals, amateur theater performances, garden shows, musical gatherings like open mikes, galleries, art and craft stores and departments, fabric stores and more. Besides, there are always people at these events and places who will give a good advice on where to start.

Yet, surveys and research tell us, the creativity is dramatically decreasing and something needs to be done to reintroduce more creative activities in our families, schools and society.

It is never too late to engage in creative things. Local people who are interested in art could join my art classes and attend the creative workshops. I am not surprised some of my students love these art classes so much that they return year after year, and they would miss anything else, but the weekly art class. It is obviously doing something good for them!

Adult group free choice projects

Acrylic class for adults: painting winter sceneNight lights: acrylic class for adultsFirst part of paintingPainting summer fields: acrylic painting class for adultsBlocking in the fall scene: adult art classPainted acrylic scene in sleepless night

My experience after teaching at high schools, colleges, individually, in groups allows concluding the following. The idea of becoming creative most often is present in the family and it is passed over from generation to generation. Kids who pick up arts, crafts, sewing, writing, dancing, playing an instrument in early childhood most likely will continue engaging in some creative activities all life. There is much less depression, anxiety, upset moods, loss of interest in life, engaging in drugs, alcohol and troubles among teens who love creative life style and who paint, write, dance, sing, play an instrument, compose than in those who only spend all their free time on the street, in parties and at computer. The same goes for adults. People who do a lot of creative stuff are much less complaining about loneliness, depression, feeling lost, seeing no meaning or purpose in life than those who at the best go to the bar or sit in front of TV.


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  1. Good points. I am much happier creating, but it can be draining. It’s good to have balance, with a measured amount of creativity most days. 🙂


    April 15, 2014
    • Well, sure it can be draining if you are creating something which is your daily work and you have to meet deadlines, etc. Professional or serious artistic work can be exhausting, too, just like any other job. I was mostly referring to people who would like something for their own pleasure or who are interested in adding something new to their life. You Brenda are professional!


      April 15, 2014
      • LOL I suppose I am professional. I work long hours, too. But I can’t imagine life without it. It’s like when the house landed on the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, and the whole world is in color afterwards. In this case, the Witch is boredom, and Oz is the land of Creating Art. I could never go back to Kansas. I’m home here in this world of creating. 🙂


        April 15, 2014
      • I don’t doubt any second that you just cannot live without it! The same about me. It’s impossible not to, the urge to make something, paint something, write something is huge. I like you have to do this every day and it is sort of my duty and business, and passion, everything together. Once you start, that’s it.


        April 15, 2014
      • Yes, exactly. Passion, love, joy, all wrapped into one glorious package. 🙂


        April 15, 2014
      • Exactly!


        April 15, 2014
  2. claprof #

    Reblogged this on LA BOTTEGA DELL'ANIMA and commented:
    Molto interessante!!!!


    April 16, 2014
  3. All true! Beautiful post!


    April 16, 2014
    • Thanks Susan! I am always trying to convince people they need something for themselves apart from their daily jobs and routine chores!


      April 16, 2014
  4. As I grow older, I get more creative… I guess it has to do with time…


    April 16, 2014
    • I suppose, you always were attracted to the creative stuff, it’s just so that getting older we also get smarter, we understand more what really is valuable in life, and we also have more time, no small kids, no career problems, etc.


      April 16, 2014
  5. Reblogged this on Moragh Cameron and commented:
    Whitby artist Inese Poga…absolutely lovely.


    May 21, 2014

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