For the love of texture, color and warmth

Texture and color make art very attractive. Especially, tree art.

Lots of art has been created, and everybody who likes decorating, getting great deals and collecting art should be heading straight to the Fall Art Festival at Camp Samac, Oshawa since it is still on tomorrow and after tomorrow: Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th.
About 70 artists are participating this year, and the selection is just breathtaking. Does it make sense to buy a print when it is possible to obtain an original piece of art at a very reasonable and attractive price? Probably not because prices at this show are more than affordable.

Art sale and show Whitby Ontario

For the above mentioned reasons: texture, color and warmth, I have created some floral and tree paintings using a technique which allows to obtain rich texture, and these acrylic artworks look 3-dimensional, to some point even on photos.

Most of my paintings always come in sets of 2, 3 and 4, and that way they are perfect for decoration purposes. Colors are kept warm, cozy and gentle in order to make somebody’s neutral walls less boring.

Bird paintings also can be obtained in sets or as a single painting. I have varnished all watercolors and attached them onto art boards or stretched over canvases, which means they don’t need to be covered with glass and can be safely displayed with or without an additional frame. All materials are of archival quality, and neither watercolor paper, nor colors will be damaged over time.

Some bird paintings on panels

Small birds: watercolor on panel

This Fall Art Festival is worth checking out even if you don’t intend to buy anything, it’s a pleasure for your eyes and delight for your soul.

Culture Days 2011

Visual artist Inese Poga is inviting you to participate, create and celebrate arts during Canada Culture Days event on October 1st and October 2nd.

These events are especially designed for children, young people and adults who always wanted to try painting, drawing, or creating a collage, but never really got to it.

You will have an opportunity to practice watercolour, drawing and creating your own design of nature materials.

Please try to be at the gallery-studio between 3.30 pm and 4 pm if you would like to enjoy watercolour painting, and the collage project will start by 5 pm on October 1st. Hands on projects will be starting after 3 pm on Sunday, October 2nd.

This event will be very useful if you are thinking about improving, changing or making more attractive your home environment.

Artist also would like to announce her new project which will start this fall. Everybody interested in creating their own artwork or home decor is very welcome.

Please visit the Culture Days website for more detail, driving directions, map and location.

The gallery-studio is located in downtown Whitby, corner Mary/Perry Str.