Finding inspiration in poppy fields

It is not a secret that some themes and objects are easier to do, and especially, if the artist is just starting out. After engaging for a few classes in two landscape paintings, we decided to paint some poppies, just for fun and for the love of color.

This theme was liked a lot, and all students started their paintings without any complications, extreme difficulties or unpleasant surprises.

Placing poppies in the right spots

Everybody told, they really enjoyed this painting.

Blocking in the blooms

The excitement was so great that these paintings got finished by students during the following class, which was the last class before I left for vacation.

Students are using artist grade acrylic paints, so, these paintings will last. We had a chance to check out paintings done with students grade paints, and colors had lost they brightness in just 3 years.

We are referencing drawings, pictures, and sometimes real flowers to help our imagination with color choices and composition.

Students have freedom to choose whatever color or its shade they prefer, in order to create their paintings in a way they love it.

My poppy field demo version for this class.

I will post the cropped image under the Art News.

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  1. Thanks Monica! I’m getting ready for the 3-day Fall ART Festival, but I will definitely post some tips and how-to notes after I’m done with the FAF, or most likely, that might happen after the Canada Culture Days event which is scheduled for September 29 and 30.

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