Painting process mirrors life and that is fantastic

Art creation involves a large range of experiences and emotions: it is pleasure, but can cause problems; it makes us happy, but can be disappointing, achievements come after failures, and lucky accidents happen, too. Especially when paint spills all over your just finished painting, but it only lands on spots which really look better now, plus creates the feel of loose and natural paint application. Cannot happen that way? Well, there are some happy moments which arise from mistakes, and not only in art.

Should you be upset if you feel very attracted to painting, but so far haven’t had any chance to try it or are convinced you have no talent? Definitely not, because we learn painting or drawing with very various goals in mind: just for pleasure, as a hobby, for the love of color, desire to be creative, have something for yourself,  decorate home, paint a gift, prove yourself you can do it, paint like …, and so on, and so on.

When it comes to learning painting or drawing, it is no different from any other studies. Some people are fast learners, some are slow, some students like repeating the new approach at home, but the other ones only do something in the classroom. We all have distinctive ways of seeing and perceiving the reality, some of us have well-trained memory, some have plenty of life experience, and there are also people who can hear things better than visualize them and vice versa.

An art teacher gives directions, explanations, recommendations, advice and examples. During classes, your art teacher will show and demonstrate painting steps, paint application techniques, unusual materials and unexpected ways to apply paint; wrong and proper ways to place items or scenes on your canvas and good and bad mixes of paint. The teacher will make you aware about the fastest and the most effective methods to achieve the desirable effect and the simplest techniques when painting complicated subjects. However, the learning process requires that student’s involvement is as important as teacher’s, because the results directly depend on the effort students have put into their work. They depend on attention or lack of it, on willingness to take risks or not, on whether it is only an attempt or exploration of something new or serious interest and enthusiasm.

The most important part of learning process is our gain from it. That could be knowledge or skill, an idea or just inspiration.

What is the difference between an art class and workshop? Classes and lessons are usually ongoing and the particular matter is explored from simple to complicated, from easy to difficult, and from basic to advanced. There are sometimes classes which deal with very specific subject: trees in watercolor, water in acrylic, works created pouring paint, negative florals or glass in still life; or specific medium or technique: collage, ink and watercolor, watercolor and pastel and so on. Workshops are usually longer than a class and can have as an objective a completely finished work. However, students should not always expect any class or workshop resulting in ready to hang artwork, just because we have different learning and working speeds, and sometimes the new technique takes time to process it in our mind.

Secondly, the experience is an important part of any process. Even though, when watching somebody painting with ease, we assume there are no difficulties involved, that’s not completely true. We need some patience and we also need a positive attitude: if this did not happen today, it will happen sometime. And I can assure, it will. It is highly unlikely that nothing would suit us among millions of ways painting or drawing is done.

Pictures from our last week’s art class serve as illustration. This subject was much loved, and one painting is done, or by the end of class it seemed to be done. The fall gives us plenty of ideas and great things to use for direct observation and painting, not to mention the possibilities to interpret the fall colors! They can please everybody. Happy weekend with nice colors in mind and brushes or pencils in hand!

Gift Certificates for Art Classes and Art

Gift certificate for art classes

Gift certificates for teen and adult art classes are really loved since everybody can enjoy them way beyond the holiday weeks. Some people who receive  art classes as a gift keep attending them and create fantastic art works for quite a few months or even years.

Please check out the schedule here:

Our small groups are very friendly, and the creative atmosphere is just fantastic during these classes. We have mothers and daughters in every class: they attend together watercolor and sketching, acrylic landscape elements and acrylic large flowers. Daughters usually get so many compliments since some are just 11 or 12 years old!

I am offering private, semi-private, private kids and teens, groups art classes and art workshops, as well as one can arrange their own painting party.

Painting party info is here:

I was sorting out the images which we had used during my previous classes, and I was surprised how many pictures there were. So many classes have taken place in this studio-gallery, unbelievable! Well, there are at least 3 classes every week for the most part of the year. It is amazing how each image allows to recall the group and particular students who were creating their art based on that image.

Please let me know if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for art classes. You can pick it up at the studio-gallery, or you can pay by e-mail transfer and get it sent to your inbox. I can send a gift certificate by regular mail, as well. Please, don’t forget to specify for which class the certificate is.

Gift certificate for art classes

All classes will resume in the third week of January.

Just like every year, I have created nice DIY decorations. I used lots of pine and spruce cones this year, I hope they will be liked.

Gift certificate for art classes

There’s always new art, cards and 3-dimensional artworks for sale. Art is a long-lasting gift and will remind the person who received it even after many years.

Please, visit the Fine Art America site to see most of my art:

Painting spring during snow storm feels really great

I am receiving plenty of e-mails about painting and art classes. Many potential students come straight to the studio-gallery, as well. No doubt, there’s interest in creation and self-accomplishment, there’s a need to express our artistic side and our hidden potential. We all have some dream which can easily come true. All we have to do is JUST GO FOR IT. Sounds very simple, doesn’t it?

However, there are people who will start attending classes and become great artists and decorators, who won’t be looking any further because they have found themselves in painting; and there are those who will keep talking about how much they love art and how much they would like to learn painting or drawing, or both, but this will never happen because it’s just a talk. Whatever our intentions, everything requires some effort. Painting actually is a lot of work, intense focusing, thinking and trying and takes some time, as well.

Groups are very different. I am happy that along with students who quickly drop in and out there are always the serious and devoted ones who will stop at nothing and achieve what they came here for: the CREATIVE SUCCESS.

It seems the adult acrylic painting group students are just like that: focused, committed and interested in learning. The Wednesday group was a bit too large, thus, I had to start the Tuesday acrylic painting group, as well.

First par of spring scene painting

It was a pleasure to see how satisfied everyone was with the previous painting we just finished. I chose a simple spring scene this time. It came out so good probably because we all are longing for spring in our hearts.

Besides, what can be nicer than painting a warm spring scene when outdoors is a snow storm how it recently happened? It is unbelievable how fast the time disappears when we are painting.

Some people compare the painting process with a deep meditation: getting lost in colors, shapes and imaginative scenes takes our mind to a meditative state.

Tuesday acrylic painting class

Tuesday group: that was a happy painting session

Pictures are taken fairly late, light may have been better, however, all paintings looked very good in reality

Wednesday acrylic painting class for adults

Wednesday acrylic painting group: this was their first painting for two ladies in this group

Acrylic spring scene paintings: adult beginners class

All paintings lined up: I wish I had a special place where to display them

We just started a nature scene with blossoming apple trees, that definitely will make great paintings.

Create art and make your soul sing

We all have our routine duties, we all have to make our living, but how about the soul? What are we doing to feed not only the body, but also our soul? Some people express themselves playing music or dancing, some are writing poetry or stories, and some love to create.

I don’t think anything compares with the wonderful feeling when I have a white pure canvas or sheet of watercolor paper in front of me, and I’m about to put down the first lines or brush strokes. Creation is the straight opposite to consumption, and I really have deep respect for people who love to create and give something to others instead of just taking and using.

Creating art is a rewarding way of self-expression. It takes away from our daily troubles and routines, and this time is never wasted.

Adult acrylic painting class

Our adult acrylic painting class for beginners: rural scene

Paintings by our students

Beautifully done painting


Wonderful first acrylic painting

Great painting of farmhouse

Great farmhouse painting in acrylic

We had busy October and November: there were lots of meetings with interested people, many adult and teen classes, and also the November workshop was successful.

We were discussing the magazine article which will be published in Laura’s online site devoted to making lives of women richer and more satisfying:

This article will describe my personal and art concepts, I will also share my experience living both, in Europe and in Canada.

I had two extremely devoted and diligent students: Sharon and Christine. They created fairly large paintings to decorate their living and dining rooms along with small nature scenes.


Wild rose fields by Sharon

We spent approximately 6 hours doing large decorative floral paintings.

Christine’s poppy painting

No doubt, these paintings will make every space look more attractive and inviting.

I started Wednesday night acrylic painting class for adult beginners.

The first painting came out very nice, even though nobody had too much experience painting with acrylics.

I am running workshops once or twice a month. This time we decided to paint winter landscape, and we think a flower painting would be great subject for the next workshop. Workshop takes about 3.30-4.30 hours, and we get done the entire painting during these hours. I’m providing with template to speed up the drawing and planning part, that way we have more time for application of paint.

Ladies with their ready-to hang winter landscape paintings. Even absolute beginners can achieve great results.

Beautiful snow scene paintings

We had one more younger attendant, but she left a bit earlier because she already had done two winter and fir-tree paintings with watercolor. Watercolor is a faster medium, especially when painting winter and snow, lots of spots can be left white.

We are working on an old farmhouse painting with the adult group, and I will post ready paintings next Wednesday.

Finding inspiration in poppy fields

It is not a secret that some themes and objects are easier to do, and especially, if the artist is just starting out. After engaging for a few classes in two landscape paintings, we decided to paint some poppies, just for fun and for the love of color.

This theme was liked a lot, and all students started their paintings without any complications, extreme difficulties or unpleasant surprises.

Placing poppies in the right spots

Everybody told, they really enjoyed this painting.

Blocking in the blooms

The excitement was so great that these paintings got finished by students during the following class, which was the last class before I left for vacation.

Students are using artist grade acrylic paints, so, these paintings will last. We had a chance to check out paintings done with students grade paints, and colors had lost they brightness in just 3 years.

We are referencing drawings, pictures, and sometimes real flowers to help our imagination with color choices and composition.

Students have freedom to choose whatever color or its shade they prefer, in order to create their paintings in a way they love it.

My poppy field demo version for this class.

I will post the cropped image under the Art News.