I love birds and Natural Awakenings publishes my painting on the August issue cover

Once I started to paint and draw  birds, I unexpectedly found a new interesting scope of material. There’s so much to explore! My first paintings of birds were very approximate. I just tried to give them some character, that’s all. I’m paying more attention to the arrangement of colors, etc. on wings and other feathers and to their external anatomy.

I like most birds, and I really need to love or somehow like that stuff which I am going to draw or paint. That’s pretty much the reason I stopped painting human portraits.

Chaffinch in the grass watercolor painting

Chaffinch 4, watercolor painting of bird

Nature has the most wonderful variety of everything, from small to huge, from simple to complicated.


Chaffinch 3, bird painting in watercolor

I suppose, I will keep studying birds for a while. I do get tired of similar images, though, that’s why the next paintings to finish are three-dimensional landscapes.

Taking about landscapes: my painting “Overlooking the Meadow” will be on the cover of Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Overlooking the meadow

Natural Awakenings is a free publication about healthy living that is available in over 90 cities in the U.S and Puerto Rico, with a readership of over three million. I had my market scene on their cover in 2012, and immediately after that I sold some paintings. Well, if you happen to see this magazine, pick it up for free. They write about useful things there. I also find amazing that they contacted me already 2 times.

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    1. Thanks so much for all your “likes”! I returned from a small shopping trip since I have to go to Europe for a while, and it was so nice to see all these notifications. I have no doubts that’s a great chapter because birds can make an excellent subject for anything.

        1. Adding illustrations always helps to give more character the story. I started to draw and paint very early. Nobody taught me or told how to. I was about 6, I used to draw portraits of my sister and anything around our place. I just thought later, how amazing is that I also used to write quite a lot, just in my native language, in Latvian. One what people liked a lot was Christmas fairy tale. I’m still writing poems and essays. Latvian magazine editors asked for more, but I’m so short of time.

        2. Thanks, it is a great place. Fantastic people, nature, food and culture. Extremely ancient nation, deep roots. The capital city Riga was founded in 1201. I will be there next week. Haven’t decided about laptop yet, but my eyesight is too bad for ipad.

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely landscape painting from the Natural Awakenings magazine cover. Your bird paintings are beautiful as well. I’m pleased you are following my blog and I’ll visit yours too from now on.

    1. She was stopped. Well, she had there an entire collection of stolen paintings, thus, many artists were involved. Somebody noticed and wrote me, I had no idea. That’s thankfully in the past. I get messages time to time that some of my paintings were on some online sales places, not by me obviously. I deleted the flickr account for starters, and I’m going to be more cautious with any site; as we could see, watermark at the bottom didn’t help since it can be cut off.

      1. Wow, I guess being a really great artist makes you a target, but that is so sad. I’d rather be mediocre and putting up my own work than steal the work of another.

        1. She had there quite a collection: all stolen. She was putting her signature instead of the respective artist’s. I don’t know what one thinks by doing so.
          Exactly, it’s way better to have what you have since sooner or later the owners become aware of such actions. Along with the nice ones, lots of weird people out there, too.
          I have 2 classes today, have to start preparing. Thanks for commenting and have a nice day!

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