Autumn silver and gold: large textured acrylic painting

I finally got time to finish a very large ( 48 in x 32 in or 1meter 22 cm x 81 cm) semi-abstract autumn scene. I did it in my favorite textured way applying thick layers of paint and acrylic medium over and over. This painting will be exhibited at my gallery entrance greeting all visitors and students.

Very large textured acrylic painting Fall trees in fog

Too bad, such technique is very time-consuming, but I’d love to do many more acrylic paintings using a rich texture since it adds to the impression tremendously.

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  1. Gorgeous. Too bad a photo won’t show the texture. That happens with Van Gogh’s paintings, too. In person they have this magical texture and radiance, but that’s missing from reproductions. I’d love to see it in person one day.

    1. Thanks so much Brenda! It is almost impossible to get on a photo all the shades and shadows and transitions, that’s very true. No problem, when you happen to be around Whitby Ontario, just drop in! I’d make the best coffee on the globe because that’s one more thing which I love doing.
      I suppose, you are fairly far away which is too bad because you seem to be a genuinely nice and generous person!

        1. That’s completely realistic intention. A ride on a train across Canada should be fantastic. My husband loves traveling, so, we’ve been to very many places. He is a passionate driver, means, each trip takes as some 3000 miles away. I personally prefer just settle down and paint, well, cannot ask for everything!

        2. It would be a trip of a lifetime, but I don’t know if my back will ever be well enough. I’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I’ll see what I can see, locally. 🙂

        3. Well, sure, we all have to adjust to whatever conditions we have. I think, it doesn’t even matter how far somebody goes and how many more mountains, valleys, rivers and oceans sees. The main thing is what they get for themselves from these views. Like I said before, I’m fine even in my own backyard or walking along the nearby creek. Lots of things going on in such a tiny spot of land.

        4. Yes, me too. I have a deep love for my home, my neighborhood and all the wild things around me. I think you must be a heart-sister as well as a kindred spirit. One of my ancestors came from a town that is now part of Poland. Perhaps, if we went far enough back, we are even family. 🙂

        5. Who knows? We quite might be. I was thinking just a while ago in the kitchen you feel like a real soulmate to me. That’s amazing! Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, it’s not such a big area. It’s very possible to be distantly related to lots of people not even having an idea about it.

        6. People used to have big families, and people would move away and lose touch. It could be. 🙂 Lord knows, I have family all over Canada and the US.

        7. One day… I’ve already travelled a good amount. I’ve seen Niagara, Monteal, Toronto, and we once drove up into Canada from MN, drove all the way around the Great Lakes, returning back to the US in New York State, crossing near Toronto. I saw Kakabeka Falls and I visited an amethyst mine somewhere up there, no idea where now. It’s beautiful. Majestic even. One day I’ll return.

    1. Thanks so much! I already told you on your blog, I really loved your honest and thoughtful approach to the art photography! Anyway, everybody can contribute to the meaningfulness of this life whatever way they are able to. Thanks for visiting!

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