Different approach to art class: focus on relaxing and stress-free creativity

I am offering a new art class this fall: to paint and to relax letting all concerns and problems go. The key to creativity is being relaxed and not to expect miracles, but learn creating them.

I noticed that some students were taking art classes way too seriously, and being not in a relaxed mood does not allow achieving the same results what people, who always take things easy, do.

I want to make a welcoming environment for creation so that purely technical goals become secondary while painting.

American traditional art teaching pays too much attention to the technical execution of art while leaving the emotional and spiritual side totally neglected. Especially, when I just relocated to Canada, it was definitely overwhelming how sometimes artwork would scream: I am technically perfect, every smallest dot and line is where they should be and every color is exactly as the textbook requires. That is why some artists go for big lengths: they trace and copy photos, and redraw and repaint everything what in digitally adjusted photo is. Where is the creativity? That allows achieving a perfection which frequently lacks feelings and does not move emotions. I would like to emphasize: the creative process is the most valuable part of the artistic phenomenon.

Perfection in art is not the best guiding idea because it simply does not allow unfolding the creative potential.

I hear this quite frequently: I’m not touching this painting anymore because I do not want to damage it. Well, leaving work unfinished isn’t good either.

I also wanted to make an art class which is impossible to replicate online: just because the content of this class rests on the presence and the interaction between me, group and everybody as an individual.

I will gear everything towards a great, interesting, amazing and positive experience. That means learning about oneself and art, and learning to be creative without the annoying pressure which some teaching venues want to impose on somebody who is looking for a new skill and ability.

We will use blocks of paper, so that at the end of this  positive painting session  everybody will have an image diary and will be able to continue adding creations.

Inspiration and immersion in calm, creative environment is something we do not find often or elsewhere.

I believe, this type of art class where experience and activity flow together creating emotional satisfaction, thus, releasing stresses and providing with a new perspective on the bothering issues in one’s life, will be well attended and appreciated.

It’s very interesting that I was away and did not do any advertising so far, but people were applying, in fact, a lot of people, that included the new daytime watercolor painting class.

I am adding as illustration some brush stroke and wash only paintings which do not need any drawing. We use only watercolor and water, and we watch what happens and how our thoughts and ideas look on paper.

Watercolor paintings without drawing: fun, relaxing brushing and interesting flow of pigment:

Leaf patterns, washes and more washes, available at $85

Leaf patterns

Road towards the fall

Distant storm

Side by side with summer, available at $40 

Side by side with summer

Sponge trees

October sketch

Art classes are for everybody because we will be using only our personal preferences with choosing colors, subjects and the way they look.

And finally, the best new watercolor painting “Water edge”, available at $85 plus shipping Water edge

Participants will have a lot of choice: they can draw, they can use pen or they can also do very abstract or semi-abstract art for their image diary. That’s why it’s called: stress relief with color and line.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I have, but I never got to prepare them. It’s a lot of work. Those would be just video plus print off materials, that type. However, I always advise everybody to just simply start painting. Regardless of knowledge or skill or whatever. Plus, there are lots of tips everywhere. I know I should do that, but I probably need to get decent light in my studio first. It is ok, but it’s not enough for making videos. It’s even too dark and too wrong to paint. That’s why I am painting only by daylight. I think any artificial light distorts and changes color.

    1. Well, some classes (like simply watercolor) at some point will be available for everybody, but this particular relaxation plus creation class becomes exciting exactly because of the settings.

    1. Thanks Jo-Anne! I am seeing these attempts to become perfect with everything as an obstacle because that becomes a real issue when somebody is just starting out and then there is obviously no perfection. You are 100% right: the imperfections and the personal preferences that go against the stream are the best things to employ.

    1. Thank you, Resa! It can be so that a person gets completely consumed by a dictate from who knows where. Like perfection which nobody can define because it will be always something different. We need to feel the freedom. Not only when we create, but also when we live our daily life.

    1. Thanks, Diane! Well, I just don’t seem to be getting closer to making enough instruction material for online classes. It is still the health which I am afraid even to think about at times. I don’t know how to make a doctor see what patient does. It is impossible to get them out of their conventional box. I am hitting like a wall.

        1. I hope so, too. It seems I might get another doctor soon. I just really would like that one to be more about the patient and less about the book.

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