Accept the fall gratefully

Just like birds, I will take off tomorrow. I won’t go south; however, I will go east, to Latvia. Whether we like it or not, September is soon over, and October will come with its gold to soothe and comfort our aching souls because, oh well, we are on the way to winter. Eventually, snow silver will cover the rusty gold and our sunny dreams, and our feet will be walking the icy and cold sidewalks of freezing towns and cities. I love the colors of autumn, just like we all do! It is such an injustice that this beauty comes with so much pain, so much sadness and so much darkness which follows in the footsteps of comforting and good-bye saying autumn sun. Regardless of personal preferences, nature’s cycles are inevitable for most of us.

I’ve been overwhelmed by life: too many duties, too many things to deal with, so I didn’t have too much chance to post anything. Nevertheless, to calm my nerves before the long trip I kept working on some projects and I also tried to bring to finish the class project which we did recently: the distant blue background and the lonely tree. Pumpkins are going to be uploaded to Fine Art America; maybe somebody will like them as greeting cards or other products: there are so many now that I cannot even list them all.

I will try to report about my adventures in Latvia since I have a new laptop. Laptop is fine, I would not say I’m very excited about Windows 10: they came with so much abusive stuff which I never intend to use that it simply takes me hours and hours to adjust my settings to my personal needs.

Autumn stream 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Autumn stream 20 x 24 in acrylic painting, might still require some work, oh well, it is good for now!

Overlooking the autumn, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Overlooking the autumn, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting, this was our recent class project, I always would love to implement more lights, but this is how it looks at the moment

Autumn is here small pumpkin painting for Thanksgiving

Autumn is here: the small pumpkin for Thanksgiving, 20 x 16 in acrylic painting

Autumn is here large pumpkin and ash berries for Thanksgiving

Autumn is here: the large pumpkin and ash berries for Thanksgiving, 20 x 24 in acrylic painting

Autumn is here and they are gone with the wind

Autumn is here and they are gone with the wind: 36 x 24 in acrylic painting

The painting tip for students as they certainly will paint some fall scenery: put the color you want to use exactly on a spot where you want it. What happens in reality: there is a strange need to keep brushing around for so long that everything inevitably becomes the same color.

Enjoy the sunny fall days and survive patiently the dullness of rains and chills of winds!

The new post is about trusting and relying on ourselves:


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    1. Yes, although fall is so beautiful, or at least can be when it’s not rainy and windy, the bad part is getting closer to winter. I know it’s rushing events, but I so much cannot stand bad and cold weather and I am aware that I am not alone. Have a great autumn, too! Hopefully, things will happen as you want them to!

    1. Thanks Indah! The new laptop came with Windows 10, I mean, it had 8.1 and I upgraded (it took like half of a day) to Windows 10. It keeps reminding me on other computers that I should upgrade, but I don’t see there anything better for what I need, I don’t play games, I don’t shop online and similar. It is good however for online communication, can leave notes on Windows edge, etc.

  1. Hello Inese,

    You are brilliant in your art, have been enjoying looking at what you have created, find some relaxing time for your trip to Latvia and soothe yourself,



  2. Inese, these autumn offerings are warm and lovely. My husband helped me upgrade my computer to windows 10, and I like it now (I don’t like changes but it was easier than I expected this time).
    Blessings on your visit ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy! It’s not that it’s unmanageable, but it was overloaded with all kinds of stuff which I had to get rid off. I mean, why not to allow choosing things one assumes necessary instead of just implementing any possible apps? I don’t like this type of persistence they use to make it look as if some kind of state of the art operating system when it’s nothing like it. I was teaching all day today, and I’m having great time with my dear family.

    1. Thanks Cynthia! So do I, however, I’m not sure if I have time to paint while here. The problem is also I couldn’t take any supplies with me because of suitcase weight, so I will have to pretty much wait until I am back. The fall weather has been great here so far, I hope you’re enjoying the fall colors over there, as well.

  3. You have a great time in Latvia, Inese. Beautiful fall color paintings. That last one, with the old farmhouse, is absolutely my favorite I’ve seen of your work. That could just as well stand for the coming of spring after a long winter. That hint of green by the front of the house and beautiful puffy clouds. Love it!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I’m so happy about your feedback regarding the old house. It’s a fairly large painting, and I think it looks really nice in reality, I was totally unable to get good pictures and colors are a bit dark, but I can see that other artist probably feels how it looks as a real painting. I’m really taking time and enjoying the weather and nature, family and friends. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. A most beautiful post…. The paintings are amazing… and so is the theme… I truly believe that autumn is the most poetic and artistic season…
    Thanks so much for sharing… I hope you have a great weekend ahead, dear Inese.
    Aquileana 💫

    1. Thanks Aquileana! I can only agree that autumn makes us more poetic, and the bittersweet scenery with falling leaves and fading colors is definitely one of the best artistically approachable subjects. It is certainly worth taking advantage of this spiritually and emotionally loaded time of the year. I hoe your weekend brings you good things and lots of pleasure!

    1. Thanks Lorrie! It’s been such a gap between my posts, I know, it’s not good, but I got so overwhelmed with different stuff, including medical issues, that I simply didn’t get a chance to post anything new so far. I intend to soon because I’m back, and my trip to Europe was fantastic. The weather was collaborating, I got a chance to give two lectures, and I finally got my Master’s degree papers.

      1. Ah!! Congratulations my friend!! I knew I was behind…but here I missed your whole trip! 😉 Sending you beautiful energy…healing energy. May your Sunday be blessed and may you find the time and answers you need! Much love ♡

        1. Thanks Lorrie! I intended to post something as I was traveling, but unfortunately my picture taking abilities were close to zero and I also was short of time. You know if you meet mom and daughter and grandchildren once a year at the best, time flies. Energy is going to help since I have a large commissioned project and that’s due soon.

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