Reds and gold for Christmas and holidays

How have you been? I was so busy during the past 2 months that I hardly could do anything else except work, work and work.

I thought it would be great to have a good show this year since the summer was not the best. It feels the 3 bad years are over and I can start fresh. Meaning: much better, at much higher level, much more efficient and much more skillful. That is not hard to do when health has returned.

Well, I am completely behind posting schedule on either blog, this one and lifeschool. I promise to post some articles and poems more often once I get over Christmas.

The theme of this year is: Reds and gold for Christmas.

Red is such a warm and energizing color, we need it; we need it especially when it’s cold and nasty outside, or inside the heart. I was spending almost all day trying to get some pics for my show. Well, the light was bad, but I tried, tried and tried until I was somewhat satisfied.

Red cardinal and golden robin paintings make a very beautiful gift. I also invite everybody to join the art classes and paint some gifts on your own.

Especially red and golden birds or a festive holiday scene.

Red and golden-red cardinals, silver-golden robin with beautiful decorations

Reds and gold add impact and depth to festive settings

Reds and gold, and red is as in poinsettia

Reds and gold as in burning candles

Reds and gold, and gold as in sparkling decorations

Red and golden colors make any space festive and elegant.

All bird paintings are for sale from $120, and Robin couple is $180.

If you are not in buying paintings, join the art classes.

Art classes at Inese Poga’s art studio

I wish you not overdoing with gifts, but choosing soul-warming, mood-lifting and energy-giving things. Like a painting? Why not?

If you would love to see what deals are on, please check out and follow my Facebook page which is about this art studio, my art, art sales and art classes:


48 Replies to “Reds and gold for Christmas and holidays”

    1. Thanks so much Shawn! I was setting up my show tonight, I will see how it goes, so exhausted at the moment. I really love painting birds, I’m watching them and feeding so that I can have a closer look. I think bird’s anatomy matters if you want to draw them very quickly and easily. I appreciate you stopped by. I will return the visit once I’m a bit off of the rush.

        1. Taa jau ir. Tapeec es nekad nelietoju otro blogu. Varbuut ir jeega tos apvienot un sadaliit pa dienaam? Pazinjot ka piektdienas buus veltiitas maajkopiibai, piemeeram. Es aizeju un palasu to otro, ik pa laikam. Man nesanaak daudz ciemoties, knapi pietiek laika atbildeet uz komentaariem. Man ir taada sajuuta ka daziem bloggeriem ir kaads gimenes loceklis kurs nepaartraukti seez Riideraa un klikskina 🙂

        2. Es negribu jaukt kopā stundas un mākslu, un visu citu, tad man šķiet, ka sanāk tāda izmētāšanās. Tu jau vismaz palasi gan vienu, gan otru, bet lielais vairums nekad neko nelasa, visi tikai grib vairāk “like” savam blogam. Man arī ir tāda sajūta, ka dažiem tas ir pilna laika darbs, jo, godīgi sakot, nav iespējams, darot visu citu, katru dienu ievietot pa rakstam, ja ir viens cilvēks. WP ir vainīgi, viņi tik aicina “izveido jaunu blogu”, bet, kad izveido, tad jēgas nekādas.

  1. Beautiful artwork, dear Inese… Red and golden (alongside green) are traditional Christmas colours and I liked how you used them with plants and flowers often related to these celebrations … and birds, which I believe might represent freedom and also fleeting time, maybe !? 😉
    I truly admire your skills and talent, my friend… Wishing you merry Christmas and all the best for 2017! :star: 🎅🏽🌲

    1. Dear Aquileana! Thank you so much for this great review. I usually do not paint intentionally something really red or whatever, it just happens so that my hand chooses some paint and takes it onto canvas. I am always allowing the painting to evolve on its own, I mean, I just help manage the hand with brush or pencil. There is a moment when a painting clearly says what I should do. Very clearly. I know always when I should keep working or undo something, it’s just so that every single thing with acrylic is quite time-consuming, so I leave some paintings unfinished here and there. Orange robins (the large version) I think I have finished.
      I am happy about the ability to effortlessly draw anything I see, and, in my opinion, painting is all about seeing what we want to notice and what we want to skip.
      Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you also!

  2. Hi dear Inese! So happy to hear that you feel much better! Life’s ebbs and flows are sometimes so hard when we are in the middle of it. I love your art…I love your soul! I wish you the most beautiful Christmas season, full of love, light, peace and JOY! <3

    1. Thanks Lorrie! Well, yes, it was really bad for about 3 years or a bit longer than that. Still waiting for everything to close completely which it isn’t just yet. I hoped, it would be a good art show, but the weather was quite terrible here, anyway, it is what it is.
      Thanks for the beautiful wishes! My family is far away, husband has to work almost in Christmas, so, I’m mainly contemplating on how could I improve something. I feel too lazy to put up a tree because it would be practically just for me alone. I didn’t buy any gifts this year because my show didn’t bring anything in, just sent greeting cards to everybody home. Other than that: I’m used not to get any Christmas gifts, I’m quite fine with that. I most often write or paint during the Christmas, it is usually quite sad time for me. It’s sort of hurting a bit that I didn’t manage to make anything happen. Again. Well, looking forward to the next year, maybe some things will be better.
      I wish you also peace, love and joy! And wish I had something nice going on.

      1. I wish for you that 2017 will see you on an upswing of energy and beautiful things! I also did not buy many presents this year, and I have to say it feels rather good. Instead we are trying to give gifts that really mean something to people…like time…or a smile when it’s needed most…or a favor. I’m sorry for the struggles you face but I know you are very string…and I know that you learn a lesson from every single one of those struggles!! Sending you lots of love ♡

        1. Thanks Lorry! I just talked to my mom and sister a while ago. They were doing traditional solstice things, like pulling a log around the house, and this log is later burnt. Then everybody has a meal and also a meal is left for the house spirit and all God’s angels. That’s a nice tradition, many workplaces do it, as well. They told I should do this, but I have no log and where to burnt it. So, I just talked to a candle. These are special candles which I brought from Latvia. I know everything is going to be better because when the health returns things start to happen.
          Thanks for sending me love, that is the most precious thing we can send to anybody. Have a blessed night and peaceful, great, warm Christmas!

    1. Thanks Robbie! Well, my posts sometimes take a few weeks to get done because I need to paint things first and then take photos, arrange settings, afterwards edit it all, etc. and that is really time-consuming. I love when somebody stops by and checks out these posts; it sort of feels that time wasn’t wasted for nothing.

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