Celebrate in style: the best way to get into Christmas mood

Second featured painting

Original art has a special attraction, energy and flare to it. I don’t think there can be too much art on any walls. I have usually some 200 works of art on display in my Art plus Life gallery, and it does not feel overwhelming or crowded. I rotate my art depending on demand and season. It feels very appropriate to have snow scenes and winter villages on display when Christmas is around the corner, and it is very obvious that spring flowers blossom around the gallery in spring.

I have a special love to small birds. I preferred them to any other creatures already as a kid. I assume that one should only paint what they know. I watch these birds during any season, and I have hundreds of sketches which I can turn into artworks later. I painted this particular painting “Robins, winter” last year. I painted 6 bird paintings. As it frequently happens, I felt I wanted to improve the color balance. So, I worked a few more weeks on this painting. I believe it became better and birds are more bird-like, as well, as the entire scene is lovely and welcoming and speaks for itself.

Bird painting for sale, holiday and Christmas art

Robins, winter, 16 x 20 in (41 cm x 51 cm) acrylic painting on canvas

It is also on Daily Paintworks

I do invite everybody to participate in a festive workshop at the beginning of December to try out how nice of an adventure it is to create something heart-warming and cheerful. We can choose the image, and some people usually prefer winter scenes, some illustration or wall decoration type of art, as well as some might go for birds. We also paint poinsettias almost every winter. I must admit, that is a subject which always works well on canvas and paper and looks great.

Workshop is on Sunday, December 10. It takes place between 12.30 and 3 pm. We will paint attractive 12 x 16 in images. Workshops are always fun. Participants also go home with a nice piece of art. I am attaching the “Robins, winter” painting for illustration, but I will certainly post more images as we get closer to the workshop date.

The best way to get into Christmas mood is to create art that suits the season. Let us celebrate in style with original art this year! Please let me know if you like “Robins, winter” painting and whether you’d love me to ship it to you!

Robins, winter, bird painting for sale

Art products are available from Fine Art America.

Celebrate in style, Christmas gifts

My favorite from all products with this particular painting is the spiral notebook. It looks unbelievably good! Mugs also look impressive, so do actually lots of my art products and prints.


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    1. Thanks, Irene! They took a while to get done, about 2 weeks last year and about 2 more weeks this year. I love also how this painting came out.
      Thanks for visiting! I just recently found out that website posts do not appear on the Reader. Too bad, I did not know that before I moved my art blog to a website. This means, I have to practically invite everybody because it feels to me that after this move, my art blog became invisible. Well, I had 2 blogs before, and one of them still was not doing fine since WordPress has accounts, and one cannot have 2 or 3 equally performing blogs. I find that a problem.

        1. I do imagine that is because you are following or were following already the blog when it wasn’t a website yet.
          I’m not sure, Jetpack support told that my blog posts would not appear generally in the Reader. Who knows? I was simply suspicious and asked them why I was not getting any new followers because when this was a WP blog, I was getting new followers every day. That’s what they said. These posts are not visible when somebody scrolls through the Reader and I believe when they do not follow this website.

        2. I do, too. It is simple with WP blogs, but it becomes more difficult with websites on WP platform because it is still the same platform, just the host if different, etc., and I have to update everything myself and take care of any related things.

        3. Definitely, if you want the blog to appear as your individual name or something specific, you pay for it. I did that, too, that is what you have to do in order to have it your way. Like “inesepogalifeschoool.com” or the other one which I transferred from the blog “inesepogagallery.com” because it’s on all business cards, on all previous links, printed and online materials, etc.

        4. It does not help actually to move a blog to website. It involves a lot more payments, plus, they want something to be paid all the time. I did not realize there are hardly any advantages, especially taking into account how good blog themes have become. I’d not do it again.

    1. Thanks! I think it was worth working on this painting for so long. They definitely look better now than in the first version.

    1. Thanks, Aquileana! I have quite a few wishes for Christmas. Well, how good everything will be depends on what surgeon decides on Dec. 22.

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