Art classes: A worthwhile activity

What is the best way to never feel bored again? How to give one’s life a new meaning?  How to make long winter nights shorter not wasting time in the front of TV? Very simple: by doing something pleasurable and rewarding. Arts fits in this type of activities just perfectly. Not everybody feels like dancing or exercising every weeknight. Not everybody has a good company on his/her own. That’s where I come in with my art classes for beginners and people who simply enjoy colors, shapes and images. Some students will continue painting, some will have art only as a hobby, and some students will enjoy time spent in a nice atmosphere. Whatever way it is done, it is worth it. It is amazing to hear after a class how surprised and satisfied students are that they were able to create something on their own.

Resuming art and painting classes for adults

Wednesday acrylic painting group started to work on fall maple images

Lots of potential students are asking: do they need to be good at drawing or painting? The answer is: no, they do not. It is enough that somebody has found time, and this is a good way to spend it. People who feel they depend on their mobile devices, laptops and computers should give this some consideration, as well. We are learning how not to use any devices, printouts or digital references.

Adult acrylic painting for beginners

Thursday acrylic painting class for adults enjoyed drawing, sketching and painting still life. The first part is done, and results look very promising.

Drawing and some painting is done observing and re-creating objects on canvas or paper. It may be challenging at first, but this approach is the most natural one and provides with real artistic freedom.

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    1. Well, that’s what I have been doing for the last 35 years. However, I never could do only arts since I am a full time medical researcher and translator, as well. It’s fantastic when somebody gets the opportunity to be only an artist. My life was sort of complicated, and I relocated from Europe to Canada when I was 46, so I started out from scratch once again. Career in art is tough, but very rewarding. I don’t mean digital arts but more the type of original handmade art.

  1. I haven’t painted in quite some time; this inspires me. Maybe this weekend I will set up a craft area and find my paints. I think I know what box they’re located in. I think. I love the maple’s colors.

    1. Thanks so much! That’s great you looked at this blog and these pictures which are done by my students, and decided to get going with some paint, pencil or brushes. In fact, many people are attending classes to restart doing art, to get involved in drawing or painting from new. It sometimes seems so difficult, and one might think, it’s going to be complicated (it was so long ago!), but all it really takes is the first step. I wish you good luck, and I’d be happy you send me some of your paintings to illustrate how inspiring reading about art classes can be.

      1. Thank you! Yes, once I get started it is fun and easy. It is just the getting started part. I would be glad to send you along some of my art. I actually have a few framed pieces from high school and college to hang. I would love to learn how to paint birds. Especially the birds from my yard.

        1. I completely agree. The best way is to simply start right away. I’m usually suggesting we don’t focus on creating each piece of art as a masterwork. As our work progresses, we can see what’s worth finishing. Practice is probably the most important thing in drawing and painting any particular object. I explored the bird anatomy for a small bit, then did some 50 or 60 drawings, and used the best drawings for painting. However, I’m still pretty much practicing birds, I am still exploring how to do sparrows and other small birds, they are often visiting the backyard. I liked how my chickadees came out. My e-mail is under Classes and Workshops: Schedule, and you’re very welcome to send over some of your art images. Good luck, just give it a try!

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