Where would we be without the beauty?

Beauty is the most universal, self-expressing phenomenon that does not require words or language knowledge. It is present in all walks of life, but it becomes something extremely perceivable due to art.

As we rush our daily schedules and spend most of the time running, we might not notice the moment when a bud opens. The magic moment when the fragile petals unfold and when the sun and rain pour life into it. It becomes a mediator of beauty. Every smallest vein and line, every nuance of color is so unique.

The biggest advantage of being able to create, draw and paint is the feeling of being a creator. We can do anything with the sheet of white paper in front of us. It’s our choice what goes on it. I choose the never-ending, personality enriching and mood uplifting divine features of the nature. It is a cheerful activity on its own. It is more than meditation, it is much more than immersing in oneself, it is the imperative life-continuing reveal of the underlying essence of life, and the essence of life is beauty.

Cherry blossoms, watercolor painting. Beauty unfolding


Apple blossoms, watercolor painting. Beauty in a very visual way.

Enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day! I know my mom will love these paintings.

14 Replies to “Where would we be without the beauty?”

    1. Thanks Brenda! I was preparing them actually for online classes and video recording, but the weather became so dark and I had no good lights, so I just finished them up as regular paintings. However, I will probably post also the drawing templates, etc. in learning section once I have installed a proper theme.

        1. These ones are just watercolor, no pen this time. The other ones that were posted before were done with pen. I am first drawing and then applying washes.

    1. Thanks Mary! It definitely feels good, and I’m also experiencing a true creative freedom since I don’t depend on any dogmas and stale principles.

    1. Thanks Liz! Well, it cannot go another way, it has to become better. Haven’t seen you for so long. How about some painting? We still have the last landscape project and 2 more flowers?

    1. Thanks Ed! I’m working hard in the garden. All this blossoming is just breath taking, and it’s all around me!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the nomination, but I prefer to go award free. I used to accept awards on the blog, but it is very time-consuming.

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